River of Forgetfulness #79 "Nothing says HURT like a bazooka round t


<Random non-descript forest base, in southern Asia>

The viewscreens lit up one by one as the compact Minovsky fusion reactor whined into existance, behind the armored bulkhead. The massive behemoth's single visor gave off a dim glow as the machine powered up, all kinds of technical checklists scrolling by on the various viewscreens before showing the world outside the machine. Mighty trees, dwarded by the 60 ft tall, 55 ton heavy behemoth that was her GM Type G. She was Ensign Bethany Goldberg, Federation Kojima Batallion GM Pilot, MS Team 6, suit 3. The other two lumbering behemoths awoke as well - mighty metal monstrosities, in a humanoid shape, 60 ft tall heavily armored robotic war-machines - each operated by a pilot.

Bethany nudged one control stick forward, and her machine started moving. The computer analysing the terrain, adjusting the machine's trajectory and balancing gyro to match, as the massive feet THUDDED on the forest floor. "GM #3, Goldberg. Mobile Suit operational, heading to patrol zone." Which was replied to by a "GM #2, Masamune. Mobile Suit operational, following Goldberg." and a "GM #1, Watanabe. Mobile Suit operational, following GM #3. Keep your eyes open, folks. We have reports of heavy Zeon activity in the region." Goldberg and Masamune both replied with a "Yes Sir." as their mobile suits lumbered on.

Then a flash in Bethany's left viewscreen. She instinctively put her suit into a crouch - just in time, as a bazooka round screamed over her head, slamming into GM #2's upper torso - metal twisting in the explosion, and the now heavily damaged suit - with the cockpit and pilot utterly destroyed - staggered, then crashed down, shattering several trees as it went. "Heavy enemy fire ! Three-o-clock ! Returning fire !" Bethany shouted into her comm system as she hefted the 100mm machinegun and squeezed off a massive, thundering barrage of armor-piercing rounds into the general direction of the Zeon bazooka shell.

Her fire was met by more incoming enemy fire - machinegun fire - several rounds impacting her GM's heavy armor, some bouncing off, some causing damage - Watanabe's GM also opened fire and started lumbering towards the enemy group, Bethany rising her suit to it's feet again and following, firing off short bursts of her weapon - the thunderous staccato disrupting forest life even more than the resonating footfalls of the 55 ton battle machines.

A distant explosion told her that either her or Watanabe's fire had taken out a target, but enemy fire continued. Then GM #1 staggered and collapsed, smoke rising from its heavily damage torso, sparks flying from the back-pack mounted Minovsky cold fusion reactor - lightning arched over it, before it went up in a massive fireball - throwing Bethany's GM headfirst through the forest from the sheer force of the explosion - causing extensive damage to her heavily armored machine.

Dazed and bewildered, she ran through a quick check-list, hanging almost upside down in the five-point harnass of her mobile suit's cockpit seat, then righting the machine, rolling it over and sitting it up. "Crap .. Right arm gone - machinegun gone." She cursed, as she laborously brought her machine to it's feet, reaching towards a compartment on her leg and pulling out a beam saber handle. Activating it, a 35 ft long superheated mega-particle beam erupted from the handle, as she turned towards the remaining enemy mobile suit.

But she had underestimated them. The one enemy suit remaining hefted it's bazooka and squeezed off a round. Bethany saw the bright flash of the weapon's discharge, and had just enough time to blink and go "Oh shit" before in a deafening blast and a blinding flash, she was dumped back onto the holodeck grid-patterend floorplating again - Bethany Goldberg had died - and Kristiana muttered a curse. "Damnit. That's one tough program. I'll need to try that again, later .." as she rose to her feet and dusted herself off again, muttering some, as she exited the holodeck, heading back to her quarters.

There, she took a shower, applied some subtle make-up, put on a fresh, clean uniform and put her Lt Cmdr rank pips back on her collar again. It was time to head back to duty, she figured ..


Ens Bethany Goldberg / Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova GM Pilot / Executive Officer Kojima Batallion / Starbase Ronin (SB47) "Curse you, Zeon !"