River of Forgetfulness #115-116 - "Sickbay briefing"


[Main Sickbay, Deck 20, Starbase Ronin]

Talder stood in the standard at ease position in front of the gathered medical personnel. "In a moment Doctor Floyd will brief us on the current happenings, but from what I have heard we will be temporarily posted on the USS Odysseus." the rather big Vulcan male looked around the group, knowing that there were some new people there as well. "As some of you might have noticed we have had some additional crew assigned to our Staff, including residents, two of them will come with us on our excursion."

Bram Curry rustled slightly in his place, his eyes snapping to the Vulcan's visage. Immediately, a sarcastic remark curled itself like a viper ready to strike but he held it back- for the moment. He merely looked forward, said nothing while hoping he would receive more details than just, 'you're transferred.'

Russell walked into the Main Sickbay straight from the briefing room. He saw a group gathered in the centre. He stood next to Talder, his assistant chief, to welcome and brief the group. There were some new faces he hadn't seen before. "Thank you, Talder." he said starting off facing the group. "There is a situation that needs our attention. There's a civilian shuttle in distress near the station. They were sent out to scan an anomaly but soon after that they stopped communicating. Probably due to that anomaly. The USS Odysseus will be sent to retrieve the shuttle. A medical team will be stationed aboard the vessel."

"I have already informed them of this, sir..." Talder remarked "...I understand that they have scanned the vessel, what information have these scans provided us?"

Bram's mind was already wondering why Starfleet hadn't sent lifeless probes out to discover this anomaly's mysteries and deem it safe for approach, rather than needless jeopardizing intelligent life on a gamble. He was tempted to voice his opinion, but shuffled again and said nothing.

Russell looked a bit surprised at his assistant chief. "Ah... yes... of course. How could I forget your Vulcan efficiency." he said smirking a bit. He looked down at the PADD again and summed up the findings. "The probe that scanned the vessel found the crew to be alive and kicking. Their life signs are strong enough to suggest that they are conscious and their situation isn't life threatening at the moment. But they remain unresponsive to hails. The anomaly emits some kind of radiation which could have that effect on them. We won't know for certain until we bring them in."

Talder nodded. "I would like to request to remain on the Starbase, sir." he then stated to Russell. "I feel that this is a pretty routine job and that you can use my talents better when I remain on the Starbase."

Although radiation is not what Bram would consider a specialty, his mind began to catalog any sorts of radiation that he could come up with- something that would have little effects on their life signs, but would halt their ability to communicate. It sounded more like an engineering problem than a medical problem to him. "Do we have any information at all? Has anything of its patterning been catalogued before?" He chimed up.

"Fine by me." Russell said to Talder. "Retrieving a shuttle shouldn't be that difficult. Emerson, Palmer, B'Inca and..." his eye was caught by a new addition to his team. Looked fresh from the academy, but he had an opinion. "... what's your name, son?" he asked.

"Bram Curry, sir," Bram responded.

"Bram Curry." Russell said looking at him. "Do you specialize in radiation? Because it seems you know what to look for." he added smiling. "The shuttle was sent to retrieve information about the anomaly but it's sensors didn't register it in detail. The probe sent after the shuttle didn't get much of the anomaly either. The sophisticated sensors of the Odysseus will be able to give you that information."

Bram briefly pursed his lips in thought, his hands folded behind his back. "No sir, unfortunately I don't have much background on radiation..." He started. After a brief pause that could've indicated he was done, he chimed back, "But he seems a wise course to compare this pattern wave to anything in the databanks. That way we may know more of what we're dealing with."

"Scans will be made with the USS Odysseus her sensor array, they will grant us all the information we need, Ensign" Talder answered that question for his superior officer.

"Good answer." Russell smirked. "Emerson can assist you with that. You're on the team."

Bram couldn't help but allow a small, easy smile over his mouth. "Understood."

"Alright. You know what to do." Russell said to the team. "Make sure I get a full report. You'd better get moving. The Odysseus is waiting."


A JP by:

Lt. (jg) Russell D. Floyd MD Chief Medical Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47)


Ensign Bram Curry Medical Resident Starbase 47 (Ronin)

Also Starring: Lieutenant (jg) Talder MD (NPC) Assistant Chief Medical Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) (As played by Caelen LaBrie)