River of Forgetfulness #95-98 - Taking her out for a spin

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[Main Operations, Deck 11, Starbase Ronin]

Caelen just returned from welcoming the Cadets and fresh Ensigns onto the Starbase, he walked back into Main Ops. He was immediately stopped by a Communications officer. "What is is Ensign?" he asked, taking the PADD into his hand.

"The vessel you had send out to investigate the Anomaly sir, it's dead in the water and they don't respond to hails..." the, somewhat nervous looking, Ensign tried to remain calm and with protocol "...sir" he quickly added, better safe than sorry.

Caelen frowned and looked at the PADD, he nodded a bit "Ok... get me Lieutenants O'Driscoll and Evans... Ensign Bradbury... and the Doctor..." he walked out of main operations "...tell them to meet me in the Briefing room"

Hannah O'Driscoll was working in her office when she got the call. "Cap'n wants to talk to you, Boss."

"Thanks, Fitz." Hannah said. "Where is he?"

"Briefin' Room. Wants you there yesterday."

"Gotcha." Hannah said, and headed out of the Hub.

Russell saw a message pop up on the view screen on his desk. <Briefing Room? Wonder where that is.> he thought to himself smiling. He replied to the message that he was on his way. He got up and headed out of the corridor. "Computer, location of the Briefing Room." he asked walking to the nearest Turbolift.

Evans was just in the little boy's room, when he was contacted. <Oh crap...> he thought, and then thought about the irony... <Scratch that...> =/\=On my way.=/\= he signaled to the ensign, as he washed his hands, and walked the few decameters to Main Ops again.

Caelen sat at the head of the table, waiting for part of his senior staff to present themselves. He held the PADD in hand, they had fired another probe at the anomaly and the info might be of use to either Evans or Russell.

Hannah stepped into the room. "Sir." She nodded, and took a seat.

Evans looked around at the crowd gathered, and figured this wasn't about Petrova's e-mail "friend". His suspicions were confirmed, when he read the info on the pad. "A spacial rift, sir? Don't tell me this is the second starbase that finds itself on top of a wormhole... I really HATE those Vorta. They're... ... icky..." he said, his face frowning.

When Russell entered the briefing room the rest of the invited party was already present and ready to do business. "Sorry for the delay. Big station." He said smiling walking to the nearest empty seat and sat down.

"Welcome people" Caelen motioned Russell to take a seat and stood up himself "Not so long I received a report from Science..." he glanced at Melina shortly "...there was an anomaly that should have our attention... since we were on lockdown we could not send a Shuttle of our own and thus I requested a Civilian entity to investigate" he pointed at the PADDs in front of everybody "This is the report I was handed when I returned to Main Operations..."

"Who was on the civilian shuttle?" Hannah asked.

"Miss Rosalin Bailey, Apparently she had reserved a shop space on the station..." Caelen scrolled down a bit "...I looked into it and this was correct so that all checked out"

"Bailey, Bailey, Bailey... Where do I know that name from?" Evans mused.

Russell read the report and frowned at the part of the unresponsive crew. "Do we have any information about what went on inside the shuttle?" he asked. "Unresponsive is a bit vague." he added with a faint smile.

Caelen quirked an eyebrow and continued "Anyway, I see you're all eager to get underway and since we have lifted to Lockdown I am ordering you... except for the Doctor... to go in try to pull the civilian craft out as soon as possible... and try to expose yourselves as little as possible"

Another science officer rushed into the room "Sir, here's the data you requested"

Caelen gave a nod and dismissed the young officer "Speak of the Devil doctor... that PADD has your name on it"

"What does it say, doc?" Evans asked, being quite curious. He was already compiling a list of forms of radiations known to cause confusion or unconsciousness.

While the Doctor was reading through the PADD Caelen turned to the others "Lieutenant O'Driscoll, I asked you to prepare the Odysseus, is it ready to fly out?"

"Yessir." Hannah nodded. "Or at least, it will be within the hour - we've found a couple of glitches in the ODN pathways."

Caelen looked at Evans "Can you fix that on the fly?"

"Eh, sure... I guess so... Glass fibre can't be too hard. But why don't you ask an engine..." Evans said, trailing off. He suddenly remembered the last time he tried to correct his captain, and he had been told off severely. "Sorry, sir... Sure. Can't be too different from Plasma..."

Caelen gave a nod "Then the ODN will be 'un-glitched' on the fly..." he then looked back at the Doc "...what's the verdict Doc?"

Russell looked up and said "The results from the second probe. The crew of the shuttle is alive and seem to be conscious if the scans are correct. I'm no expert on anomalies but my bet it that they got too close to it and suffered it's effects. Perhaps some sort of radiation that caused them to be disorientated and unresponsive." He looked at the PADD again. "I'll need them brought in here to check them thoroughly."

Caelen nodded "You will get that chance... but until then brief your Assistant on this and send some rookies with him... I need you here"

"First thing." Russell said nodding. "I'll notify him asap."

Evans was turning a bit nervous again... "Eh... Might I suggest a long range tractor beam? Or even a remote controlled bee to push it away from the anomaly?"

"Tractor beam should suffice..." Caelen answered to Evans and then looked at Russell, seeing that he remained seated "...Well what are you waiting for?"

"If there isn't anything else..." Russell said standing up.

"Try and find out of this has something to do with our Reman friend, Doc..." Caelen added in afterthought "...dismissed" he turned to Hannah and Ronald again "Is there anything else you need to know?"

Russell exited the briefing room and headed for his sickbay again. <Better check the results of the scans with that of our Reman friend.> he thought entering the turbolift.

Hannah nodded. "When do you want the Odysseus to leave?"

"Ten Minutes ago..." Caelen stated, knowing that this was not the only reason he wanted the Odysseus to depart. After they had their mini-shakedown he would step on board and go find his daughter. She needed him, he could just feel it.


Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) "I want you Out there... Ten Minutes Ago!"

Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Strategic Operations Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) "Daddy gave me the keys...now let's try not to crash the car."

Lieutenant JG Ronald Evans Chief Operations Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) "I don't wanna go out there... Let some robot do it!"

Lieutenant JG Russell D. Floyd MD Chief Medical Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) "Why can't I come…?"