Reflections # 72 - Arrival to Starbase Ronin


[Shuttle Knoxville - Passenger Compartment - 0321 hrs]

The picturesque view of Starbase Ronin and Lethe IV could be seen from the windows of the shuttle. Two female officers were enchanted by the visual size of the Starbase. "We'll be docking in a moment," the pilot stated over the intercom. A young officer was typing out a journal entry into a padd. He propped his feet casually on a wooden crate.

The crate sat next to an older man with a bald head and brown eyebrows who appeared to be dozing quietly. Other than his eyebrows, the only hair on this officer was beard stubble grown over the past 16 hours during the flight. "Hey, mind your feet, mister," Lieutenant Charles Zorach said without lifting his eyelids.

The young officer looked up from his padd and studied the man. "What's it to you, sleepy head?" He was annoyed at the disruption in his composition. The female officers turned their glaze toward them; they had been curious about the sleeping man the whole trip.

Zorach took a breath. "It's my crate and it's not a foot stool." He unfolded his arms and opened his eyes.

"Then it shouldn't be in the walkway," the young man replied foolishly.

Zorach tried to remember the Vulcan method to relax and consider his actions logically before acting. His Vulcan friend, Kokar had told him not to expect change overnight. He smiled. "You're right. Starbase 47 probably has an expert medical staff. They'll have your legs straightened out from your rear in no time."

"Are you serious? Over a stupid crate."

[Starbase Ronin - Shuttlebay One - 0332 hrs]

Shuttle Knoxville landed with a tiny bump on the shuttlebay. The pilot stepped back and noticed the situation. He grinned. "Hey, Dragonhunter, you know better than to pick on the helpless or uneducated."

Zorach jumped up and turned toward the pilot, "Donnie, you old rooster. I felt that bump on landing. You're slipping."

Donnie walked toward him and looked down at the crate and the feet. "This officer saved my backside a dozen times in the Marines." The feet dropped to the deck and the younger officer stood up and left the shuttle.

Zorach and Donnie shook hands. "I see you found a comfortable position since the good old days of the fighter," Zorach said.

"I never asked for a big ship or a fast ship but a star to steer by. Knoxville is a hearty vessel as long as I keep her well treated. What got you out of the fighter seat?"

Zorach pointed to his head. "Battle damage. They got me pushing a desk in intelligence."

"Ah, they tried to rope me into that. I took the quieter path." They laughed.

"So what do you think of Starbase Ronin?"

"With a system orbit through the Romulan Neutral Zone part of the year, you are going to be busy. The staff is fine. I like the brief stopovers." He glanced toward the two females as they gathered their bags and walked off the shuttle.

"Yes, this posting might have its perks," Zorach said with a smile.


Lieutenant Charles Zorach Chief Intelligence Officer Starbase Ronin (SB 47)