River of Forgetfulness: #110 - Last minute maneuvers

ON: <<Starbase Ronin, Gym>>

Ryylar's fist was like brown furry lightning as it slammed into the face of Bokma. His backspin kick would have caught him in the midsection if the nasty Romulan hadn't moved out of the way at the last moments. Ryylar sighed as he steadied the punching bag which held a printed version of Bokma's face on the bag. Once satisfied with he result, he launched again into another flurry of punches, kicks, flying fur, and snarling noises that only a Caitian could make sound fearsome rather than something more akin to a very bad cold.

"Damn Rrrrromulanssssss." Ryylar cursed as he took a momentary break to catch his breath and stretched a bit. Twenty minutes had passed since he started working at the punching bags and he decided tat perhaps enough was enough for now. Tossing a towel over his shoulder, Ryylar moved to the showers and stripped down, climbing in a shower stall to relax as the hot water matted down his fur and wiped the sweat and dust from his coat. He had finished his shift just a little while ago and wanted to work out a bit. In the peaceful calm of the showers Ryylar tried to let his worries and cares melt away off of him. Kris' pictures being spread all over the starbase and probably to a few choice admirals at Starfleet Command, the Romulans being free to walk around happy as a Ferengi with a large profit margin, and the even more troubling idea that the Reman still couldn't tell Ryylar anything. He'd have to see Doctor Floyd about that. Ryylar leaned against the wall of the shower and watched the spray of the shower move forward and create small impacts on the tiny puddle at his feet where the showers drained.

"Well... maybe they'll litterrrrr orrrrr ssssssomething." Ryylar thought aloud as he sighed and closed his eyes, letting his whiskers droop as the large Caitian man relaxed and tried to forget what was going on, what was happening in the world around him, if even for a few mintes only. After what seemed like an eternity to the rather stressed Caitian, but in reality was only a few moments. Ryylar's eyes flew open and he turned the shower off, wrapping the towel about his waist after drying off a bit before he slid back into his uniform. He was off duty, but there were a few things he wanted to check out.

Ryylar walked through the corridors of the Starbase and stopped by the turbolift.

"Prrrrromenade." He growled as the lift doors closed after he stepped in.

The turbolift sped through the station and ended at the upper level of the Promenade. Ryylar stepped out and walked around, nodding occasionally to a few of his guards and now and again he'd wave or say hello to one of the more familiar civilians on board. The station was a bustle of activity. Only a matter of a couple dozen hours before the station was in the Neutral Zone. Ryylar made his way to the Security office and sat down, relieving the Beta shift officer for a moment as he brought up Starfleet JAG's contact information and sent a small note out inquiring about the legal status of suspected Romulan spies on Starfleet property. He hesitated at the thought of asking about slander and libel laws when someone was trying to ruin a career, but thought better of it, deciding that most likely if Kris had indeed signed some sort of agreement to give up her control of those pictures, then there wasn't anything that could be done, and if there was something to be done, Kris, not him, had to make the choice of what to do. He left it out of his note and hit the 'Send' tab on the screen before standing an retreiving his replacement. If there was anyone who could help Ryylar keep this station secure while criminals walked free, it was the Judge Advocate General. He only hoped it would get back to him in time.

The large Caitian sighed heavily as he left security and headed home.


Warrant Officer Ryylar Chief Security Officer SB 47