As Lt.Jg Christian Briggs stepped into SB47 he was awestruck he had never seen anything like it before. Christian just stood there for a few minuets to drink it all in, the shops the people from literally all over the universe and more, he had been places before but nothing to compare to this; he just knew he was going to enjoy as much of it as he could before he recieved the word to board the USS Soval.

When Christian got to his room he set his lugage down on the floor looked around the room and finally sat down on the bed. As he sat there he thought nothing could have prepared him for what he had experienced this far, he never thought that it would be like this. Christian was looking forward to getting underway on his first mission, he was looking forward to stepping on the ship, but something was wrong he just felt out of place. He tried to shake the feeling so he decided to start to unpack as he opened his lugage there on top was the picture of his wife Lana and his daughter Skylar; man how he wished they were here he knew that together they could have a real good time, he felt this feeling starting to come back and he knew he could not allow that to happen so he finished unpacking and began to take a walk around SB47.

Window shopping was not really his thing but he had nothing else to do so he thought he would look for somethings to send home to Lana and Skylar. As he was looking he began to wonder what the ships first mission would be, where would they be going and then it dawned on him he hasen't even met anyone from the crew he hasn't even met the Commander all he knew is that it was a female and he knew her name. He wondered if she would be a hard Commanding Officer or if she would be easy to please either way he felt he was ready, this was what he had trained for. Christian finnaly made up his mind he was not going to worry about any of that now he was going to enjoy his time here. He had noticed as he was walking that he saw a steam room so he thought to hisself that, that would be the perfect place to give up all his worries and concerns for the time,but as he started in he wondered "what would Lana be doing now?"