Reflections #75, 76 - Friendly coffee break

ON: <<Starbase 47, Promenade>>

Ryylar wandered along the promenade level in a rather random course. He was technicaly 'patrolling', but he thought that if the potential criminals couldn't time their chronometers by his patrol route, that he'd be a much more effective security officer. He smiled at the gold uniform that replaced his red one from being a morale officer.

Melina was busy taking stock and repairing the odd sensor pallet, it seemed most of them where over due for an over haul. She streatched an sighed she hated EVA and it was never much fun for her. She looked up and spotted Ryylar.

"Someone seems to be all business"

He chuckled and smiled, walking over to her.

"I guesssssss it'ssssss the uniforrrrrrm." He said with a broad grin, putting his arms around her in a gentle hug.

Melina purred softly and smiled a little.

"Busy or just..what's that Earth saying 'looking for trouble?'"

Melina questioend, to be exact it was nice just to be near Ryylar, she felt a bit better. Whatever it was she never felt great after an EVA for a little while.

"Oh I'm not looking forrrrrr trrrrrrrouble. I found you afterrrrrrrr all didn't I?" He joked with her.

"Hey now you know what we should get togher some time..if you like. Big station isn't it I was doing an EVA for a while, the senor pallets need anover haul, guess engineering will be sorting that out. Hmm not sure if I prefear a station or a ship, I mean stations are just droping off points not much happens out here, it's not like there's a wormhole waiting to be discovered"

"That'ssssss what they sssssssaid on Terrrrrrrrok Norrrrrrr." Ryylar joked.

"Yes well DS9 is a whole diffrent ball game you know. A few ships here and there and well...I guess we could have been given SB 523. Gamma night for ten hours of day and nothing to do or go anywhere. Could be worse" replied Melina.

"Sssssssurrrrrrre we could be sssssstuck in that damned mirrrrrrrorrrrrrr univerrrrrrsssssse." He remarked with a shiver and nodded to Melina.

"Hmm seeing there two hunred and fifty five thousand diffrent realities...well lets not think about that k?" asked Melina. "Agrrrrrrrreed. Sssssssso... what would you like to go do? I'm about to take a brrrrrrrreak." Ryylar said, suggesting she accompany him.

"Hmm a break would be think I can get...ummm a mint julip on this starbase... I mean that bar... I've seen better. Hmm even Quark kept a better bar and that's saying something for that Ferengi" commented Melina.

"If we can get it, I'll find it forrrrrrr you." He said, taking her hand and dragging her away from the sensor console.

Melina laughed softly.

"Calm down I'm coming with you, can I have my arm back now?" joked Melina.

She smiled softly and snuggled against Ryylar, it was kind of cute, both were exiles for diffrent reasons but they had found friendship out here.

He let her snuggle him and smiled at her, putting an arm about her waist as they both walked towards one of the promenade restaurants.

"Hmmm so Bajoran or Vulcan, the Plomeek soup is nice" Melina said.

She smiled softly and leaned over and gently kissed Ryylar's cheek gently. "Your a good friend Ryylar"

"Thankssssss." He said meekly as he sat down with her, ready to order something for a break.

Melina smiled and sighed softly.

"Is something wrong Ryylar?" she asked.

The restaurant was fine with her, she hoped she could get hold of some Plomeek soup, she did enjoy the taste.

"Not at all, why?" He asked, perking up a bit and looking at her as the waiter came to take their order. He asked for a raktajino and a hamburger. An odd combination of breakfast and lunch to be sure.

Melina watched she ordered her soup and hasperat, she looked to Ryylar.

"I think your missing someone perhaps?" she said softly.

"Krrrrrrrissssss hassssss been gone morrrrrrre than she'ssssss been arrrrrrround lately. The emerrrrrgenccccciessssss on the Pegasssssussssss, then herrrrrrr family prrrrrrroblemssssss back on Earrrrrrth. She'sssss therrrrrre now. I have no idea when she'll be back." Ryylar said softly.

"I'm sure things will work out Ryylar, you know if you stay busy she'll be back soone enough" she commented.

Melina sipped at the soup, she purred softly and sighed. It tasted great as always. She wondered what family problems Kriss was having, she put it out of her mind as it was none of her business.

He smiled softly at her purring. It was a comforting sound, the sound of home, that long forgotten world of Cait.

"Good sssssssoup?" He asked her with a smile.

"Yes thank you it's great, you miss her don't you?"

"I misssssss a lot of thingsssssss." Ryylar said with a nod.

Melina continued with the soup she knew she'd have to get back, there was an inspection of the lower sensor juction to complete and she was meiting an engineer to go over it.

Ryylar smiled and sipped at his raktajino, enjoying the taste as he finished his hamburger.

"Hmmm I think I best get going Ryylar I'll take the hasperat with me I think, if you need a friend or just to talk come find me. I'm in quarters one-seven-three section four habital level H"

"I'll keep that in mind. Thankssssss forrrrrrrr having a brrrrrreak with me Melina." Ryylar stood with her and put his arms around her, giving her a hug.

Melina huged back and purred softly and looked to Ryylar.

"You take care alright I have to go"

"All rrrrrrright. I'll sssssssee you laterrrrrrr." He smiled and waved to her as she went back to get to work.


Lt. Melina Brandbury Chief Science Officer SB-47

Warrant Officer Ryylar Chief Security Officer SB-47