River of forgetfulness #46 - 47 "Et tu ?"


<'The Hub', CStrat's Office, SB47>

Hannah hummed a cheery little tune to herself as she worked on her terminal. Today had been a relatively good day, and despite the disturbing concept of mass interstellar war, the prospect of getting to take the Odysseus out for a spin definitely brightened her day.

While elsewhere in the station, a certain .. someone ..closed his eyes and clicked the 'send' button on his console. He'd thought long and hard about this, about sending this specific message to this specific person .. But then decided that he had to. If he would ever have a chance of reaching his goal - the complete dishonor and discredit of one Kristiana Petrova .. And this was all part of his plan. He quickly erased his steps, so that he couldn't be tracked back - his training and experience coming in handy in a situation like this.

Her terminal flashed up a 'new message' alert. Hannah opened up the message.

The body read "I've seen the way you look at her, Hannah. I've seen it in your eyes. You want her, don't you. But this is who she really is - nothing but a worthless two-bit whore, who flaunts her form for everyone to see." .. And attached was a series of pictures, in various stage of undress - pictures of a rather stunning - and youthful - russian redhead. There was a slight Dominatrix theme going on in them, with hints of leather, and a stern but sensual expression on the woman's face - her identity was unmistakable - even though she looked in her early twenties, at most .. About Hannah's age.

Hannah looked at the pictures for a moment, then closed the message hurriedly. She sat back in her chair, trying not to think about how those pictures made her feel...she ran a quick trace on the message, but whoever it was had covered their tracks admirably. She sighed. The next course of action was obvious, but not pleasant. She opened a commlink.

=/\= CStrat to XO, fancy seeing me for the third time today? =/\= She said, trying to keep her tone cheery.

=/\= .. Petrova here .. Is that you, Hannah ? =/\= Kristiana sounded sleepy, like she'd just woken up. =/\= Uh .. Yeah. Sure. I'm in my quarters .. =/\=

"I'll be over in a bit." Hannah said. She downloaded the messages onto a PADD, and headed for Petrova's quarters for the second time that day.

Kristiana was curle dup on the couch, munching on some chips. Dressed in comfortable baggy pyjama's, her hair simply tied back in a ponytail. She looked a few years older than she normally looked, without the very subtle make-up that she used to maintain her natural good looks. "Hey .." she said, motioning to a chair. "Grab a seat, have a snack .. What brings you here ?"

Hannah grabbed some chips. "Thanks." She murmured as she chowed down. "I came because..well, it's probably best if you see it." She passed her the PADD.

"What's this ?" Kris furrowed her brows a bit as she took the PADD. "You know I'm off-duty, right ?" Then looking at the PADD's contents .. Her expression became unreadable for a moment, then she softly sighed. ".. Seems that someone's out to smear my name." as she tossed the PADD on the table.

"Are they real?" Hannah asked.

"Yeah .." Kristiana admitted, picking the PADD up to look at them again. "Yeah, they are .. Had them made 15 years ago, give or take. In hindsight perhaps not the smartest thing to do, but .. Well .. I don't regret it. I was young, then .. Foolish in some ways. But having them made, made me feel beautiful .. And seeing them again .. Brings back part of that feeling."

"You look pretty good, I'm not going to lie." Hannah smiled. <Ry said they made her look slutty and whorelike, but I don't think they're so bad.>

A soft chuckle from the older woman. "Looked, you mean." She then sighed a bit, shaking her head some. "It was a different life, back then .. I was a different person, entirely. I don't care what you do with those pictures - " dropping the PADD back on the table again. " - toss them, keep them - I've decided that they can't hurt me if I don't let them, so I don't care anymore."

Hannah grinned cheekily. "So it's ok if I keep them"

"Yeah." Kristiana nodded, munching on a few chips, before continuing. "The guy what send them to you was right. I've seen the way you look at me as well." Kris nodded, then turning a bit more serious. ".. If we'd been about the same age, and there wouldn't have been a Ryylar of Jesse involved .. I might've gotten .. involved .. with you. But things are different - you have Jesse, and I have Ryylar - who is more to me than I could've ever dreamed I would find. But .. I would take it as a compliment that you think I was beautiful, 15 years ago."

Hannah's eyes widened. "You and...me?" She was lost for words. "Wow."

