River of Forgetfulness #119-121 - "Burning Bridges"

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[Main Sickbay, Deck 20, Starbase Ronin]

It seemed like the number of personnel dwindled around sickbay. Lt. Charles Zorach carried the padd for the doctor and walked into sickbay. "Hi, Doctor, are you here?" Zorach asked.

Russell was standing next to the Reman with his assistant chief Talder. "Now let's hope that treatment we gave him against his amnesia worked. It has mixed results with species we don't know much about." he said to the efficient Vulcan. Russell then heard Lt. Zorach come in. "Please monitor that, Talder." Russell said and approached Zorach. "I'm here." Russell replied and noticed his black eye. "Ooh, let me guess, the Reman's left hook right?"

"Travel?" Russell asked. "Well... he was fit enough to smack us in the face, but the stun phaser was not the best thing that happened to him." he added smirking a bit. "But I think he's recovered enough for travel. With a bit of luck he has regained his memory as well." Russell said. "You're not gonna tell me where he's going?" he asked smiling.

Zorach stuck a padd into his hand. "This padd should explain the details. Can we reconfigure the holographic emitters to present the Reman in graphic detail?"

Her breathing was shallow and cold sweat was already on her back, the green blood was pouring from the wound on her arm. Even so she held on tightly to her tool kit, "Doctor? Is there a Doctor here?" her voice trembling ever so slightly.

"Technically that would be possible but..." he reacted to Zorach until he was interrupted by a Romulan female entering the sickbay. He was the nearest doctor to the door so he walked towards her. "I'm Doctor Floyd." he said quickly introducing himself and motioning her to an empty biobed. "What happened?" he asked her.

"Doctor, this Reman is our priority at the moment," Zorach said. He peered suspiciously at the Romulan female.

Nancela showed her arm "Accident..." she shook her head a bit "...consoles should not be allowed to have such sharp edges" she smirked a bit, following Floyd to the bio bed next to the Reman. She put the toolkit next to her.

"I will take care of this Doctor" Talder walked closer, dermal regenerator already in hand.

"Alright, Talder, you handle the lady." Russell smirked and walked back to the Reman's biobed. Zorach was already standing next to the unknown guest. "He'll be fit enough to walk." Russell said. "All we need to do is wake him up and perhaps he remembers something." he said smiling a bit while he removed the synaptic induction devices. "It's best to do this while he's still asleep." Russell added smiling a bit. "Are you sure you don't want me to take a look at that eye?" he asked Zorach while injecting a hypo in the Reman's neck to wake him up. "My eye is fine! Let's just bind his hands so we can walk him to the shuttle bay. About now, the CO is talking with Sock and Bokma probably. We definitely want the Reman off the station before they're finished." Zorach shook his head.

<Shit, shit, shit, they are moving him> Nancela thought as she overheard the conversation between the two Starfleet officers, She winced a bit as Talder closed the gap in her arm. She looked at bit around and counted the security guards, four of them. This was going to be harder than she thought... and if she failed... No... she wouldn't fail... she Couldn't fail.

"I'm sure you and the four security guards can take care of him." Russell said. "I've been baby sitting this guy long enough." he smirked. "Ah well, in case of emergency..." Russell turned around. "Talder, could you assist these gentlemen?"

"Yes sir" Talder responded short and effeciently. He turned back to Nancela "That should be all, Sublieutenant" he notified her that he was done.

Nancela was in dispute of leaving her toolkit here or taking it with her again and plant it somewhere outside. They would be moving the Reman, but in what vessel? "Thank you Lieutenant" she smiled a bit at the Vulcan. With that she stood up, toolkit still firmly in hand, and walked to the doors.

"Wish we could use the transporters. Two security guards will take point, Talder and I will take the rear with the other two guards. Make a straight path to the shuttle bay. I hope you know where to go. Doc, I wish you were coming along," Zorach said.

The sickbay doors opened again and another Vulcan walked in, dressed in a red Starfleet uniform "You have requested my presence here sir?" T'Rell enquired with Lieutenant Zorach, standing in the standard at ease position not so far away from the doors.

