Reflections 72 & 74 "Therapy."

[on:] [Starbase 47, Brig.]

Sulan sat meditating in the starbase brig, the child's toy Elmer, placed in front of her. She sat with her eyes closed, and head slightly bowed, deep in meditative thought.

"Lieutenant" a gruff and heavy voice bouldered through the forcefield, there was no reaction "I am not going to pretend to like you or that I am completely objective in this but you will have to talk back for me to make an assessment... otherwise meditating will be the only thing you will do for a long, Long time"

Sulan slowly opened her eyes, and stood, without using her hands to aide her. "The councilor I assume? And A councilor that doesn't bother with objectivity as well? My, should I be frightened now?" She walked over to the forcefield. "Your a rather large human, are you not? Truly a credit to your simian heritage."

"That I am, Lieutenant... and you shouldn't be frightened I'm really nice... once you get to know me" he responded. He pulled up a chair to the forcefield and sat down "so tell me why are you in here, in your own words?" he immediately started the observations, taking out a PADD and putting some initial things on there.

She paced very close to the forcefield. "This situation is intriguing... I am to have my mental fitness judged by an apperant simian-human hybrid.... fascinating." She pauses, thinking. "Well shall we let the healing begin? I believe I was placed here because I lack humans sensibilities, when it comes to leadership."

The counselor arched an eyebrow "Surely that can't be the reason, if that were the case all Vulcans would be in cells... we don't have that many prisons anymore" he said sarcastically "then officially, why are you here?"

"You can read the reports, just as well as I, human." Sulan said, as she folded her hands behind her back and continued to pace.

"I am here to hear your side of the story, Vulcan" he responded in similar fashion, not liking her attitude.

"Why not lower this forcefield, so we can 'discuss' it further, human?" She said, raising an eyebrow.

"Because I'm a forty-seven year old Human Lieutenant Commander trained in the field of Counselor..." he looked up from his PADD "...all I did for the past thirty years was sit in a chair and listen to sad stories..." he then stood up from his chair " can have it two ways Lieutenant, you can give me a chance to asses you and perhaps give you a chance to be set free or you can be like this and I walk out" he fold his arms in front of his chest "so if the next words don't tell me why you are on that side of the forcefield rather then behind a desk then I assume you've taken the second option.

"Well, Mr.fourty-seven-year-old-human-lieutenant-commander-trained-in-the-field-of-Coun\ selor... Forgive me, if I show disinterest in your foolish attempts to understand me. Logically, they are quite irrelevant, because my life will soon be forfeit. As will yours as well, if my 'associates' choose to strike whist you are here." she looks past him, at the brig entrance, as if expecting someone. "I'm late for a very important meeting in cargo bay 3..."

"Have it your way Lieutenant" he answered before turning around and walking away, he didn't need this, not her insubordination and not her threats. He walked out of the room and out of the security office, he would go to the Captain's ready room and report before getting on a shuttle and go back home, they told him he was the best but even he couldn't do anything with that thing in the brig.


A joint RP by:

Telek Sulan Chief of Security USS Pegasus


The simian counselor [NPC'd by LaBrie]