RoF #71 -72 "Casanova Comes A-Calling"

ON: <<Starbase 47, Hannah's Quarters>>

The room was dark. The computer was rigged. Everything was set to go off when Hannah walked through the door. The Chief Strategic Operations officer wouldn't know what hit her. The figure sat back in the darkness to wait and watch his handiwork come to life.

Hannah yawned as she headed down the hallway. It had been a long day, but a satisfying one. She had had a productive meeting with her team, and had come away with a good feeling about any potential conflict. She yawned again as she approached her door. She'd give Jesse a call when she got in. With his ship under lockdown procedures, she doubted she'd get much time with him, but a little time was better than none. She reached her door, and typed in the unlock code, little suspecting what awaited her inside.

The door slid open and that's when it hit her. The scent of jasmine. The soft lights at half level. The jazz music playing gently over the speakers in her quarters and a small trail of roses leading to her bed where Jesse Walker, the Edinburgh's ranking Casanova, sat back on her bed with a devilish grin on his face.

"Welcome home honey." Jesse said.

Hannah's face lit up as she entered the room. "Oh Jesse..." she said, quietly. "It's beautiful..."

"I hoped you would like it." Jesse said with a smile as he crossed over to her, pressing his lips to hers in a deep and passionate kiss.

"Mmm...I really do." Hannah said as he took her in his arms. "You look nice too...shame I'm still in uniform."

"That can be remedied." He said, his hand trailing over the zipper of her uniform to slide it down.

"Ever useful." Hannah smiled, letting her uniform drop to the floor as it was unfastened, leaving her in just her underwear. "Now, could a criminally underdressed young lady trouble the kind Sir for a drink?"

"And what did you have in mind?" He asked her, pressing his lips to the tender flesh of her neck and shoulders.

She turned and kissed him again. "Surprise me, Sir..."

He smiled and walked over to the replicator and ordered a root beer for her, walking back towards her to hand it to her.

"A 'root beer'?" Hannah raised her eyebrows. "What on Earth is one of those?"

: "It's a non-alcoholic drink. Didn't you ever drink this at the Academy?" Jesse asked with a smile.

"No, I..." Hannah tasted it, and then spat it out. "Oh my gosh! What is this? It tastes like mouthwash!"

"Well you're pregnant now... can't have anything alcoholic." Jesse offered somewhat meekly.

"Could've replicated me something nicer than that." Hannah said. "You're going to have to be incredibly charming now, if you fancy getting lucky tonight..."

Jesse sighed and rubbed her shoulders.

"How about we just get into bed and I give you a nice massage hmmm?" He suggested.

"Nice try honey." Hannah smiled. "And you know, if it hadn't been such a long day, that might not have worked. So count yourself lucky tonight." She smiled, and allowed him to lead her over to the bed.

n: He moved over to the bed with her and began rubbing her back and trying to work out the knots and tension in her muscles.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh...that feels good." Hannah said, smiling. "How was your day, honey?"

"Slow. Uneventful. We're locked here because of Captain LaBrie's security order." Jesse said with a nod.

"Mmmhmmm..." Hannah said blissfully, slipping off her bra so Jesse had better access. "Well, my day was anything but uneventful..."

"I'm sure..." Jesse said as he rubbed her back and kissed her neck.

"Well, first off...ohhh...that is good...first off, I found out I was pregnant. Then some guy asked me to marry him..."

"Imagine that..." Jesse grinned.

"I know...and then...ohh...a little lower..." Hannah smiled.

He followed her directions and massaged her as he kissed and seduced his lovely fiance.

"Oh you're good." Hannah smiled, rolling over, and looking up at her man. "You want a turn?"

"One good turn deserves another." Jesse quipped with a smirk.

Hannah helped him take off his shirt, and sat astride him as he lay, facedown on the bed. She started working his shoulders. "You remember Kris Petrova, the XO of Ronin?" She asked him.

"Yeah... what about her?" Jesse asked, groaning a bit.

"Well, looks like somebody's out to get her." Hannah said, ignoring the moan. "They sent me some, thst she had taken some twenty years ago. They were fairly...compromising, shall we say."

"Oh?" Jesse asked, picturing Hannah in a few 'compromising' poses herself.

"Yeah..." Hannah said. "And, well...Ry was pretty pissed - her boyfriend, you remember. And I wanted to know...would you be upset if you found out your wife to be had had...'revealing' photos taken?"

"I don't think so. I'd be upset if everyone she worked with saw them though." Jesse said with a shrug.

"Right." Hannah said. "Well, there's little likliehood of that." She sighed. "You know what I was like...y'know, before I met you."

"And I shouldn't be worried?" Jesse joked.

"Well, I mean...I have some pictures of me as know from before. I figured I should tell you about them...y'know, now that we're getting married and all."

"Just so long as they weren't published or being distributed around the station or anything." Jesse shrugged with a smile.

"No no." Hannah assured him. "You want to see them?"

"I wouldn't mind having them on the ship with me when we put out." He said.

"I bet you wouldn't." Hannah laughed. She kissed the back of his neck. "How long will you be gone for?"

"Couple of weeks. We're an Excelsior, so they don't send us anywhere too remote or dangerous anymore." Jesse remarked.

"They'd better not." Hannah nuzzled at him. She frowned. "You know, there's a serious problem here."

"With us?" Jesse asked, suddenly concerned and alarmed.

"Yeah..." Hannah leaned down close to Jesse's ear. "I'm still wearing my panties." She whispered into his ear. She burst out laughing. "Gotcha!"

He chuckled and quickly remedied that 'problem' as he pulled her close into a passionate kiss.

"Much better." Hannah smiled. "Now, let's remedy your clothing problem, shall we?"


Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Strategic Operations Officer SB47 (Ronin)

Commander Jesse Walker Executive Officer USS Edinburgh