"In another lifetime .. Maybe .. For a little while .. " Kristiana tried to bring Hannah back down to earth.

Hannah shook her head to clear it. "So you're OK with these?" She grinned. "Mind you, I've seen worse." There was a pause. "...and done worse."

".. Done worse ?" Kris smirked a bit, eyes lighting up, as she munched on a few more chips. "Do tell. Now I wanna know."

"I was nineteen, my father really wanted promotion to Rear Admiral, and I...well I really wanted a new car. There was a certain Klingon Admiral that he knew was rather...enamoured of me. Well, we arranged for him to come over, and I just happened to 'accidentally' forget to close the door before I step out of the shower, and veeery slowly dry myself off in full view of the Admiral's chair. My father negotiates an arms-sharing deal with the man that is beyond anything anyone expected. He gets his promotion, I get my car...everyone's happy."

Kristiana nodded, listening. "That's something I've never done and never will do. I've only shown my body once - those pictures - and that was for me, not for anyone else." She explained. ".. But that means that there are no pics of you, then ?" she added, with a soft twinkle in her eyes. "Pity."

"Well...I wouldn't say that..." Hannah said. "I wasn't so good at calculus at the Academy, and...well...let's call it a barter economy, shall we?" Hannah smiled.

Kris nodded, chuckling softly. "Wanna know how that makes me feel ? .. Very, very relieved. To know I'm not the only one. Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. Besides, it's not like those pics are going to find their way into the crew's posession, right ?"

"Not unless a certain two officers end up here." She grinned. "Mind you..." Hannah tapped a couple of keys on the PADD, and passed it back to her older friend.

Kris furrowed her brows a bit, tilting her head some, looking at Hannah, then taking the PADD .. She looked at the pictures Hannah brought up. Smiling softly, taking them in. ".. Nice .. Very nice. You have a great body." Kristiana commented, handing the PADD back. ".. And the sense not to show too much."

"Well, I have to save something for my special one, don't I?" She smiled. "You don't want to keep them?" She pouted a little bit.

"If you leave them lying around here on a PADD, Ryylar might find them." Kris sighed a bit. ".. If it means that much to you that I have copies of your pictures .. Mail them to my private address. Ryylar doesn't go there, I'll keep them safe."

Hannah smiled. "Well, I'd feel bad having copies of yours if you didn't have any of mine. We all made choices in our past, Kris. Maybe they weren't the best, but we have to make the best out of them, y'know?"

Kris nodded. "Alright .. Mail me your pictures." she smiled, munching on a few more chips. "I'm gonna try to sleep again .. Thank you for coming, and bringing that message to my attention. And .. " She hesitated a moment, before rising to her feet, offering Hannah a hand up.

"What?" Hannah said, looking at her, oddly. "What is it?"

Kris smirked, then took Hannah's hand, pulling the other woman up to her feet, then giving her a big hug, closing her eyes, resting her head on Hannah's shoulder for a moment. ".. Thank you so much for being a friend, and for letting me know I'm not the only one with pictures." Kristiana sighed softly, looking at Hannah. "It really does make me feel better. And for what it's worth .. I'm proud you like me enough and trust me enough to give me your pictures."

Suddenly, impulsively, Hannah's head darted forward, and her lips touched Kris' softly.

Kris blinked, caught by surprise - instinct working faster than conscious thought, she answered the kiss, kissing back, though just for a moment, before - slowly - breaking it and pulling back. She seemed embarassed, blushing softly, bringing some of that youthful luster back to her face, as she glanced away. "Uhm .. " she was lost for words.

"Huh." Hannah said. "Well, that answers one question." She smiled. "I didn't...mean anything by that. I know you and Rylaar, me and Jesse, and neither of us would have it any different, but still..."

Kris nodded a bit, chuckling softly. ".. Yeah. Let's .. not tell them." As she sat back down again. "And .. Let's not do it again .. "

"No." Hannah smiled. "Was nice, though."

"I really - " Kris yaaAAaawned " - .. need to sleep now, hon." She gave Hannah a nod, and curled up on the couch again.

"See you later, then." Hannah grinned, picked up the PADD and left. Well, that had been fun. Probably not one to tell the hubby about, though.


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer SB47 'Ronin'


Lt Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Stratefic Operations SB47 'Ronin'

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Mystery Villain NPC'd by Lert