River of Forgetfulness # 56 - 57 - Romulans 1, Starfleet 0


[Starbase 47 - Promenade - Star Mist Lounge]

The "Star Mist" Lounge had a blinking sign over its entrance that simulated a series of galaxies and a few supernovas on a field background of dots for stars. It was one of a few lounges that catered to alien cultures, had real liquor stocks next to synthehol, and offered various foods for their alien clients. Lieutenant Charles Zorach had changed into casual attire but kept the small recording device in the upper pocket of his jacket. His combadge was strategically located in his inner jacket pocket.

Zorach walked into the lounge and quickly glanced around the room. A couple of Klingons were telling each other war stories at a booth. Three Bajorans were sitting at separate tables. And toward the back, under an advertisement for cologne were two Romulans. Zorach recognized their photos from his prior research. He acquired a yellow "Pineapple Surprise" drink from the counter and sat down with his drink at the table adjacent to Sock and Bokma. He sat with his back to the front of the lounge and took a few minutes to relax with his drink. "Having a good time," Zorach said toward them.

"We are on an assignment Lieutenant Zorach... we are not here to have a good time" Sock replied, immediately making apparent that he had done his homework on the most important Starbase personnel.

"You don't have command of the T'Met any more? What's your assignment?" Zorach asked. He hoped that simple questions might bring some results.

"Our assignment is classified Top Secret..." Sock responded simply, not turning to face the man he was talking to.

"...A man in your position should know what that means." Bokma added to his direct superior.

"You're afraid of that being in sickbay. Why is that? You might get more cooperation in your assignment if you explain why that being is such a danger to you." Zorach took a sip of his drink.

"We have told you and your colleagues several times, Lieutenant, that Reman is a rebel leader that is to be trialed for countless violations of Romulan law... including high treason" Sock replied casually.

Bokma took a sip from his drink "In light of the ongoing investigation we can however not provide you with more accurate information... Starfleet is filled with leaks and information that we have might endanger the lives of witnesses"

Zorach grinned. "Where is this rebel group? Are you suggesting this group has capabilities outside of Romulan space?"

"This rebel faction has been dealt with by the Tal'Shiar, the Reman in your sickbay is on of the last official members of this splinter group..." Sock took a bite of whatever he was eating and looked at Bokma, indicating something although nobody could be sure what.

Bokma finished his drink. "There are several, non-official members of this faction we do not know... we intend to... persuade this man into giving us the location and names of these men..." he said mysteriously "...if the names of the witnesses would leak out into the public domain retaliatory strikes will surely be issued by the remaining people of the rebellion"

"And we wouldn't want that, now would we?" Sock added before finishing his food and drink. He then stood up and turned to Zorach "it has been a pleasure Lieutenant, but now we must part" he stated before turning towards the door.

"Exactly how do you expect to leave, Colonel? Why not stay awhile as guests?" Zorach stood up.

"Don't get me wrong, Lieutenant... We're not leaving this base..." Sock corrected the Lieutenant "...we are merely departing your presence to seek for more private accommodations..." he then looked up to face a camera "...although this will be difficult with a certain Security Chief following our every move" he smirked a bit at the camera before resuming his way.

"Thanks for paying the bill, Lieutenant..." Bokma smirked as well before he followed the Colonel, they had work to do and very little time to do it in.

Zorach paid their bill and gave a generous tip. He felt like the Romulans won this encounter. Maybe his recording of their conversation would reveal something. He didn't even find out what paintings Bokma liked.


Colonel Sock (PNPC) Tal'Shiar Operative Assignment Unknown (as played by Caelen LaBrie)

Major Bokma (PNPC) Tal'Shiar Operative Assignment Unknown (as played by Caelen LaBrie)

Lieutenant Charles Zorach Chief Intelligence Officer Starbase Ronin (SB 47)