OOC: New Year, New Ways!

Hello all, this will be the last OOC message that you will recieve on this mailing list!

We have tried setting up an OOC Mailing list before but failed to do so (because not all crew signed up on that) but now I think the OOC messages are clotting the story line to much and thus I have created a Free Bullitin Board! (yes free, I'm a cheapskate remember :P)

If you want to stay up to date on OOC (and some IC) devellopments on the sim I advice you to Sign up on the Forums! Because I will no longer post OOC messages, announcements and comments on these boards!

the forum can be found at: http://sb47.proboards106.com/index.cgi

I hope this will help create a more active and involving OOC environment! If you have any ideas, comments, suggestions or just some plain sillyness you are free to post them on the boards!

John a.k.a. Captain Caelen LaBrie

ps. if you think there is a board or cathagory missing then don't be afraid to PM me or just post a thread on the boards about it... it's kind of a "work in progress" :D