River of Forgetfulness: #54, 55 - Can I help you?

[ON] [Starbase Ronin - Security Office - 1533 hrs]

<Right, then left, up one deck, no, down, right.> Zorach considered as he walked around the Starbase. Somehow, stellar navigation in a fighter was mere child's play compared to finding his way on the Starbase. Zorach stopped outside the Security office and stepped inside. "Uh. Is the Chief of Security here?" Zorach asked.

The young ensign that stood by the door pointed to the main office around the corner where Ryylar sat going over criminal activities reports while occasionally glancing to a monitor to the side.

Zorach nodded and walked around the corner. "Chief Ryylar, afternoon," Zorach said.

"Can I help you?" Ryylar asked him, obviously not having a good day. He looked at the man.

"Ahh. I hope so. I'm Charles Zorach, CIO. Did you serve on the Pegasas?"

"Yesssss I did." Said Ryylar with a nod.

"Then you could tell me what happened when Sock and Bokma boarded. I can find the official record of the events. I want to know your personal observations and whether you had a chance to see them in person."

"Oh I had the chance... Ssssssock and Bokma materrrrrrrrialized out of thin airrrrrrr. No shipssssss docked. No shipssssss rrrrrrequesssssted beaming privelegesssss. No notthing like that. They jussssst appeared. Captain LaBrrrrrrie had them arrrrrrressssssted and orrrrrrderrrrrred me too interrrrrrogate them and then beforrrrrre I could get anywherrrrrre he sssssset them frrrrrree on the sssssstation." Ryylar said with a bit of a snort.

"They'rrrrrre two known Tal Shiarrrrr agentssssss and they'rrrrrrre loosssssse on thissssss sssssstation under Captain LaBrrrrrie'ssss orrrrrderrrrrsssss and I'm the chief of ssssssecurrrrrrrity. My obssssserrrrrvationsssssss on them issssss that they should be comatosssssse in a brrrrrrig ccccccell." Ryylar said with a sharp nod.

Zorach thought hard and smiled. "Oh, that was today. By the way, what makes you think they are Tal Shiar and not just CO and XO of a Romulan vessel? Do they had name s or something?" He hoped to lighten Ryylar's mood.

"Becaussssssse theirrrrrr file sssssaysssss they'rrrrrre Tal Shiarrrrrr and therrrrrrrrre isssss no sssssuch thing asssss a living exxxxx-Tal Shiarrrrr officccccerrrrrrr." Said Ryylar, not at all in a laughing mood.

"And on the Pegasas? Did they come to your rescue or was it an invasion force?"

"I wasssssn't therrrrre durrrrring that missssssion. Besssssidessss. Thisssss isssss not the Pegassssussss." Ryylar said.

"What isssss it I can do forrrr you Sssssirrrrr? I have a lot of worrrrrk to do." Ryylar asked.

"I've never met them. Could you tell me something unique about them? Like, do they look at each other before speaking?"

"They'rrrrre the only Rrrrrromulansssss that arrrre on thisssss sssstation that arrrrren't a memberrrrr of thissss crrrrrrew. They'rrrre currrrrently at the Rrrrrrreplimat on level four." Said Ryylar after briefly checking the monitor by his side.

"Thanks for that," Zorach replied. He was too proud to ask for directions. <Too little or too much catnip in his bowl today.> Zorach considered.

Ryylar merely nodded as the man turned and walked out of his office. Ryylar watched the monitor. They might be just having a late lunch, but if the so much as dropped a napkin, he'd pick them up for littering so quickly it'd make their ears ring.


Lieutenant Charles Zorach Chief Intelligence Officer SB 47


Warrant Officer Ryylar Chief Security Officer SB 47