"Reflections" #77, 78 "Return of the Redhead"


<Starbase 47, corridors>

Ryylar's comm badge chirped while he was on patrol. =/\= Warrant Officer Ryylar, please report to Docking Bay Three. =/\=

Ryylar had just finished his coffee break with Melina and was back on patrol, finishing up a quick tour of the promenade level. He was about to move to the habitat areas when his badge chirped. He reached up and tapped his badge.

=/\= Thisssss issssss Rrrrrrryylarrrrrrr I'm on my way. =/\= He said, his hand moving to the phaser at his side as he broke into a quick jog towards the Docking Bay.

Once in the docking bay, Ryylar would witness an older type Runabout performing final docking procedures and powering down. A few moments later the main door opened, and a familiar, toned, aged redhead emerged. She looked positively tireder than ever before, but on the other hand, a newfound spring in her steps, and a ghost of a smile of relief on her aged features. A yawn stifled, shoulders rolled, then arms stretched, fingers curling and stretching as Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova worked the last bit of stiffness out of her system.

Ryylar grinned at the sight of the woman that made his heart beat faster and he moved his hand away from his phaser, pouncing forward upon her to pick her up in his arms.

"KRRRRRRRISSSSS!" He yelped with joy, holding her close and smiling brightly.

Were she a kitty she'd purrrrr like an oversized motorboat, but alas, all Ryylar got from the redhead was a yelp as she was pounced, a resounding OOMPH as she collapsed under his assault, a wince as she shifted into a slightly less painful position and the single most erotic, passionate, invasive and sensual embrace and kiss ever performed. "Mmmmmmm ... Hey there, pussycat. Missed me ?" she grinned up at him, tracing fingertips through his manes.

"Only everrrrrrrry minute of everrrrrry day ssssssinccccce you've been gone." He smiled, pressing his forehead to hers and looking in her eyes with a grin, his hands venturing down over her lower back to give her rear a playful squeeze.

"No more than that ?" she quipped as she winced a bit with his squeeze, closing her eyes for a moment. "Oof. I am So going to feel that in the morning."

"You'rrrrrrre out of shape... I guesssssss I'll have to worrrrrrk on that with you." He joked.

"Just sore and tired, hon .." She nuzzled him softly again. "And I'd appreciate if you could get off of me about now so I can get back on my feet." as she mock-bit at his nose.

"And herrrrrrre I thought afterrrrrr sssssspending sssssso much time on Earrrrrrrth that you would orrrrrrrderrrrrrr me to hold you in my arrrrrrrmssssss forrrrrrr a week. I ssssssssee how much you misssssssed me." He joked as he set her down and smiled at her.

"I know sssssssweethearrrrrt. I'm sssssssorrrrrrrrrry I couldn't come to sssssssee you. But with Sssssssulan in the brrrrrrrig, Captain LaBrrrrrrie needed me to fill the sssssssecurrrrrrrrity chief posssssssition." He told her.

Kris nodded a bit, looking around some. "Chief security on a starbase. Not bad for a bartender." She smiled, putting her arms around him again and resting her chin on his shoulder, closing her eyes. "The Runabout is full of stuff I took from my father's farm .. The rest I donated to charity. They're gonna remodel the farm into an orphanage .."

"I'll overrrrrrssssssee the unpacking perrrrrssssssonally and assssssign a detail sssssso it isssssn't touched." He said, running his fingers through her hair as she laid her head on his shoulder. Goddess it felt good to have this Imperial Russian Czarina back in his arms.

She shook her head a bit. "No .. I wanna unpack it with you. Just the two of us .. But we'll need some storage space for some of it." Before she opened her eyes again and nuzzled him softly, looking straight into his slitted feline eyes. ".. Move in with me ? Officially ?"

He looked at her and blinked, smiling after the shock passed.

"I would like that." He said quietly with a smile.

She nodded a bit, no smile on her face, just a look of tiredness and seriousness. "Good .. " heaving a soft sigh, then managing a tired smile. "Have a look .. Inside the Runabout."

"Uhm... allrrrrrrright, but... I need to let you go forrrrrr that." He said, noting the tired look on her face and wondering if he did let her go even for a moment if she wouldn't just collapse to the deck and fall asleep.

She sighed softly and looked straight into his eyes, narrowing hers, slightly. ".. I'll live." Smirking softly and stepping back, giving him some room.

He nodded and moved towards the runabout, looking inside.

Inside he would find all kinds of stuff, most packed in boxes, except for a few larger items, like a small variety of ancient weapons - both original and replica's. Swords, axes, rifles, shields. Also Ryylar might notice some drums and assorted peripherals - enough to set up a sizable drum kit.

Ryylar smiled and nodded and turned back to Kristiana.

"All the esssssssentialssssss." Ryylar said with a smile as he moved towards her, but instead of just giving her a light hug, he leaned down to pick her up and cradle her in his arms.

"Ack !" though she didn't struggle or complain. Settling in his arms, she closed her eyes and just snuggled, letting herself be carried. "Don't you have duty ?"

"Why yessssss ma'am. I'm on duty rrrrrright now." He told Kristiana.

".. I just need a shower and some rest, hon." She smiled at him. "So if you could drop me off at my quarters .. And we'll .. 'celebrate' my return when you get off." She licked at the underside of his chin. " .. Duty, that is."

"Yesssss ma'am." He said, smiling at her as he walked through the habitat ring area, carrying her to her assigned quarters and moving to what was now going to be their living room. He set her down and smiled at her.

"If you need anything, I'm a chirrrrrrp away. I'll inforrrrrrrm LaBrrrrrrrie that you've rrrrrrreturrrrrrned ssssssafely." He said.

"Thanks, hon." As she looked around a bit. ".. Huge. Much bigger than in that flying tin can, the Pegasus. What became of her, anyways ? She was barely holding together when we went back to spacedock."

"They'rrrrrre sssssscrrrrrrrapping herrrrrrr. Centaurrrrrrrssssss and prrrrrrrobably a few Mirrrrrrrandasssssss arrrrrre being hauled to the yarrrrrrdsssss." He told her.

"Eh .. It's a shame, really. She pulled us through some pretty tight spots. Those romulans first, then the dominion, and that crazed hologram .." Kristiana spoke as she started unbuttoning her shirt, looking for the shower.

"You can sssssssay that again." He said, collecting her clothes in a somewhat orderly pile to be taken care of as he noticed her disorientation and pointed to the bathroom.

"It's a maze in here." She smirked, heading into the bathroom, stepping out of her pants as she did. "Back to duty, hon ! Oh, and here's something to keep you warm." She snickered a bit as she pulled down her panties, then closed the door behind her.

"You'rrrrrrre a horrrrrrrrrible teasssssssse Czarina Krrrrrrrrrisssssstiana Petrrrrrrova! A teasssssse do you hearrrrrr me?!" Ryylar called after her jokingly as she moved into the bathroom and Ryylar took her clothes and set them in an orderly pile, picking up a PADD to write a small note:

"Kristiana, I love you so very much and I am very glad you're back where you belong, in the stars and in my arms. The moment I'm off duty I'll be on my way here to join you in our quarters. Until then, get some rest and dream of me.

Love, Your pussycat, Ryylar"

Ryylar set the PADD on the pillows of the bed and left her quarters to get back to work.



Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer SB-47

Warrant Officer Ryylar Chief Security Officer SB-47