[USS Iwo Jima] Docking Procedures - Lockdown Standoff

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Caelen sat in his ready room, with all the stress that came with his job, especially when on high alert. He had nothing or nobody to fall back on with Black preparing the station and Petrova on a short term LOA. He plowed through the PADDs in soltitude and handed out orders to those who needed them, then his door opened "Yes?" he even managed to remain polite.

Marshall nudged past an exiting officer, "Sorry to bother you Captain, I am Lt. Commander Marshall Lee, Commading the Iwo Jima moored over on Bay 2," Lee replied, "I've come to speak with you about this lockdown."

"Ah yes, Lieutenant Commander..." Caelen stood up and put out a hand "...Captain Caelen LaBrie" he introduced himself. Lee took his hand, "Pleasure to meet you sir," he replied, moving towards a seat, "I'd come to officially request the Iwo Jima by allowed to leave her moorings Captain. I understand the Starbase is under a Total Lockdown, and I understand the conditions. But given the circumstances, I feel the Iwo Jima would be more of an assest to our mutual defence if allowed to pull up outside of the Starbase."

"Request denied Commander..." Caelen stated bluntly, he had heard tons of good excuses for a vessel to be released from docking but as long as there was no Direct order from Starfleet Command he would not give in to these requests "...you have to understand that we do this for a reason, Commander, if we would allow your vessel to leave I can assure you the other Captains will not be pleased"

Lee grunts, nodding in understanding, "I can understand the grievance Captain," he replied, "I do have an incoming Crew Transfer that is holding outside the No-Fly-Zone around the Starbase, is there anyway we could get her inside. She's been in that shuttle for a day already Sir," Lee says.

"Sit tight and wait... they all know that Starfleet isn't all Moonlight and daiseys Commander" Caelen responded "plus it shouldn't be long now... the main reason we had this base under lockdown was because of two men... and they checked out..." he shrugged a bit "...you will be able to welcome your new crew aboard in a matter of hours"

Lee nodded, "Understood Captain," he replied, coming to his feet, "I appreciate your time. If you'll excuse me, I'll be returning to my ship. We are making final preparations Captain, the crew is looking forward to getting underway."

"Hold on one moment Commander" Caelen stopped him from leaving "I understand that you have a Cardassian Executive Officer onboard your vessel?"

Lee stopped, turning back to face LaBrie, "Yes," he replied slowly, wondering what the Captain was getting at, "My Chief Engineer is also Cardassian..."

"She is not the one I'm worried about, Commander..." LaBrie ran a hand through his hair, there was no easy way of saying this really "...I understand that your Executive Officer wears a Cardassian Militairy uniform"

Lee grunts, "I know what you are thinking Captain, and I agree with you. I assure you, I have dealt with the matter already," he replied sternly.

"Then tell me..." Caelen now stood up as well "...what am I thinking?"

Lee remanied solid, "I know there are a lot of people in Starfleet who disagree having a Cardassian as an Executive Officer on any ship in the fleet. I disagree with that, Lt. Galeth is quite talented. I did however, disagree with the wearing of another nation's uniform, and he has assured me he will not wear the uniform any longer."

"I do not say that Cardassians are incapable of being a Starfleet Officer..." Caelen responded "...but I am glad we agree on the uniform part and I hope that he will no longer wear it onboard my station... last time he caused somewhat of a stir... and the last thing I need right now is a stir up"

Lee nods, "You have my assurance Captain he will no longer wear it." He would be reminding the Lieutenant once again when he got back to the Iwo Jima. Caelen gave a sharp nod "Very well Commander..." he placed his hands behind his back and took a good look at the man "...you're dismissed" from what Caelen could see this was a capable man, he would do well on the bridge of a Starfleet vessel.

Lee stood at attention before spinning on his heels, and heading back to his own vessel. The Iwo Jima would remained moored for now...

Captain Caelen LaBrie

Commanding Officer

Starbase Ronin (SB47)


Lt. Commander Marshall Lee

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USS Iwo Jima