River of Forgetfulness #73, 74, 75 - Remans 1 - Starfleet 0


[Starbase Ronin - Main Sickbay]

Zorach turned correctly in the main sickbay and sighed. "Doctor Floyd?" he asked.

Russell was just checking up on the life signs of the Reman. They looked stronger and more constant now. It would be safe for him to awake from his coma. He then heared his name. Russell looked up to greet the man he hadn't met yet, but from the uniform he could see he was with Intelligence. "That would be me." Russell said. "What can I do for you, Lieutenant...?" he added not recalling the man's name.

"I'm Charles Zorach, Doctor Floyd. How is the Reman doing? I would like to talk with him," Zorach replied. "I didn't recognize you with all your clothes on. You were the Tarzan?"

"That would be me as well." Russell smirked. "Had a nice adventure in the African bush. Too bad Q sent us all off before I had a chance to see what you and anyone else were wearing." he added smiling. "Anyway, I was just checking up on our Reman guest."

A moan came from the bed where the Reman was laying, the bright light almost blinding him again as he opened his eyes, quickly covering them up again "The lights... please..." he whispered.

Russell turned around at the whisper of the Reman. "Computer, reduce lighting to 40%" Russell ordered the computer. It replied with it's trademark chirp and reduced the intensity accordingly.

Zorach looked at the Reman, wanting to see his eyes. "Is that better?" he asked softly.

Slowly opening his eyes again the Reman was faced with two Starfleet officers "Much..." he looked directly at Russell now "...you're the Doctor right?"

"That is correct." Russell said. "You remember me? What else do you remember?" he asked to find out if the Reman's amnesia had subsided.

The Reman thought again "I... don't know..." he shook his head, he still couldn't remember anything prior to waking up on the Starbase.

"Do you...are you a Reman?" Zorach asked. It was the most basic question he could think of.

The Reman looked down at himself, at his hands and then back at Zorach "Yes... yes I think I am..." the word Reman sounded very familiar to him.

"If that's all he remembers I'm not sure if he is of much use to you, Lieutenant." Russell said looking at Zorach. "But maybe just by talking he'll find some of his memory again."

"Doctor, basics. Do you remember having a family, brother, sister, mother, father?" Zorach asked.

The Reman shook his head "Of course I had a mother and father..." he then remarked, knowing the basic principle behind reproduction "...I don't know their names... or how they look."

"Do you what a Romulan looks like?" Zorach asked straight to the point. He wanted to test his memory, facts, places, and truths.

The Reman nodded again, turning slightly agitated as he did so "Yes I do..." He then looked at the two men, their uniforms and the badge on their chests "...You're Starfleet right?"

"That's right." Russell answered curious. "It seems you still have your basic memory in tact, so to speak."

"Doctor, was he drugged, poisoned or altered?" Zorach asked then turned to the Reman. "Do you know how many Reman are with you?"

"I've completed several complete body scans on the man." Russell answered. "They revealed scar tissue all over his body so my guess is he has seen more injuries and surgery than one can imagine. I'm still uncertain if that he's just unlucky with his health or that it's deliberate." Russell explained with a frown on his face.

"No one just forgets his family, Doctor. There's got to be something," Zorach said to the Doctor. "Do you know what ship you are on, Reman?!"

"Ship?" The Reman wondered "You mean this ship?" he asked.

Zorach nodded and added, "Where do you think you are?"`

"I... ehm... I was on some sort of complex..." he shook his head trying to remember "...some sort of planetary base?"

"Were you alone at that place? Was it dark or light? What were you doing there?"

The Reman shook his head "I was here... I mean... in this place right? before the Doctor found me... I don't remember anything from before that..." he shook his head again not really knowing what this man meant "...no ship... no base... I don't remember anything... just waking up here."

"Yes, I found you heavily injured on the Promenade deck." Russell answered. "You were quite popular too. Right after I brought you here there were two Romulans very interested in you." He said to the Reman referring to Sock and Bokma.

"Why would Romulans be interested in me?" the Reman asked "Don't Romulans hate us?"

Here?" Zorach rubbed his bald head. "Reman, what year is it?"

"Year?" the Reman thought that over "I... I'm not sure..."

