River of Forgetfulness # 63 - 64 - The Deal


[Cargo Shuttle Ozuma - Cargo Hold - 1601 hrs]

OLD: "I'll try to reach him. Communications red-tape," the pilot replied.

NEW: =^= Shuttle Ozuma to Captain LaBrie. I have Rosalie Bailey who wishes to board. =^= the pilot said.

Caelen looked a bit surprised at the Communications officer and made a motion to ask whether or not she had understood the finer details of a Security Lockdown. =/\= Captain Caelen LaBrie here, There is a security problem and you will have to remain at distance until the matter is solved...=/\= he walked at the main sensor panel in Ops =/ \=...it could take quite some time. =/\=

Bailey linked into the channel. =^= Good afternoon, Captain. I was assured that there would be no problem opening a shop on the Promenade. Time is fortune, time is profit. Credits and carry, trade is my game. How often do you have security problems? And how long do they last? Every nanosecond of my time wasted is lost profit and sales that profit your station, never to be had again. After all, I have something for most every being, Romulan, terrain, Klingon, and even you. Surely, we can come to some reasonable arrangement. You want me to land elsewhere, maybe on the colony at Lethe IV or you think that secret outpost on the far side? =^=

=/\= Miss Bailey, I can assure you there is no secret outpost on the far side of Lethe IV... =/\= Caelen answered shaking his head a bit. =/\=... we have to take care of a few problems... you are free to set up shop after I deem my base safe for you to do so...=/\= a science officer walked up to him with the latest scans of the sector =/\=... at this point in time I cannot guarantee your safety. =/\=

Bailey stomped her boots on the deck. =^= Captain, I am fully capable of defending myself... from fast Lieutenants to quick talking pirates. Worked on Starbase 60 for `bout 11 years, fought pirates on the decks along side security officers. And I've signed a non- liability agreement with Starfleet HQ. Essentially, if I get killed on your Starbase, it's my own problem and nobody else's. Soooo…Not your problem. =^=

=/\= That does not take away the fact that I will have to replace the carpet that you bleed on, Miss Bailey... =/\= Caelen responded sarcastically, he didn't care if she had a bloody Admiral on board, he had put the base on lockdown for a reason.

She watched a monitor about a Federation protest on Lethe IV, something about Romulans. Some of the protestor's signs had Romulan characters which read, "Go home."

<He is stubborn about change. Time to change tactics.> she thought. =^= I understand, Captain. Would six cases of Romulan ale help things along? I mean real 60-year old Romulan ale, the stuff that puts hair on your chest, Captain. Romulans love it. Did you see the protestor's signs on Lethe IV, some Romulan script? Curious what they say? =^=

=/\= It says "Go Home"...=/\= Caelen responded dryly =/\=...you don't think I'm smart enough to have that translated?=/\= he took in a deep breath =/\= And might I remind you that we are still in Federation Space and Romulan Ale is still illegal... not to mention the attended bribe of a Starfleet Officer... =/\= he then answered to her offer, sure he could drink every once in a while but never Romulan Ale =/ \= ...I advise you to control the damage you are doing to yourself and sit this one out... Miss Bailey =/\= it sounded more like an order then a suggestion though.

=^= Captain, I don't have any place to go. I fought and scratched my way to build a business on Starbase 60, then they figured they could toss me out because I knew some people they didn't. Everything I own is tied up in this move. I can barely pay the rent of this shuttle. =^=

"You can say that again. Switching to hovering mode to conserve fuel," the pilot said over the intercom.

=/\= I am sorry Ma'am but I've put the base on lockdown for a reason... =/\= Caelen then received a report from the Science department he read through it quickly and thought a bit =/\=...what are the scanning capabilities of your shuttle, Miss Bailey?=/\=

=^= Standard Federation package. No frills. =^=

Caelen smirked a bit =/\= Alright I'll make you a deal...=/\= he then started =/\= ...our science department has picked up on an anomaly, we need to find out what it is but in the current situation we are a bit reluctant to send out a Runabout on its own...=/\= he signed the PADD and handed it back to the Science officer =/\=...if you would be willing to map this anomaly for us then I will grant you access to this Starbase. =/\=

=^= Deal! I think I got the better part of the bargain. My studies were in Diplomacy not science. I'll hold you to that bargain. Where is this anomaly? =^=

=/\= Good I'm sending you the co-ordinates now... =/\= Caelen tapped in a few buttons on the console nearest to him =/\=... I'll see you when you're done, Miss Bailey. =/\=

=^= Bailey out. =^= As the channel closed, she tapped the intercom. "Pilot, lay in a new course toward the anomaly. Warm up the Federation sensor and scanner package." She moved forward toward the pilot.


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