River of Forgetfulness #61-62 "...Looked at them..."


Evans was waiting for Kitty to stop blinking her eyes at his request, as he just knew she would be doing right now, when the little "You got mail" light on his console started to blink again. A high priority message was coming in. Another one. Strangely enough, it wasn't handled by his automatic reply system, so that meant it had to be coming from somewhere else than the berthed ships.

"Now what?" Evans mumbled a bit agitated, as his plans to use pingpongballs to detect romulan battlecruisers suffered a severe lapse in concentration. He opened the message, and saw that it was a short text message, accompanied by a compressed archive.

The message body read .. "I know you are terrified of this woman, but why ? What can she honestly do to you that makes you afraid ? Here, see her for who she truly is: a worthless bitch, just crying for attention. She isn't scary, she is pathetic. And I will bring her down." Signed: "A friend." and in the attachment were the pictures, that had been sent to several people already. Kristiana's nude pictures.

At first, Evans didn't know where this was going. "What she really is"? "Worthless"? "Crying for attention"? "Pathetic"? Those weren't the words Evans would use to describe Kristiana. "Bitch"? Maybe... No, not either... Especially to her face!

Just out of curiosity, Evans did a standard viruscheck on the archive. Nothing... "Hmm, Computer, sandbox the contents of this archive." he instructed. The computer went to work, isolated a piece of memory and copied the contents of the archive into that piece of memory. <Ok, they seem to be just images...>

Evans opened the first image, and saw a beautiful young redhead lying very naked in a very seductive pose. <wow... Like the hair...> he thought, as he opened the second image. The same young woman, looking straight into the camera with a frown, just not covering her body with a see-through silky red drape. Evans let escape a little whistle, when suddenly one and one became two...

He jumped up from his chair, swiftly taking a step back from the console. "WHOA! Holy Sh... Oooooh, no! Oh, nooooononono! Not this! Not me!"

Adrenaline clouding his mind, his hand tapped his combadge, and he spoke =/\=Evans to Petrova!=/\= <WHAT AM I DOING?!>

=/\= Petrova here .. =/\= And he could just hear the groan in her voice, the kind of groan that spoke volumes. =/\= What is it ? I'm on leave .. =/\=

=/\=Njjjj!! Eh... oooh, eh... It's...Nothing, nothing at all... Sorry, Evans out! Absolutely nothing!=/\= as he hurridly tapped his combadge again, to close the channel.

A moment's silence, then his comm badge chirped. =/\= Petrova to Evans. Let me guess, you got an e-mail ? =/\=

=/\=NJG!! Nooononono, no email of you naked at all!=/\= he peeped out, in earshot of all the bridge crew, as he tapped the combadge again, to try and push this nightmare away. He cringed as a very audible "DAMN!" escaped his mouth...

And a moment later his comm-badge chirped again. =/\= Petrova to Evans. If you hang up on me again I'm gonna come over and make you wear your nuts as a neck-tie, without using surgical instruments. And imagine how upset Kitty would be if you forced me to do that. Understood? =/\=

Evans just stood there, kind of dancing, walking, tip-toeing around his chair for a moment when he finally took a deep breath, slumped his shoulders, shook his head, leaned on his backrest standing behind his chair, just answering a -/\=...Yes ma'am...-=/\=- in the most defeated way possible... That open airlock felt like a really good alternative right now...

=/\= .. Right. Now that I've got your undivided attention, and am fairly sure you won't embarass the both of us even more .. =/\= Petrova sounded =/\= .. I would like you to immediately report to LaBrie, with that e-mail, and assist him in trying to trace the source of it. =/\=

Evans righted himself, took another deep breath. =/\=I take it that's an order, ma'am?=/\= he said, his voice betraying that he was pretty much near crying.

=/\= .. No .. It's a request. =/\= Kristiana answered, sounding defeated. =/\= Before the guy what sent them to you ruins my life completely. =/\= she added.

Evans paced up and down for a little while, and decided he kinda... far way, deep in his heart... liked Kristiana, just enough. =/\=Ok, I'll see what I can find out... I think I already found out it didn't come from either of the ships... But let me verify that... =/\=

=/\= Tell that to LaBrie. =/\= Kristiana answered. =/\= Thank you for helping. =/\=


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) "Not Evans, not Evans, not Evans - WHY GOD WHY ?!"

Lt Jg Ronald Evans Operations Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) "WHY GOD WHY?! Not Petrova!"