River of Forgetfulness #113 "First meetings."


<Small restaurant, Promenade Deck, SB47>

The mature, aged redhead sat at the table, in leisure wear - a simple dress, accentuating her still well-rounded, firm form, as she enjoyed a simple meal and a cup of coffee after a hard day's work. Getting back to work after that short LOA had really taken a toll on her, and she wanted to just have a quiet moment to herself, without the responsibilities of rank and command, a few moments in anonimity.

Unfortunately, the second moment was cut short by a young man with mussy brown hair and bluish-green eyes, an ensign according to the single gold pip he still had attached to his uniform collar, and a comment he directed at her as he tapped her shoulder. "Hi, you have wild hair, I like it"

She startled slightly and peered up at him .. Tilting her head a bit. ".. Uh .. Thanks ? I guess ?" blinking again, looking at him. ".. What can I do for you ?"

"Uh..." he said, at a loss for words. He hadn't expected to be conscious by this point 'Huh, dad was wrong.. they don't hit you before they look at you' "Um... I'm not really sure, I'm new to this 'dating' thing, and my mom aid it would be easy... and my dad told me to be careful to not get eaten alive," he shrugged, "so I really have no clue what to expect. But, my mom told me to find a nice, cute girl with wild hair, and so I thought... well, I'm not sure what I thought..."

Petrova blinked at this, then blinked again .. And smiled, her eyes twinkling with amusement. ".. Nice, cute girl with wild hair, eh ?" She chuckled. "Well, atleast I got the wild hair part - one out of three." she smiled as she took a sip from her drink. Yeah, he was a bumbling fool, but an endearing one. And he somehow managed to make her feel young and beautiful again.

His face showed the confusion he felt, as well as more than a little discomfort, "Uh... but... you... but.... um.... which one?"

"Well, you said I had nice, wild hair." She nodded, still looking up at him. Now moving her chair out a bit, facing him, reclining in the chair, with a challenging smile on her features.

His look of confusion only grew, complete with one eyebrow being raised higher than the other, "No... well, yes, you have nice hair, but what I meant was that you looked like a nice person, and that you're pretty cute, and I like your hair..." he motioned toward her head as his gaze seemed to follow the way her long hair flowed as it sat, "I've only seen one or two people with that hair color before... It's pretty wild."

"Oh, uh, Fred.... Sorry 'bout that. I'm kinda nervous, and when I get nervous I sometimes start babbling about anything and everything that comes to mind, but I've been working on it a bit more lately......." he trailed off, "Uh, you're probably not too interested in that though, huh?"

"Actually, I think we'll be seeing a lot more of eachother." She smiled and tilted her head a bit. A soft russian accent sounding in her voice. "So what is it that you do, ensign .. Fred ?"

"I'm the new Assistant Chief Operations Officer, I just came in when ships were allowed to dock again.... I'm still not too sure what that was all about, but at least I'm not in over my head yet. I was kinda nervous that I wouldn't be able to do what was expected of me here." He looked a bit puzzled, "It's funny, I was kinda expecting to have been hit by now.... Dad told me that mom had to beat guys off with a stick 'cuz she was so pretty, and you're just as pretty as she is." He then leaned toward her and in a conspirational voice said "Mom said that she even had to beat dad off a few times, but dad said not to tell her that she could beat him any time she wanted to." He leaned back again, his voice normal again, "I never knew dad was such a wuss, but I'd never hit mom either if I were in his place."

Kristiana actually laughed at that, highly amused. He was so .. innocent. Such a mommy's boy. It was endearing, really. But still, she figured, there was more room for him to embarass himself even more. "Assistant Chief Operations Officer ! Wow, very nice." She smiled. "And thank you for the compliment. That's very sweet. So, have you met any of the other officers, yet, that you will be working with ?"

