River of Forgetfulness #102&103 - "Pips and Stars"

-={On}=- [Main Operations, SB47]

Kristiana had wanted to talk to Hannah about the current strategic situation, but the younger redhead had already been sent off by Caelen, so Petrova headed to Main Ops, instead, to start her duty shift - the first one after her short LOA. She sat down in her chair, starting to sift through PADDs and PADDs of reports.

"Commander Petrova..." Caelen called out from the doorway of his Ready Room, "...please report to my ready room" with that he stepped back into his ready room and sat down behind his desk, waiting for his XO to enter.

" .. Ofcourse." She sighed, putting her stack of PADDs away again. ".. Sir." as she rose and made her way over, taking a place opposite Caelen, half thinking he must've gotten that message and those pictures by now as well, and that he wanted to toss her off because of how much they showed. "You called, Sir ?"

"I see you have returned to duty Commander..." Caelen started off rather casually "...you feel that you are fit again?"

"Fit enough to resume my duties, Sir." she responded, in all seriousness. "Sitting in my quarters won't do me any more good than it has already done. I need to get my hands on some work again, slip back into the motions."

"Well that's good to hear Commander because I will be leaving the base soon..." Caelen responded in the same seriousness "...but there are some things I would like to discuss with you before I do"

".. Leaving ? Now, Sir ?" she blinked a bit, then sighed softly, nodded. "Alright, I'm listening .." as she shifted a bit in her chair, giving him her undivided attention. She was just back on duty, and already he was going to leave her in charge of the entire station.

"Word has reached me that the USS Gemini has gone missing..." Caelen started to explain the situation "...my Daughter is on that vessel, Commander, I can't just leave her out there without even trying" that was the short, Short version.

Kris nodded. "I can understand that, Sir .. Very well." She sighed a bit, still listening. He had her support.

"I am hoping that we have all the Reman versus the Romulan State things wrapped up by the time I leave..." Caelen sighed as well as he leaned forward a bit "...but that is not why I wanted to see you"

"I am hoping that as well, Sir. Having Bokma loose on the station .. It doesn't sit right with me. Sock I think isn't as much as a direct threat as Bokma is." She nodded, agreeing. She wasn't going to ask him why he wanted to see her, then - she figured he'd up and tell her anyways. Right soon.

"I hear you have made some progress on your 'friend'..." Caelen asked, indicating the man that was sending all those pictures of Kristiana around.

"Yeah .. We narrowed it down to someone in engineering. I have a list with12 possible suspects .. But we need more to go on before we move in." she sighed a bit. "Though I wonder .. What can we do ? Those pictures are public. It's not like he's breaking any laws, besides perhaps using fleet networks for distributing pornography, or maybe insulting a ranking officer .. That's not much."

If he is indeed an Officer and not an enlisted man we can nail him for Conduct unbecoming an Officer and insubordination" Caelen stated, Kris would surely know that those accusations pretty much ruined somebody's career "But unfortunately, while you have not caught him he continues sending the pictures to people in power"

"Anyone with some intelligence, tenacity and access to the public net can find those pictures, Sir." Kristiana shrugged a bit. It's not the fact that people will see them that has got me worried. It's the fact that someone is actively trying to destroy me, my career, that is."

"I have recieved a message from Admirality..." Caelen confirmed her suspicions that somebody was trying to destroy her "...They have requested me to review your Command capabilaties..." he sighed and leaned back in his chair "...so how do you estimate your own Command capabilities?"

"Unchanged from what they were, Sir." She tilted her head a bit. "My command abilities .. are .. That I can take over command, for a little while .. But I am not confident enough for my own commission .." Kristiana furrowed her brows, her mind wondering what Caelen was getting at .. Were they going to offer her a command of her own ? She'd decline .. But then again .. Nah, it couldn't be. Not now. Not after recent events. <tag> John Conahan: "The powers that be have requested you removed from your commission on this starbase..." Caelen was absolutely blunt in this "...because they feel that you have missed to many beats in the past... and the existance of these pictures were the final straw" he sighed and shook his head "With that said, I have done what they asked of me and reviewed the time that you have been my First Officer..." he stood up and started pacing "...you have shown to be unorthodox, sometimes on the edge of insubordination and almost always fierce..." he stopped and looked at Kristiana "...you have also been steadfast, just and I could always count on you"

She narrowed her eyes at the first bit that Caelen told her. ~ Well, that figures. That 'friend' won - there goes my career. ~ .. But then she blinked and furrowed her brows as Caelen finished, not understanding. ".. Sir ?" she ventured.

"I have reported my findings to the Admirality and I also told them that if they would force me to fire you that they would have to find a new Captain for this Starbase as well..." Caelen smirked a bit "...with only two days to go before we drift into the Romulan Neutral Zone they have no time to brief a new CO..." he put his hands behind his back "...And to pour some more salt into thier wounds I have also notified them that, since I reviewed your records, I found that you are way over due for a promotion" he reached forward and got a small black box from his desk. "For all that you've done... For all that you planned to do... and for everything you still have to do"

Kristiana blinked, and then blinked again .. She snickered softly, shaking her head a bit, as she rose to her feet. " .. Wow. That's .. quite unexpected." She smiled. ".. Thank you, Sir. I mean it .. Thank you .. For sticking by me. Even during all of this." as she reached for the small black box. One that she'd seen several times before.

"You deserved it Commander..." Caelen gave a single nod in appreciation of the thanks "...both the promotion and my standing by you" he put out his hand to shake hers "Congratulation Commander"

She smiled and shook his hand. "Thank you, Captain. It's really appreciated." as she opened the box, reached up to her collar to remove the black pip, replacing it with a gold one .. Three golden rank pips on her collar now. Full commander. something she'd never thought she'd make. Placing the black pip in the box, and setting it down, she stood in attention and gave Caelen a proper salute. "I will do my best to prove your faith and trust justified, Sir."

"As you were, Commander..." Caelen said officially before letting out a smirk "...and I'm sure you will, you're Dismissed" with that he turned around towards the stars, his daughter was lost out there, his little girl missing in the black void.

-={Off}=- A promotional JP by:

Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) "Never to suffer would never to have been blessed"


Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) "These pips are getting heavy - the drawback of promotion"