"The Romulans wanted to have you transported back to Romulus for trial. They charge you with several criminal acts among which is high treason." Russell explained. "Your medical condition prevented them from taking you. I wouldn't let them." he said firmly.

"Are you a leader of the people or do you follow orders of others? Do you have a leader?"

The Reman frowned. "High Treason?" he asked, he looked at bit darkly at the other man, apparently he was here with a mission. He let the question run over in his head "No... I don't think I do..." he said.

"It's not as if the Romulans bothered to tell us anything else." Russell said. "So either you've done something you can't remember or they've done something to you and don't want you to remember." Russell said sounding all conspiracy theory-like. "I'd like to run some detailed scans of your brain." he suggested.

"Reman, are you a miner, worked in caves and such? Do you work with your hands?" Zorach asked.

The Reman looked at the man in grey again after having listened to the man in Teal, he thought hard "I'm sorry... but I don't know."

Russell got a hypo with a fluid to enhance the resolution of the scanner. "This hypo will help me get a detailed scan your brain so I can check if anyone has tampered with your memory. Perhaps I can reverse the process and return the lost bits and pieces." Russell explained. He held the hypo next to the Reman's neck, ready to inject it.

The Reman felt the cold of the hypo, suddenly a flash appeared in front of his eyes, he didn't know what it was but it made him fearful, he felt pain, panic. With a swift motioned he slapped the hypo away from his neck before landing a punch in Russell's face. He jumped off the bed, ready to defend himself "Get that thing away from me!!!" he shouted, keeping an eye on the grey officer as well.

Zorach backed up promptly. "Relax, Reman. Get back on that bed. Doc, you okay?" He hesitated to call security. "You don't want the blinding lights on, do you?" Zorach warned.

"Get away from me!" he shouted again, totally deaf to the man's word of warning. He didn't know what he had seen but it had terrified him.

"Tell me what's got you upset. You're safe here. Doc, talk to me," Zorach said.

Russell almost fell backwards from the blow and felt his face where the punch had landed. "That's gonna leave a mark." he groaned feeling a drip of blood coming from his nose. He turned his attention to the Reman again. "Please, calm down. I had no intent to hurt you." Russell said. "Whatever I did to scare you I'm apologize." waving his hand at Zorach indicating he was fine.

"No!!!" the Reman didn't want to call down, he didn't feel calm... his gaze suddenly set on Zorach, he had called him Reman the entire time... asking all these questions except his name... he was one of them... he suddenly lunged forward and tried to attack the man in grey.

"Computer, full lights!" Zorach called as the Reman slammed into him. He was on his back with a screaming Reman on top of him.

The Reman quickly closed his eyes and threw his fists at the man he was on top off, hoping to hit something "Computer Lights Off!" he shouted, hoping it would work... but it didn't.

"Doctor!" Zorach called out as a fist hit his eye. <Ouch!>

Russell had no time to find a hypo to sedate the Reman. So he grabbed the phaser he had strapped on when the red alert sounded. He selected the stun setting and fired at the Reman to knock him out.

Zorach pushed the stunned Reman off and got up. "Darn it, Doctor, let's put him in restrains before he wakes up," he said.

"You've read my mind, sir." Russell said and put the phaser back on his belt. "If you grab his feet we can put him on the bio bed and strap him down." he said while grabbing the Reman under his arms. "That put an abrupt end to your interview." Russell said with a faint smile still bleeding a bit from his nose.

As they placed the Reman on the biobed and ran the straps over him, Zorach said, "Doctor, let me know how those brains scans go. And can you do a quantum resonance scan on him, or have the science officer do it."

"I'll add that one to the list." Russell said wiping the blood from his nose. "I'll have the results sent to you as well."

"Thanks. Remans 1, Starfleet 0. I think I'll drown my worries in a bottle of saurian brandy. Talk to you later," Zorach said and started for the door.


A JP by:

Lt Charles Zorach Chief Intelligence Officer Starbase 47

Lt. (jg) Russell D. Floyd MD Chief Medical Officer Starbase 47

The Reman (PNPC) Fugitive No-one knows... (As played by Captain Caelen LaBrie)