River of Forgetfulness: #92-93 - "Checkup"


[Main sickbay, SB47]

It was quite a stroll back to the sickbay located in the centre part of the Starbase. Russell walked in and greeted the nurses talking to each other near the doorway. He glanced over to the strapped down Reman. He lay motionless on the biobed, probably still unconscious or asleep. Russell proceeded to his office to check up on some reports.

Hannah stepped nervously into the sickbay. A nurse approached her.

"Can I help you, Ma'am?"

"Uh...yeah...I'm looking for Doctor Floyd?"

"Hang on one minute, Ma'am, I'll see if he's available. Lieutenant O'Driscoll, isn't it?"

"Yes." Hannah nodded. Her bright red hair made her somewhat recognisable.

The nurse stepped into Floyd's office. "Have you got a moment for Lieutenant O'Driscoll, Doctor?"

Russell looked up. "Sure. I'll be right there." he said and saved the file he was working on on the PADD. He got up and made his way to the Infirmary to greet Lt. O'Driscoll.

Hannah saw the doctor step out, and smiled. "Hey Doc."

"Hello Lieutenant." Russell said. "How are you holding up?" he asked having a faint idea what she might be here for.

"Can we speak in private?" Hannah said, quietly.

"Absolutely." Russell said. "Let's go to my office." he added gesturing her the way. "Ladies first. First door to the right."

Hannah walked into the office and took a seat.

Russell walked around his desk and sat opposite of Hannah. He leaned forward a bit and rested his arms on the desk. "What's on your mind?" he asked.

"Well, yesterday morning I had my post-Q incident check-up." Hannah said. "And as you may be aware, the ensign administering it found something a little...unexpected."

Russell frowned. "I know about the results of yout so called post-Q checkup." he said. "But the report of the ensign hasn't reached me yet." he answered truthfully. "Maybe you could tell me what it is, I'll try to find the report." he added accessing his console.

"Well, the long and the short of it is that, somehow, I became pregnant while on the little excursion that Q sent us on."

The moment Hannah explained the report popped up on Russell's console. "I see." Russell said. "A congratulations is order then, I guess?" he added smiling looking at Hannah.

Hannah smiled. "Yeah. I mean, I'm keeping the baby." She said. "I just...I don't understand how this is possible."

"With Q anything is possible, I guess." Russell said with a smile. "All our adventures were in a different, by Q-fabricated world, but we were really there. So if you really had a romantic encounter..." he said smiling. "...the outcome maybe real as well. Where did Q send you?" Russell asked.

"Myself and my boyfriend came as Romeo and Juliet, so we ended up in Shakespearian Italy." Hannah said.

"And if you really lived that story, there was probably enough opportunity for a romantic encounter." Russell smirked.

Hannah blushed. "Well, there might have been a couple, yes."

"But that's none of my business." Russell said trying not to make her feel embarassed. "You're here for another checkup?"

"Yeah." Hannah said. "I guess...I guess I just want to make sure I havn't stopped being pregnant in the last twenty-four hours."

Russell picked up de medical tricorder on his desk. "That can't be too hard to find out." he said smiling. He got up from behind his desk. "Let me scan if everything is all right." he said to Hannah.

"Sure." Hannah said, standing up.

He got the scanner from the tricorder and started scanning Hannah abdominal area. The tricorder chirped and displayed the results. "Everything checks out ok." Russell said smiling. "You're as pregnant as you were yesterday."

"Thank you!" Hannah smiled. "I guess...I was initially scared but now that I've decided that I'm going to keep the baby...I didn't want to lose it."

"I can imagine it was quite unexpected." Russell responded. "But I can see you have plans for creating a family?" he said noticing the ring. "I believe I haven't had the pleasure of meeting your Romeo." he added with a smile.

"Yes." Hannah smiled, twisting the ring. "Jesse is quite something. He's the XO of the Edinburgh."

"So he will be shipping out soon when the lockdown ends?" Russell asked. "Must be hard having him a long way from... home?" he added thinking of his own situation with his own family when he was away on the Pegasus.

"Yeah." Hannah sighed. "But the Edinburgh is assigned to this sector, so I'll see him in a couple of months or so."

"That's fortunate." Russell said. "I'm sure he isn't keen on leaving as well." he added. He sat back behind his desk again and went from counselor to doctor again. "No problems with nausea or anything?" he asked editing her medical record with the latest scans.

"No." Hannah said. "But it's early yet, right?"

"Indeed, and it isn't like it's a certified fact to get nauseous or other to have other complaints." Russell said smiling. "You might be lucky and have no discomforts at all."

"Fingers crossed." Hannah smiled. "Thank you so much for this, Doctor."

"Be sure to come back if it turns out you're not that lucky." Russell winked.

"Yessir." Hannah smiled. She started to leave, and then turned round. "Is it hard to do, Doc? Have a family, I mean."

"I dare to say it's the best thing that ever happened to me." Russell said smiling. "But that doesn't mean it's easy. There's no such thing as a manual." he added smirking a bit.

"So you don't regret it, then?"

"Absolutely not." Russell said straight away. "But it's a different way of life than you're used to now."

"Yeah, I bet." Hannah smiled. "Thanks Doctor, this meant a lot to me."

"Anytime." Russell said.


Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Strategic Operations Officer SB47 (Ronin)

Lt. (jg) Russell D. Floyd MD Chief Medical Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47)