River of Forgetfulness #48:

(OOC: Slight backpost)

ON: <<SB47 'Ronin'|| Primary Flight Deck>>

Dominic 'Bronco' Winters had only arrived shortly earlier, only to find the senior staff missing. Before he knew it, the senior staff appeared again, station was in the middle of a crisis, and the Captain, whom he still did not meet, already sent him orders.

He decided to ramble in his mind and meet the Captain later, and began doing what he did best--command the 6th Tactical Fighter Wing, "The Teeth of the Tiger".

"Alright people! I want all fighters prepped and ready...NOW," Bronco said aloud. "Move like you got a purpose!"

The flight deck became a great deal busier. Everyone was moving with a sense of urgency. Two Valkyrie-Class and one Peregrine-Class Fighters were already out, receiving full attention by flight deck personnel, as the fighters' pilots began to board. Within moments, one Valkyrie was cleared for launch, was slingshot from the flight deck into space. At the same time, two Peregrine and five Valkyrie fighters were pulled out of the support bay.

Bronco then moved to the flight deck's command center. He looked to the flight deck comms crewman.

"I want all fighters in the air 'round the clock. Keep them within 50 kilometers of the base and circling the base, beehive style," Bronco ordered. The crewman nodded and began issuing orders. Bronco then began to exit for the corridor.

"Sir! What about you and the Black Aces?" asked the comms crewman, referring to 47th Valkyrie Squadron, 'The Black Aces', Bronco's personal squadron.

"Send the Black Aces up. I'll be with them soon. I need to meet with Captain LaBrie. Keep me posted on anything and everything," Bronco said.

Bronco left the corridor and turned to a turbolift.

"Main Ops," Bronco said as he entered.

The turbolift zoomed upwards toward the higher section of the starbase.


Ensign Dominic 'Bronco' Winters Wing Commander SB47 'Ronin'