River of Forgetfulness #59 - 60

-={On}=- [Main Operations, Starbase Ronin]

Caelen was walking around ops, delegating efforts to getting this lockdown solved as quickly as possible. He hated administration, especially when they were about to drift into Romulan space in the next week.

Kristiana wandered onto Operations, wearing leisure-wear instead of her uniform. Why would she wear her uniform when she is off duty, anyways ? Camoflage cargo pants, heavy boots and a tight, form-fitting black t-shirt was her simple outfit, her half long red hair tied back in a ponytail. "Hey .. Captain." She nodded to LaBrie when she saw him. "Can we talk for a moment ?"

Caelen turned around to face Kristiana "Always Commander" he stated, motioning her to lead the way to his Ready Room.

"Commander when I'm on duty, Sir." she spoke, wandering into his readyroom, there to flop down on a chair. "I'm still off-duty, call me Kris." As she, with a moment's hesitation, dropped a PADD on his desk. "We .. That is, I .. have a problem. Have a look at this."

Caelen looked at the PADD, containing mails addressed at Hannah O'Driscoll and Ryylar, he saw that there were pictures attached but was a bit hesitant in opening them "Would you care to explain what this is?"

"Those .. are nude pictures I had taken, fifteen years ago." She explained, just being brutally honest - that always seemed to work best. ".. Apparently, someone found them .. Someone I think I upset - one of the many .. And he is now trying to destroy me, my career, by sending these to people I've gotten close with. I wouldn't be surprised of one of these days, you will get a similar mail in your own inbox. Also, he is clever enough to hide his tracks - we've been unable to trace these messages, so far." She folded her arms over eachother, watching him. It wasn't easy admitting something like this to a person she'd come to respect - but it had to be done, before it escalated completely.

Caelen quirked an eyebrow and decided not to open the attachments, "very well, Commander... Kris..." he gave a nod and pushed the PADD back to her "...How do you think we will solve this?"

"Ideally, we catch the guy before he sends them to anyone else." Kristiana replied, as she took the PADD back. ".. And then I space him. But .. as far as the repercussions of these pictures on my career .. That is for you to decide, Sir. I can imagine you would .. frown upon things like this."

"I base my opinions about people on the things they do under my Command..." Caelen didn't really think much of it, after all he had not even seen the pictures "...do you think we can put a trap up so that we can trace him the moment he sends the pictures to me?"

"You'd need to talk with some sort of computer whiz for that, Sir." Kris replied, honestly. "And that's not me. Black could help you there .. Or Evans .. But I'm sure you can imagine my .. hesitation .. in explaining to them why." she sighed, shoulders slumping. ".. Especially Evans."

Caelen nodded "I can understand..." he thought a bit "...I'll see what I can do" he had some contacts he could ask for a favour... discretely.

Petrova gave a nod. "Alright .. Thanks. I'll .. see what I can do, as well, to keep the damage to a minimum. Oh - and in other news .. I'll be returning to duty soon. Having some time off is really helping."

"That's good to hear..." Caelen smirked a bit "...I won't lie to you about this Kris, I really need you"

She smiled a bit at that, and nodded. "That .. is good to hear. Yeah, I'll be back soon. Just need a little bit more time to work through things. How's things with those romulans ?"

The smirk on Caelen's face disappeared "How things always are with Romulans..." he shook his head "...I don't want them free on my base but I have Nothing to hold them on..." a sigh escaped his mouth "...in my days as a low life Ensign I dispised Beaurocracy... and now I'm one of those who are enforcing it" he rose from his seat and put out a hand to shake Kristiana's "It would be great to have you back Commander... but don't rush it"

Kris nodded, rising, shaking Caelen's hand. "Thanks, Sir. For listening .. For not judging me on something I did a lifetime ago."

Caelen smirked again "If something about my past ever surfaces I expect the same leniency" he gave her a wink and motioned her to lead the way back into Main Operations.

"Depends on how embarassing it is, Sir." she smirked as she stepped back into main ops, then to the door. "Hold the fort till I get back .. But I'm sure you can manage."

"I managed so far..." Caelen looked around ops, "...I'll manage another day" he gave himself a confident nod and then went back into the fray.


Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) "Bureaucracy defends the status quo long past the time when the quo has lost its status."


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) "He didn't look at the pics ! Now only if Evans is as smart .."