River of Forgetfulness # 99 - 100 - Plan Formulated


[Starbase Ronin - Main Operations]

After four attempts, Zorach arrived at Main Operations. He sighed. His headache was pounding but he approached Captain LaBrie. "Captain, I have an idea to take care of the Romulans," Zorach said.

"Good!" Caelen responded. "I like men with Ideas" he added, seeming to lighten up a bit at this news.

"Sock and Bokma want the Reman to collect information on his rebel group. I'm sure this information is something Starfleet Intelligence wants. I suggest a subterfuge. We find a way to convince Sock that his prize Reman is dead and move the Reman to a safe house for HQ intelligence debriefing."

"There is a small problem with that Lieutenant..." Caelen pointed him to his ready room and led the way, the doors closed behind them "...with you saying that out loud in Main Operations that has just become impossible... in case you have not noticed we have Romulans working on this vessel as well... that includes Main Operations" he shook his head "Not to mention that we don't know if their claims are true or not... heck He doesn't even know if they are true or not"

"Sock and Bokma will assume we will try something, that is what the Tal Shiar expects. The Reman may or may not know anything. But if it is important to Sock, then we must not let him take the prize. Intelligence collection takes time but with Sock he could remain on the station till the end of time. We must show him that the prize is no longer available. I have no doubt that Sock will terminate the Reman rather than allow him to slip away. What do you think Captain?"

"They are Tal Shiar..." Caelen both answered the question and didn't "...of course they will do anything in their power to stop us from getting him away" he thought a bit before grabbing a PADD. "Here's what we will do..." he started typing and explaining "...we are going to invite Sock and Bokma for a diplomatic chat, to negotiate the 'surrender' of their Reman fugitive. While doing this they will not be able to set up a plan to kill him... we will simply not give them enough time nor the opportunity..." he gave Zorach the PADD "...these are direct orders to the Chief Medical Officer that he makes the Reman ready for transport as soon as humanly possible and contact me afterwards." He took some time to gather his own thoughts as well.

"I'll send in T'Rell and yourself... he will pilot you to a rendezvous with representatives of Starfleet intell" he started typing up another PADD of orders.

"The nearest safe planet is a long way from the RNZ. For obvious reasons, Starfleet wouldn't want to make this an incident for diplomatic negotiation. Go on, sir." Zorach's head was really pounding now.

Caelen looked a bit at Zorach, he turned a bit paler "Are you alright Lieutenant?"

"Got this shiner from the Reman. He's got a tough left hood. I think the Reman might cooperate in his escape from the Romulans."

Caelen frowned a bit and handed him another padd "This is permission to take the Wallace class escort for this mission, Lieutenant" he looked at the 'shiner' and then gave him a nod "while you're at Sickbay get that looked at, I wouldn't want you to fall over in the middle of this"

"I've had worse when I was flying fighters, bar fights, and acquiring dates. So, T'Rell and I meet with Starfleet Intell. Why not just deliver the Reman to them and then it's their problem?"

"That is just what you will do..." Caelen remarked "...with Sock and Bokma in negotiations with me and the diplomatic core you'll have the opportunity..." a smirk formed on his face "...do what you must Lieutenant... and do it efficiently"

"As you mentioned, the Romulans are already observing things. It would be a tip if I leave the station. This might be plan A. The Reman might move with plan B, a fast moving warp nine probe in stasis. After all, I would be the moving target and I wouldn't have the prize except a computer generated lifeform signature for a Reman."

"I do admire your creativity Lieutenant, however the likelihood of the Reman Dying before you can get any useful information from him is to big... You will fly him out on the Wallace escort and I'll make sure that the Tal'Shiar will not know nor be able to act on it until you have left... I am certain that Sock will not risk entering Federation space with the T'Met to bring you down..." Caelen sighed, the stasis pod was just to risky, especially for an untrained Reman that was still recovering from wounds "...Sock knows when to admit defeat... unlike Bokma"

"Yes, sir. I was only offering alternatives," Zorach said. He gathered up the PADDs and hesitated. "Sir, if you get a chance, could you find out what paintings Bokma likes? It is curious gap in his intelligence file, sir."

Caelen frowned "I doubt that he would share such information with me, Lieutenant, but I'll try..." he didn't really find it relevant in this situation but it would probably give some insight into his personality "...is that all, Lieutenant?"

"Yes, sir. Good day, sir," Zorach replied meekly. He left the office.

"Good Day Lieutenant... and Good Luck..." Caelen offered him his support, he had every confidence in his Chief Intell "...you're gonna need it" he added a bit more silently, he might have all confidence in him but he also knew what they were up against. He sighed and gathered some strength before he stepped out of the Ready Room "Comm... Contact the Diplomatic core, tell them to get ready for some negotiations with two Tal'Shiar agents..."


Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) "Finally one Step ahead..."

Lt Charles Zorach Chief Intelligence Officer Starbase 47