"Well, I met Lieutenant Commander Black, but mostly in passing when I helped fix a console on the Odysseus, and I met Lieutenant Evans there too, he apparently zapped himself a couple of times before I got there..." he looked pensive for a moment, "... probably what made him so grouchy... well, that, and there was something about a problem he was having with the X.O., but he didn't want to tell me what happened. I just hope it wasn't anything serious.. he's a pretty nice guy when he lets himself relax." He thought for a bit and then shrugged "That's pretty much everyone I know directly who's above me in my chain of command, everyone else is Ensigns and such."

Kristiana nodded, shifting a bit on her chair, still looking up at the still standing ensign. "The XO, you say ? What did he say about her, then ?" she asked, curiously.

"Other than him not feeling happy at the time, and her name, nothing other than that he didn't want to talk about it... though he did apologize to Lt. Cmdr. Black for being a bit snippy at her, and that the X.O's name came up as part of the apology..." He then smiled as he continued, "I told him to bring her flowers and apologize for anything an everything he could. That's what helped my dad out whenever mom would threaten to sleep on the couch."

Kristiana chuckled again and gave a nod. "I see. That's a good advice." she smiled, finishing her drink. "I'm surprised you haven't even asked me for my name, yet. That's customary if you want to chat up a woman, that you atleast know who you're talking to." as she shifted a bit seductively.

"Oh, uh, sorry. I forgot to ask, then remembered that I didn't ask, but we were already on another topic and it would be out of place so I just figured you'd tell me when you wanted me to know..." he trailed off again, "So, uh, what's your name?" which was quickly followed by "If you don't mind my asking, that is?"

She chuckled darkly now - a bit more threatening than just amused, as she rose to her feet. Standing a good bit taller than Ensign Fred, with considerably more body-mass, too - and looking quite toned and capable. "Commander Kristiana Petrova, Executive Officer, Starbase 47." she smirked, looking straight at Fred.

After she was standing he returned his focus to her face and said, "Wow, you're not so much cute as you are, like, 'whoa!'" He then offered his hand in greeting, "Nice to meet you Commander!"

She snickered and shook his hand, with a very firm grasp. "Nice to meet you, Ensign. I'm sorry for leading you along like that .. But, on the plus side - you did considerably better than your direct superior officer did."

He winced a bit at the pressure she exerted on his hand, even as he tried to match the firmness of her grip, if for no other reason than that was how he was taught to shake hands... that it would also alleviate some of the pain he felt was almost an afterthought. "Thanks, I guess." He released his grip on her hand, "Why, what happened with Lt. Evans?"

"That's between him and me, really." Kristiana nodded, all serious again. "Though it probably caused him to be afraid of me now .." She sighed. ".. I'll need to talk with him some time. Anyways .. It was nice meeting you, Ensign."

"It was nice meeting you too." He turned as though he was about to go somewhere before turning back and asking, "Hey, can I send a picture of you to my mom? She won't believe that I met such a nice person so soon!"

".. Picture ?" Kristiana blinked - she'd had her fill of pictures of her, for a while. "Uh .. I guess. Just make sure it's a good one. And don't tell my boyfriend .. the chief of security."

He looked as though someone had just destroyed his latest creation, with his favorite creation, being used as a club... "Boyfriend?" Though it should never be said that he didn't have a quick recovery time "Uh, thanks. Well, if things don't work out, or whatever, I'll probably be around...." He even managed to make himself look outright dignified, in a mad-scientist who likes to chew on wires sort of way, as he nodded to her, almost in salute, "Ma'am." and turned to leave her toher free time, before he embarrassed himself further.

She sighed inaudibly and shook her head a bit. She liked him, she really did. But she didn't have the heart to tell him that she wouldn't him even if she'd get paid for it. "See you tomorrow, Ensign." She spoke as she turned to head back to her quarters. She did feel better after this, those compliments worked on her ego, and her ego could always do with a little boost.


Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) "He's cute .. for a mommy's boy."


Ensign Gothwain Flemmington 'Fred' Colestol Assistant Operations Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) "Mom always said..."