River of forgetfulness - #58 - "Pingpong balls"


Ronald was boring himself stiff again, at his console. He had just stepped under the shower, rubbing shampoo in his eyes, when the alert went off. Several curses, a near slip from the wet tiles and some more curses later, he had dried himself off, dressed himself, and had been speeding towards his station. As luck would have it, that was just the other way around than past Kitty's quarters, so that caused another curse again.

So, here he was. At his station. He had already closed the blastdoors, ordered his men to tie down everything that might need tieing down, raised the shield around the station and the ships berthed at it, took power away from secondary systems, put auxiliary power on standby, charged the weapon's capacitors to combat readyness, but left the weapons themselves cold. No need to provoke anyone... Yet... Oh, and he just made a rule in his inbox, that would automaticly answer "Launch permissions are denied on further notice" to any request that would come in from any docked ship.

He had called up engineering to see if Kitty was there, but she was off, repairing a few critical nodes. It took him all his willpower, but he just thought that it would be best to let her concentrate on her work for now. Power output from the central generator was up to spec, and it was impressive to say the least. A multitude of the values that he used to work with on the Pegasus or the other starships he served on.

That didn't make him complacent, though. His ... ahum... healthy sense of self-preservation... Others would call it 'fear' compelled him to try and reserve any and all bits and grains of energy he could muster to defensive and offensive systems, including structural integrity, thank you...

In his eyes, he had done everything he could. He even called his assistant to ask if he knew anything and he just stood there with his mouth open. He even asked Letek if he knew something.

Letek's answer had been something that was mulling through Evans' mind right now.

"You know, it's near impossible to detect a cloaked romulan ship nowadays. Cloaks used to be too perfect in the old days, they simulated complete and utter vacuum. Space is empty, but not *that* empty. It didn't take Starfleet long to just track and shoot every bubble of complete vacuum that came near to them." Letek said. "Nowadays, the cloaks are designed to give off a small bit of noise, to simulate the dust particles and stray atoms that are always present in open space."

Evans' bored mind was just grinding on this piece of seemingly useless information. It had been a couple of hours now. And a bored Evans, pumped with adrenaline, is a creative Evans...

=/\= Evans to Black! We need pingpong balls!=/\=


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