River of Forgetfulness #78 - “Launch The Fighters”

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ON: Slight Major Backpost, after the announcement of orders.
[Fighter Bay 3 (Shuttle Bay 9), Starbase Ronin]
Red klaxons boomed throughout the massive fighter hanger bay, marine pilots fleeing to their respective fighters, and fighter support crew quickly tended to each of the prepped fighter for imitate launch. Gunnery Sergeant Thrakhath stood in the control box as he oversaw his crew readying each of the marine fighters into place. “All personnel clear the bay, repeat all fighter support crew get out of the hanger bay!” Thrakhath cried out to his men, as he watched them scrambling to the multipleopen hatches leading towards the safety of the starbase’s corridors.
Gunnery Sergeant Thrakhath quickly closed the hatches to the corridors and commed in to the shared , formally it was known as “The Bird‘s Cage”, informally it was just called “The Cage”. He tapped the communications button on his console, “This is Air Boss Tharkhath, squadrons five-eight and six-zero are prepped and ready in Fighter Bay 3.”
[Flight Deck, Marine Flight Detachment Section “The Cage”]
“Roger and thank you Air Boss, we’ll take it from here.” Sergeant Lars Beckenbauer replied to Thrakhath, his fingers flew all over his console, connecting each fighter to The Cage’s primary communication frequency as well as setting the parameters for the fighter’s launching sequence. “Sir, both fifty-eighths and sixtieth squadrons are prepped and standing by on the tarmac.”
Lee lookedover to Beckenbauer that was sitting at the main operation console. “Very well, launch the Angels on CAP when ready, and put the Knights on Alert Five in case the fifty-eighth squadron gets into a furball out there.” He said as he turned around to face the huge status board that was showing the immediate space around the starbase.
The Sergeant nodded to Lee’s request and quickly aligned all the Angels to the top of the deployment list and putting the Knights on the alert five. “Angels are first in the lane on tubes five and six, following Knights on Alert Five in tubes five and four.” He called out to the pilots. A second later Beckenbauer saw that all the fighter icons of the Death Angels had all lighted up. =/\=“Roger tower, Death Angels are ready and awaiting on the tarmac.”=/\= The leader of the Death Angels radioed in to the flight deck.
[Fighter Bay 3 (Shuttle Bay 9), Knight 1 Razor Fighter]
“Copy tower, Dark Knights are on Alert Five, squadron is ready and standing by.” Replied McAllen, as he and his squad sat in their small but extremely nimble Razor fighters in the hanger bay. Second Lieutenant Roger ‘Hunter’ McAllen knew that Alert Five was a ‘immediate fighter support’ team instead of being up and getting some action, but who was he to argue with orders. Unable to do anything but to sit in his cockpit and watch his collogues from First Squadron taxied onto the launch tubes readying for deployment.
[Flight Deck, Marine Flight Detachment Section “The Cage”]
“Death Angels, stand by for HBDL system launch.” Beckenbauer said to the pilots that were already on the runway. He looked back from his chair to face Lee who was concentrating at the large status display that had consumed one part of a wall on the flight deck. “Lieutenant, Squadron Five-Eight is on the runway and arelocked into the Hanger Bay Docking and Launching system.”
Lee silently stood in front of the main status board, as he watched his Starfleet counterpart had sent out the bulk of his entire wing out on patrol. He watched as multiple blue dots maneuvered around the station in their ‘beehive’ style, fifty kilometers off the starbase. Lee tapped the Ithaca Starbase icon on the board, when suddenly a yellow route appeared behind the current ship display. His eyes followed the line as it rounded both Lethe IV and its moon, heading through the asteroid belt of the solar system, flying near the Romulan Neutral Zone, and then back to the starbase. He decided that the combat air patrol route was good enough for his marines, for now. “Launch the Fighters.”
“Aye Sir, Launching the Fighters.” Beckenbauer said to Lee as he faced back towards his console and announced the pilot’s authorization to proceed into space. He watchedas six gray camouflage colored Broadsword fighters exited from the launch tubes of the station and entered the vacuum of space at hundreds kilometers per second. “Angels one through six are away and are proceeding to the designated CAP route.”
“Very good sergeant” Lee said as he turned away from the status board to face the sergeant. “Have both fifty-ninth and sixtieth squadrons report to the briefing room in two hours from now after they’re finished with preparing their fighters. I’m going to see the marine commander and report in to the skipper of this station, if there’s any trouble call me immediately.” He said to Beckenbauer, after that Lee left the flight deck in search of the overdoing, warlike, Vulcan Marine Commander or the Station Commander, whichever one of them he saw first.
Second Lieutenant Kit “Bossman” Lee
Marine Fighter Element Leader
Starbase Ronin,SB-47
Second Lieutenant Roger “Hunter” McAllen
Marine Fighter Squad Leader “Knight 1”
Starbase Ronin, SB-47
Gunnery Sergeant Emon Thrakhath
Marine Engineer “Air Boss”
Starbase Ronin, SB-47
Sergeant Lars Beckenbauer
Marine Engineer “HBDL Operator”
Starbase Ronin, SB-47

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