River of Forgetfulness #104&105 - "High Energy Promotion"

-={On}=- [Captain's Ready Room, Starbase Ronin]

Caelen turned around from staring out of the window and saw the black box on the table, with the hollow pip still in it. He picked it up and looked at it. This black pip was worn by himself on their first mission and after that for a long time by Kristiana... he snapped the box closed, he felt that somebody worthy of it should wear it now. He tapped his Combadge =/\= Captain LaBrie to Lieutenant Black, please report to my ready room =/\=

=/\= Be right up! =/\= came Kitty's cheery voice. =/\=Once I find the place!=/\= It wasn't as bad as all that, though. She'd been back and forth from the command center to Engineering several times already and she was beginning to get the hang of the station layout. In other words, she only got lost once along the way, and that, not for long. But then she straightened herself out and ended up touching the doorchime to the Ready Room not long afterwards...

"Enter..." Caelen stated, waiting for the doors to part before he added "...please take a seat Lieutenant"

"Yessir." Kitty nodded, stepping inside and finding a spot to sit down. She leaned back a little in the seat, feeling a bit pleased and comfortable. She'd got a lot done already. "Sorry it took so long. I'm not used to the station layout yet."

"No problem Lieutenant, I sometimes have trouble myself" Caelen admitted, although he probably didn't get around as much as a Chief Engineer would. "I would like to have an update on your progress"

"We're doing good, sir," Kitty said, smiling. "Making steady progress on ships in dock, the maintenance schedule on the starbase is on schedule, the last guy left Engineering in a bit of a mess, but I think I've got that straightened out. It helped to finally get some of the new people on board."

"Even though they are raw cadets..." Caelen added to Black's train of thought "...I reckon you have the detection system against Commander Petrova's 'foe' fully set up"

"I know what terminal was used, if that's what you mean," Kitty said. "I've got my 'web' out and ready. All terminals in Engineering are temporarily set to log everything from login to logout, in verbose."

Caelen nodded "I reckon you have also added a safety to any people who have not yet received this message?"

"I can put a program into use that will screen all emails with attachments for the files in question," Kitty said readily. "I haven't yet, just because I wanted to check something like that with you first. It'll slow the whole messaging system down. Probably markedly."

"You think you can catch him with the current traps in place alone?" Caelen then asked, wanting to know what his options were.

"Yessir," Kitty said. "But meanwhile, someone else might get the pictures."

"I am aware of that Lieutenant... but there is nothing we can do about that now can we..." Caelen stated "...but in any case that is not why I called you here" He stood up and opened the drawer in his desk again, getting out the black box with the hollow pip. "I have called you here for your conduct in the recent months..." he started "...you have been fine addition to my crew and I wouldn't wish for a better Chief Engineer and second officer"

"I really appreciate that, sir," Kitty said, beaming. "I've done my best, and I enjoy it here."

"Please stand up Lieutenant..." Caelen requested in a friendly tone before he opened the box "...from this moment on I bestow upon you the rank of Lieutenant Commander, with all the privileges that come with it" he walked closer and pinned the hollow pip on the neck of the smaller Chief Engineer.

Kitty blinked and gasped in surprise... she held very still, then smiled brightly, her eyes all lit up with stars. "I never thought I'd get so far, so quickly!" she exclaimed. Then she blinked and frowned a little. "But... uhm... that puts me... well... two ranks above..." and she faltered.

Caelen frowned a bit "Will that be a problem, Commander?" he asked, knowing who she was talking about.

"Not for me, and I doubt it will be for him, either," Kitty said. "I just hope there won't be so much space between us that it'd become.. well.. inappropriate to date."

"I hope you won't let something stupid like a Rank come in between you, Commander" Caelen said genuinely, knowing how it must feel for her.

"Of course not!" Kitty exclaimed. "I just don't want to run afoul of the regs....." She pondered this. "....again."

Caelen shook his head "You are not..." he then put out a hand to shake Kitty's "...at any rate, Congratulations Commander"

Kitty brightened up again at her captain's reassurance and shook hands, her eyes lighting up like a starry night again. "Thank you sir... Wow... Lt. Commander... People are going to have to call me twice for, like, weeks for me to get used to this."

Caelen smiled, somehow Kitty was nothing but a big chunk of positive energy "I'm sure it'll grow on you" he stated before stepping back to his seat, not sitting down just yet "You are dismissed Commander"

Thank you sir," Kitty said brightly, excited, looking as if she was quite ready to power the entire station were she to stick her finger into a handy socket. "Anything else you need from Engineering, you know how to find me." And she was hard put to avoid dancing as she left the Ready Room.

-={Off}=- Another Promotional JP:

Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47)


Lt. Cmdr. Kathleen Black Chief Engineer Starbase Ronin "This is why we don't feed her Skittles."