River of Forgetfulness #116 - 117 "Proposals."


<Conference Room, Starbase Ronin>

<Time: After the Odysseus had departed>

Caelen sat at the head of the table, hoping that this would work. They only needed to keep them busy for long enough to get the Reman away from the base. With rushing Sock and Bokma into this meeting he hoped that they had no time to make any arrangements for the Reman. He sighed and waited, hoping that they would show up. Two security guards were stationed at the door, just in case they tried something stupid.

And then the door opened, and a certain romulan stepped inside. He gave a curt nod to Caelen, as he pulled up a chair and sat down at the table. "Finally decided to hand him over to us, have you, Captain ?" he teased, with that known romulan smoothness to his words.

Not far behind Bokma entered Kristiana Petrova. She smirked softly at Bokma's comment, remaining silent, as she took her seat next to Caelen.

Finally Sock walked in "You need to do something about directions here Captain" he remarked grumpily and sat down next to his second in command.

"You can just ask the computer and it will even Guide you" Caelen responded before pointing at the PADDs in front of everybody "Starfleet is prepared to hand over the Romulan to you on those conditions" the PADDs contained conditions alright, incredibly lop-sided. In short the Federation got Lethe IV and Starbase Ronin, and thus a little part of the RNZ, and they got the Reman.

Bokma reached for his copy of the PADD and read it .. Raising a single eyebrow further and further as he did, then shaking his head a bit, chuckling. He remained silent though, even as he boredly tossed the PADD back onto the conference table, and leaned back, folding his arms over eachother. He'd let Sock do the talking for now.

Kristiana smiled darkly as she watched the two romulans read the PADDs. "You will find the proposed arrangement .. Quite fair, for the stability and glory of your great empire, if he really is all that important to you as you claim him to be."

"This is nonesense..." Sock also tossed the PADD away "...what are you trying to accomplish with this Captain?"

"You claim that we have a dangerous terrorist on board yet you give us no evidence..." Caelen shook his head "...I reckon that if you are willing to take this deal he really is important enough for you then this would be a small sacrifice"

Sock shook his head "I don't care if this guy was Shinzon himself, we would not give you a part of Romulan space and a Romulan Colony to get him back!" he leaned forward "We're not the Federation." he referred to when the Federation made dealings with the Cardassians, practically handing them a handfull of Federation colonies.

"I sincerely wish I had something to add .. But my esteemed colleague already put it .. How do you say .. 'Quite succinctly'" Bokma added, shaking his head a bit. "This proposal of yours is a farce. Nothing more, nothing less."

Caelen folded his hands and let the tips of his index fingers meet "Ok..." he thought a bit, he had to keep them busy for a while longer "...then make a counter offer"

Sock looked at Bokma and rose from his seat "I would like to talk to the Major in private..."

Caelen immediately stood up "We'll wait outside" he motioned Kris to follow him and walked out, they had to keep them in this room, at least from there they couldn't do anything.

Sock nodded "very well" he sat down again "give us five minutes"

Bokma raised an eyebrow as Caelen and Kristiana rose and headed outside, leaving him with Sock. "Why do I get the feeling that they're stringing us along like marionettes ? Probably because they are." Bokma spoke in fluent romulan when he was alone with Sock.

Sock nodded "Yes..." he to now spoke in Romulan, he then got a device from his pocket and switched it on. If there was any survaillance in this room then it was now rendered useless "...let's just hope that our new recruit knows what's good for her... and at least now we have an aliby... we couldn't have done it" he sighed and rubbed his eyes "How I would just love to walk to sickbay, blast that Failure's head off and be done with it..."

"She'll come through." Bokma nodded. "I handpicked her personally, remember ? My only regret is that I will not be able to see the device go off .. It is always a shame to create something, then not see it become what it is intended to be." Bokma sighed softly.

Sock nodded "Very well... we'll just do to them what they do to us..." he shut the device and walked to the door, opening it "...you can come back in now Captain"

Caelen immediately walked back in, wondering what they had been doing but knowing that it couldn't have been much. He sat down at the head of the table and looked at both Romulans and at Kris as she sat down "Your Terms?"

Kristiana gave Sock and Bokma a nod as she headed past them to her seat, sitting down.

Bokma stood up and took the word. "We have chosen to accept your .. most generous offer .. With only a few minor modifications. That is to say, we keep Lethe IV, and you give us the Reman, and the starbase. In return, we sill simply take the reman, and leave .. Letting the romulan settlers on Lethe IV take over the station and redecorate it to their liking." Bokma smiled 'sweetly' as he sat back down again.

"I think that would be a .. fair deal, don't you think ?" he added. "To maintain the .. good relations between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire and all that .." he waved dismissively. If these Federation puppets wanted to play silly games, he was going to show them how it was done.

Caelen shook his head, this wasn't leading anywhere but at least they weren't shooting the Romulan, by now they should have him prepared for travel, just a few more minutes.

"I am sorry for my first officer's sarcasm, Captain..." Sock replied "...we are willing to grant your scientists on the planet insights into our research that we made in our time on Lethe IV" he knew that they would never give a man's life for bits of information that they probably could find out themselves.

Caelen looked at Kris, appearantly the tables had turned "I am not sure that is sufficient... we Are talking about a man's life here..."

"Yet, the right information at the right moment, can save untold lives .. " Bokma replied, and a split second later, a distant rumble caused a very slight shudder, barely resonating the light fixtures above the table. ".. Or end them." The Romulan replied, darkly, as various alerts started to sound.

Caelen lept from his chair "Arrest these men" he shouted at the two security guards, he knew about Bokma's affinity for explosives and he also knew what that rumble meant. He slapped his combadge =/\= LaBrie to Main Ops, what's going on? =/\= he asked

A slightly nervous Ensign replied =/\= we are not sure, Sir... =/\= a moment of silence as his attention seemed to be distracted =/\=... fires near sickbay... the Doctor just declared a Medical Emergency =/\=

Caelen looked at the two Romulans again, now both in cuffs before running out of the room, Main sickbay his destination "Kris go to Ops, make sure we're ready for an attack"

"Right away, Sir." Kris jumped up and dashed back to Main Operations, taking over there. "Red alert ! Shields up !" she barked. "Damage control teams and medical teams to sickbay, on the double ! Give me damage and casualty reports - I want proper reports !"

Bokma meanwhile simply allowed himself to be arrested .. Again. He knew they didn't have a leg to stand on.

Sock smirked a bit at the perfection of it all, Bokma had once more proven that he was capable at finding the right people to put under pressure... and his devices never failed... this was a glorious day... For the Empire.


Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) "Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it."


Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) "I want reports !"

Also Starring:

Colonel Sock (PNPC) Tal'Shiar Operative Current Assignment Unknown (As played by Caelen LaBrie) "A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic."


Major Bokma Tal'Shiar Operative Current Assignment Unknown (As played by Kristiana Petrova) "A perfect Boom .. Poetry in motion."