ROF #80 & 81 "The case for silence."

[Marine Detachment Offices, Starbase Ronin]

Lee walked down the hallway until he reached the MCO's office. After he first met her, he was a bit reluctant to see her again, but still she was the commander of his department and that he needed to run an idea he had by her before he could start his plan. He pressed the chime button to Sulan's office and waited for a response.

"Enter." Sulan said. She sat at her desk in a dirty uniform still reeking of the planet's surface. She carefully tightened the bolts to the butt of her phaser rifle.

Lee watched as the doors slid apart, as he easily made his way into his boss's office. "Ma'am I would like to run something by you, about my pilots." he said as he stood in front of Sulan's desk.

"Of course." She said as she finished the repairs on the rifle. "It was quite fortunate that you were able to speak with me. After repairing this weapon, I had planned on showering." She examined her work "Excellent. One of the bolts snapped, after a struck a detainee in the ribs with the weapon... Ah, but I digress, what do you wish to ask of me, Mr. Lee?"

Lee raised an eyebrow at her previous comment about her rifle striking a detainee. He was curious what purpose was it to strike a detainee in the first place, but who was he to question her 'methods' and decided to get back to business as to why he was here. "I would like to have my pilots become more involved with your marine contingent and aid with this station security. I know that they are pilots and that every person has a job to perform, but who there's to say that a pilot can take the roll of a rifleman." he said to her.

"Are you certain that is wise? I believe the training my men and women are under added to the flight training you would give them, may leave them too exhausted to perform their duties."

"Perhaps, but they are marines, and I expect them to perform their duties as such. If I see they are not performing they requires them to be, then I'll just have to put them on rest, but in the meantime while we're under lockdown I would like them to provide as much support to station security." He said to Sulan.

Sulan thought a moment, steeping her hands under her chin. "Very well. I shall agree to your request for now. On the conditions that, One: In matters of security and ground combat, my men have the higher authority. Two: If I see any decline in the performance of you pilots, they will be returned to their normal duties. Agreed?"

Lee paused as he considered her terms of agreement, "Alright, I'll agree to your terms, but I would also like to oversee their training as well, perhaps maybe even participate with them." he said to her, knowing that what he had just said that he was going to be sent in with the grunts.

She narrowed her eyes slightly. "Mr. Lee, I am certain that by now you realize how 'different' my methods are from most other marine commanders. If you lack the stomach for my methods, I strongly advise you to reconsider your request. I cannot have the men and women under my command suffering from pangs of conscience."

Lee looked at her and made a small smirk, "Miss Sulan, my stomach is what you would call a solid stone, I've been through a lot of things, and I've seen a lot of things that even made four stars war veteran generals puke. So as to your methods of training, all I have to say is 'bring it on'. "Lee said to her.

"Very well." Sulan said simply. "This action will supplement the troops currently on the planet's surface, and bring our active personnel to nearly a full roster. Excellent."

Sulan inclined her head slightly. "You seem rather competent, for a human. Yet, for all your boasting, you have yet to be in combat under my command. It is that, Mr. Lee, which shall tell me who you really are."

"Alright, so be it, I will prove you that I can survive your training sessions and if necessary, staying alive your command." he said to her confident that her training wouldn't be as bad as the time he was stuck on Chin'toka.

"No. Mr. Lee...You misunderstand. I have no need to train you. In fact, I wish you to take over the training class run by Rodriguez." She looks at him closely. "My concern is weather or not you can remain silent if I were to ask that of you. If a captured enemy would suffer an 'accident' while in our custody, for the good of the federation, and it's people."

"I see, and then in that case I will see to it that the class learns something while under my tutelage. As for the remaining silent while and accident was occurring to a captured enemy, I would severely question the ethics in that situation, but as for the training the class there wouldn't be a problem."

"Save the evasion for squadron practice, Mr. Lee. Could I count on your silence?"

Lee watched her as she said the statement, her comment made a direct hit into his side. "If necessary then yes, I will remain silent during that situation. But don't count on it on being silent forever after the detainee is being treated by the medics." He said to her.

"You assume far too much Mr. Lee." She said quietly. "Such an accident would be so through, as to require a chaplain, not a medic." She stood, and put the rifle back in the weapons rack after removing its power pack. "Your answer is satisfactory. Now, unless you require something further, you are dismissed."

Lee stood up as he kept his eyes on her, "Yes there is." he said to her, pausing for a moment. "Why are you like this?" he asked.

She turned buck to him, slowly, the barest hint of anger on her face. "Of all people, I would have thought you would know the answer to that... Do you ever think of the ideals of the federation? The pure, idealistic sweetness of them?" She moves back to him, standing on the other side of her desk. "Compare that to the Tal'shiar, the Obsidian Order, The Dominion..." She slams her fist into the desk, making it rattle to its frame. "Federation citizens can live in peace because we -people like you and I- can allow the naive fools who call themselves our leaders to continue to think that their weak ideals are what protects them. But in reality it is by the shedding of our blood that their peace is bought. That and our willingness to do what must be done. WHATEVER that may be..." She stops, breathing heavily. "I am, what they have forced be to become. The knife in the shadows that isn't constrained by their childish rules. I follow one rule: The strong crush the weak. I will destroy *any* enemy of the federation. Weather it is an alien power, or a domestic one."

Lee looked at her, considering if she was paranoid as intelligent she is. "Yes the ideas of the Federation are weak which I agree with you there, but to become the 'knife in the shadows' as you said wouldn't we become just like our enemies?" He said to her remembering how many marines, and civilians had suffered during his 'shadow operation' behind enemy lines.

"So be it. Fire is best fought with fire, is it not?" She said, her voice returning to its neutral tone.

"Yes it is, but it also goes to show that not everything in the Federation is as perfect as it has always been portrayed." Lee said, staring at her.

"Naturally. It is lead by dreamers who can do nothing but cling to their fantasies in desperation, at the thought of the true nature of the galaxy in which they live."


A joint post by:

1st Lieutenant Telek Sulan Marine Commanding Officer SB 47


2nd Lieutenant Kit "Bossman" Lee Marine Fighter Element Leader SB 47