River of Forgetfullness #76&77 - "The Ark"

-={On}=- [The Ark, Main Promenade, Deck 45, Starbase Ronin]

Xena was busy trying to get The Ark ready for business which wasn't easy since this was her first time really working. After hearing the news about the Romulans and the Reman problem she decided to play it safe and stay in the resturant. Xena decided to place two large, dark colored couches near the far end with two light colored lampshades that seem to be dangling from the ceiling. She thought this would make people feel more at home then anywhere else. Next she placed silky, different colored cloths on the tables so people could experince different kinds of colors. After she placed small cirular candles that gave off a nice realxing scent when lighted. Her nex step was to set up a nice candy area near both doors so when people left they could take some snacks with them. After everthing was finished. she went behind the bar and waited for someone to show up

Nalash and Naru walked around the promenade, they had been good friends since Nalash arrived on the Starbase. They were looking for the new Restaurant that was just opened. "It's good to have some time for ourselves aye" Nalash said to Naru. "Ah there it is!" was the response she got from Naru, she had spotted the place called 'The Ark' they walked closer and saw the name "...I wonder what it was named after" "Isn't that some sort of boat?" Nalash answered questioningly before stepping up to a table and pulling out a chair for Naru. Naru smiled and sat down "Thanks"

Xena picked up her serving tray and a small white notebook with a attachable pencil and wlaked slwoly over to her first two customers. She looked at them both and smiled saying, "Welcome to the Ark" "I will be your server/cook/bartender" "Here are your menus" When she handed the menus to them a small illusion of a boat when floating by. "Now,first would you two like to know what the specials are?"

Nalash looked at Naru, appearantly a bit troubled by the visable borg implants on the cook/waiter's physique, she wanted Naru to decide wether they wanted to hear the specials... or recieve the Menus at all.. Naru nodded "Yeah sure... bring it on" she smiled at the waitress, hoping she wouldn't see Nalash.

Xena looked worried thinking maybe opening a bar/resturant wasn't such a good idea. She sighed, took a deep breath and replied "Ok, there two specials" 'The first is a delicate duck,with roasted almonds and a blacken gravy sauce. On the side you have your choice of rice,mixed vegetables,or applesauce." The second is a mixture of Spaggiti and Meatballs and cooked shrimp that's covered in a delicious bechmal sauce." She stopped after repeating that and then said "If you want I'll let you decide and I'll get your drinks"

"Iced tea please" Naru quickly responded, wanting to take this oppertunity to talk to Nalash Nalash was able to conjure up a smile as well, knowing that she was expected to be more lenient, she was Borg after all "Make that two"

"Two ice teas coming up, would you like lemons with them?" She asked softly plus "Sweeten or unsweeten?"

"Both with Lemons and sweeten" Naru answered, knowing what Nalash preferred when it came to iced tea.

Xena left the two people and went to amek the two ice teas. She first picked out two medium glasses that had shapes of lions on it. She then got out two tea bags and placed them inside the glasses. Then it was time for the cold water which she poured slowly so that it didn't spill.

Xena mixed it up softly with a mixing instrument while holding the tea bags. The two final touches were three ice cubes and two sliced lemons plus three teaspoons of sugar. She then placed them nicely on the tray with a napkin underneath and walked over to her custmors. She said softly "Two ice teas sweetened." and placed them near them.

Naru in the meanwhile had a good, but discreet, chat with Nalash "I don't want to see that look on your face ever again Nalash... if I can talk with a Cardassian you can surely talk to a freed-Borg" Nalash nodded a bit, it felt like she was being told off by the Captain "I'm sorry... it was a reflex... it's so..." she stopped talking as the waiter came closer and smiled again. "Thank you" Naru smiled and immediately took a sip from it "hmmm nice..."

Xena felt more relaxed and happy now. "Now, hav eyou decided what you want to eat?"

Naru thought it over a bit "Yeah... I will take that Duck special..." she confirmed her own order with a nod. "Than I'll take the other one" Nalash smiled and handed back the two menus to the woman.

"Ok' she replied writing it down in the notebook. "For the duck special would yo ulike rice,mixed vegetables or applesauce?"

"Vegetables..." Naru replied, again giving herself a strong nod in confirmation.

Xena wrote that down and replied "Ok, your meals will be in here shortly". Leaving she went straight to work preparing the meals. First she decided to get started on the spaggiti by boiling hot water and placing the noodles in there with a sprinkle of salt. Next she started the sauce by cutting open jard of sauce and pouring in a large pot. After that she made six big meatballs and also sprinkled a little all spice in them

Nalash idly sipped her Iced tea "looks quite cozey doesn't it?" she asked Naru, looking around a bit.