"Oh, yes. T'Rell, this padd contains the details. We're on escort detail. We're heading to the shuttle bay for boarding. Know any shortcuts?" Zorach said and handed a padd to him.

"Fastest way is just in a straight line, Lieutenant." T'Rell spoke as he reached out to grab the PADD and scan it through rapidly, he nodded twice before looking at Zorach again "Seems clear to me, sir."

Russell helped the Reman of the biobed while a security guard put restraints on the Reman's arms. "Be careful that he doesn't trip or something, Johnson." Russell said smiling to the security guard.

"Move out, gentlemen," Zorach stated and the first two guards walked into the corridor followed by the Reman who seemed to waking from a dream and pulled at his bonds on his wrists. Zorach followed the next two guards who gently pushed the Reman forward.

Nancela her hand shivered a bit, she saw the doors open and the first two guards stepping cautiously out. This was it, here she would be a killer of an unknown Reman or her mother... She closed her eyes, she couldn't see this, as she squeezed her eyes shut she also squeezed the button.

With a mind numbing boom and a blinding white light the toolkit, placed next to the Sickbay doors, exploded. Shrapnel of both the explosive device and the tool kit radiated out to all direction. She had opened her eyes again in shock of the blow, as if she didn't believe she had actually done it. She saw the Reman make a few final twitches as he screamed for his life... but then nothing. Next to him another Vulcan in a pool of green blood, lifeless... motionless... burning. The Base's fire suppression system kicked into gear and started an attempt at extinguishing the Phosphorous fire. At first it didn't help... but a split second later the computer adapted and extinguished the melting pieces of metal by depriving oxygen.

The flash and pressure wave were instantaneous. <Flying without a fighter, oh how interesting. It's the stopping part is questionable.> raced through Zorach's mind. He flew backward across sickbay and impacted the bulkhead. The body of a guard followed and crashed into him with a thud.

The guard on top of him was heavy. Zorach tried to move his big toe without success. The sound of the Red Alert claxons was the only thing Zorach heard as he lost consciousness.

Russell was standing half behind the Reman's biobed. Fragments of the bomb flew by and one of them had pierced his shoulder. The shockwave from the blast knocked him over. When he struggled to get up half of his sickbay and the corridor was burning, bodies lying scattered across the floor. The Red Alert signal started wailing and the fire suppression system was fighting the fires. When Russell got up he rushed towards the bodies yelling "FIRE BLANKETS!!" to the rest of the staff who survived the blast more or less unharmed. The Reman, Johnson and T'Rell lay dead on the floor, their bodies torn open by the shrapnel and badly burnt from the flash fire. Two other security guards were thrown away and lay moaning on the ground, their uniform slightly burning. The other lay on top of Zorach. Talder was also badly hurt by the blast. Two nurses rushed in from nearby offices and were shocked by the total carnage they found. Russell tapped his combadge and yelled =/\= Medical emergency!! All available medical personnel report to the Main Sickbay! NOW!! =/\=

Nancela heard the screams echo in her mind, the Reman, the Vulcan... the security officer... they hadn't deserved to die... "my god what have I done..." she whispered to herself before she quickly hid the remote and ran off, crying, but managing to stay rather unnoticed in the chaos of the explosion and the red alert. Straight into the turbolift, and to her quarters, the voices not losing any volume or clarity. She almost sprinted into her quarters and threw the remote against the far wall of what she once called home.

She slumped in a corner and pulled her knees close, hearing the screams in her ears, seeing the flames in her eyes and smelling that rotten smell of burning flesh in her nostrils... all that... For the Empire...


An explosive JP by:

Lt Charles Zorach Chief Intelligence Officer Starbase 47

Lt. (JG) Russell D. Floyd MD Chief Medical Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47)

Also Starring:

Ensign T'Rell (NPC) Chief Flight Operations Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47)

Sublieutenant Nancela (NPC) Romulan Operations Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47)


Lieutenant (jg) Talder MD (NPC) Assistant Chief Medical Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47)

((All NPCs Played by Caelen LaBrie))