[USS Soval] A Pit Stop

"A Pit Stop" Post By: LCdr Sora Rel Commanding Officer USS Soval


==Starbase 47== --Promenade-- <<1525 Hours>>

The large area full of shops, restaurants, bars, and merchants seemed rather alive regardless the time of day. The crew of the USS Soval was wandering haphazardly thoughout the starbase while their ship was being completed before the first mission. Sora strolled slowly across the large deck, her hands clasped behind her back and hummed softly to herself.

She walked into a shop full of items which looked to be have ancient cultures. She stopped at a shelf full of old wooden statuettes and picked one up. It was a small man carved from wood with what looked like a grass skirt and a bone necklace, also carved out of wood. It fit into the palm of her hand easily; she looked it over as the shopkeeper walked up to her.

"It's a Risian Shaman, found on Risa four hundred years ago, buried beneath the ruins of an ancient culture."

Sora turned to the shopkeeper, a Bolian male. He was about the same height as her, wearing average brown cloth clothing. Sora looked back down at the statuette and smiled.

"This will make a good addition to my collection."

"That will be 30 credits."

"Here's 20." She said, passing him some slips she replicated herself beforehand.

"Very good." He smiled, knowing that she was not one to negotiate with.

She took the small statuette and continued on through shops to find more trinkits to put in her ready room.