Naru nodded "yeah... it feels very warm..." she ran her hand over the cloth on the table, she took another sip of her Iced tea "...I could come here more often" Nalash smiled, realising what a pun Naru made "That must be the worst pick up line ever used... don't you think?" "Well..." Naru thougth a bit "...there was this guy... an Engineer... that asked if I wanted a 'tour of his warpcore'..." she shook her head and smiled "...that was bad"

Xena then got to work on the duck special by washing the duck off and placing it in a roasting pan. Then she got a mixing bowl and put in:3 cups of flour,2 teaspoons of cinnamon,1 loaf of bread(broken up),2 egg yolks,1 teaspoon of chopped up mints,and 1 cup of water. She then began to mix the ingredients with a mixer and allowed it to go while she started to stir the noodels.

Nalash laughed at Naru her 'encounter' with the engineer, she then smelled a nice scent coming from the kitchen, she took a big wiff "Smells promising" she remarked. "If she's as good a cook as she is a decorator..." Naru was still looking around a bit before smelling it as well "...we have nothing to worry about"

Xena then got out a colander and placed in the sink and poured out the noodles. After that she went over and turned off the mixer. She also stirred the sauce and decided to place the meatballs in and also adding one clove of bayleaf. She then took out a two plates that had on them different colored animals that changed colored when looked at by a person. 'Not a bad price' she thought.

She then took the stuffing and gently placed itin the duck making sure it didn't leak out. The last part was to tye the ducks legs together.

Nalash finished her Iced tea and looked at Naru, it hadn't even taken so long yet but the smell of the, somewhat open, kitchen really made her mouth water "She better hurry" Nalash remarked. "Nah I have time... enjoy the view while you're here" Naru reacted with a smile.

Xena then placed the duck in the stove and then got out a medium pot and poured 2 cups of rice to 1 cup water. After that she washed the noodles with cold water, drained them agian, and then poured a little bit of vegetable oil on them. She rememberd that from training. She placed the first plate down and got a spoon-fork and placed som enoodles on the plate.

After that she poured the sauce that contain the tender shrimp and meatballs ontop of the noodles. She placed it under heat lamps so it wouldn't go cold. She then stirred the rice and then got a smaller pot out and poured in some water,with 2 teaspoons of black pepper,2 teaspoons of garlic powder,2 teaspoons of onion powder,and then a packet of gravy.

Nalash frowned a bit, looking around to see if there were any windows to the outside in this restaurant, which wasn't the case "The view?" she asked looking back at Naru. Naru looked down a bit, embarrased "I'm sorry..." she shook her head and looked up again "...it's just that I am enjoying the view... and company... a lot"

Xena then stirred the rice and then took a ice cream scoop and placed some of it on the plate. Then she untied the duck and placed it on the plate opposite of the rice. The final thing was the gravy and she stired it once more and then poured it ontop of the duck.

Now,here comes the tricky part. She grabbed her tray,grabbed the two dinners,and some grated cheese and came out looking like a proffesional.

Xena placed the duck near Naru and placed the spaggiti near Nalash. "Here is your duck and your spaggiti." "On half of the Ark I like to thank you for choosing to eat here." "If you would like anything else,please ring this bell and thank-you again." "She a small silver bell on the table and left them so she could clena up the mess.

Naru her comment had startled Nalash a bit "I... ehm..." she looked at the food and quickly took a bite. "I'm sorry... I should've never said that..." Naru interrupted Nalash before she could say anything back and then started to eat as well. What followed was a rather long and unconfortable silence. After five minutes Nalash dared to open her mouth again and break the silence "Good food..." she spoke softly "...how's yours?" Naru just put another piece of food in her mouth and smiled a bit as she chewed down on the piece of duck. She nodded "yeah it's good..." another silence filled with anxiety and uneasyness ansued.

Xena walked over to them and asked "How is everything?"

Naru and Nalash both nodded simultaniously "it's good..." was Naru her immediate response, immediately followed by Nalash "...tastes great"

"I thank you for clandestine and have a gloroius day" "And tell your friends about us"

Nalash and Naru both nodded again. "Will do..." Naru was again the first to react, she looked at Nalash, she might have just lost her best friend there. Nalash finished her plate "I certainly will" she smiled a bit before turning her gaze to Naru, her smile dulling a bit.

Xena walked away toawrds the bar and started to clean dishes that were left what seemed like years ago

Nalash and Naru stood up, they walked slowly through the doors to exit, already seeing some more people enter. They knew this restaurant was going to have a fruitfull future. They looked at each other shortly before looking away quickly again, their future together might not be as fruitfull though.


A JP by:

Xena Astrodon Owner of "The Ark" Starbase Ronin

Lt (jg) Mayik Naru (NPC) Operations Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) (Played by Caelen LaBrie)


Petty Officer 2nd Class Nalash (NPC) Scientist's Mate Starbase Ronin (SB47) (Played by Caelen LaBrie)