River of Forgetfulness: #44, 45 - Diagnosis...

ON: <<SB 47, Promenade outside of Sickbay>>

Ryylar walked on. His deputies had informed him that Sock and Bokma had recently visited sickbay and left. He was going to have a talk with the doctor.

"Doctorrrrrr Floyd?" Ryylar called as he wandered into Sickbay.

Russell was checking the recovery of his still unknown Reman patient when he heard his name. He looked up at Ryylar. "What can I do for you?" he asked the Caitian.

"I underrrrrrssssstand that you rrrrrrrecccccently had a pairrrrrr of unssssssavorrrrrry vissssitorrrrrsssss." Ryylar said with a nod as he stood in the doorway, hands clasped behind his back.

"If you mean our Romulan 'guests'." Russell said with a cynical tone. "Yes, Sock and Bokma came in to have Bokma treated for some injuries. He mentioned being interrogated."

"Hmmmm did he? Well it'ssssss no matterrrrrr. I want the rrrrrresssssultsssss of any tessssstsssss you rrrrrrran on them." Ryylar requested.

"As a matter of fact I only ran scans on major Bokma. He was the only one injured." Russell answered while he went to a nearby terminal. "I have the results transferred to a PADD. Are you looking for something specific?"

"Anything rrrrrrreally. I'm looking forrrrr an excussssse to have him locked in the brrrrrrrig. Even if it'ssssss public intoxxxxxication." Ryylar said.

"I can imagine as a chief of security you don't like the idea of having Tal'Shiar agents roaming free in the station?" Russell said to Ryylar while handing him the PADD. "It's all there. I gave Bokma a hypo to relieve his headache and drowsiness. Medically that hypo isn't classified as intoxicating." He said. "You could catch them drinking Romulan ale in a bar, perhaps." He added smiling.

"I like even lesssssss the idea of having two Tal Shiarrrrrr agentsssss rrrrrrroaming frrrrrrre on my sssssstation due to Captain'ssssss orrrrrrderrrrrrssssss." Ryylar grumbled.

"I'm no legal expert, but when they haven't done anything wrong except being Romulan agents I see no ground in holding them." Russell said "Maybe the captain had orders to release them?" he asked looking for a reason that the captain gave such an order.

Ryylar snorted.

"Orrrrrrderrrrrrsssss to rrrrrrreleassssse two known sssssspiessssss on a Federrrrrration Ssssstarrrrrbassssse? Therrrrrrre issssssn't an Admirrrrral in Sssstarrrrrfleet that would do that." Ryylar frowned.

"You're probably right." Russell said. Ryylar surely disapproved the captain's decision, but Russell was sure the captain had a good reason to let the Romulans go. "Maybe it's just politics." he suggested. "We're very close to the Romulan Neutral Zone. Provoking them with holding and forcefully interrogating two Tal'Shiar agents could prove very risky." Russell explained.

"And sssssecrrrrretly trrrrrranssssporrrrrrting two Tal Shiarrrrrr agentsssss aboarrrrrd a Federrrrrration Sssssstarrrrrbasssssse from a ship that isssssn't docked at the ssssstation issssssn't rrrrrissssky?" Ryylar quipped and cocked an eyebrow, his whiskers twitching.

"No doctorrrrrr, I'm afrrrrrraid therrrrrre isssss a lot morrrrrrre going on herrrrrre. I'm having fourrrrrr guarrrrrrdsssss assssigned to ourrrrr.... guesssst." Ryylar said, motioning towards the Reman.

"That's an understandable precaution." Russell said with a nod. "And I'm sure there's a lot more going on. But as long the Reman can't tell us exactly What is going on we can only speculate." Russell said. "The Romulans suspect him from high treason and such against the empire and want him as soon as possible. Something tells me we shouldn't let that happen too easily."

"Henccccce the guarrrrrdssssss. A Reman showssssss up and then two Tal Shiarrrrr agentsssss follow on a missssssion they'rrrrrre unwilling to dissssscusssss? It sssssstinksssss of a Rrrrrrromulan asssssassssssination. If I thought you would let me, I'd have that Rrrrrrrreman in the brrrrrrrig. At leasssst therrrrrrre I know he'd be ssssssafe." Ryylar nodded.

"At the moment his life is probably more in danger from being in the brig without treatment then from the Romulan agents. If they wanted the Reman dead he would be that by now." Russell said. "Especially a while ago when there were no guards here in sickbay."

"But you would have known... and that would have crrrrreated a liability doctorrrrrr. They'd have to have asssssasssssinated you. And that would sssssparrrrrrk an intersssstellarrrrrr incccccident. They'rrrrrre Rrrrrrromulanssssss Doctorrrrr. Not Klingonsssss. Killing the Rrrrrrreman meansssss killing jusssst him, not anyone in the ssssssame generrrrrrral arrrrrrrea." Ryylar said with a quick look over at the Reman.

"You're right, but now with your security detail watching him he'll be as safe here as in the brig." Russell answered. "At least as long he's still recovering from his injuries. But the Romulans will insist on having him transported to Romulus for trial as soon as he is fit for travel. Keeping him here buys us time to find out what's going on here." Russell said looking Ryylar with his eyebrows raised.

"Then I ssssssuggesssst forrrrrr ourrrrr Rrrrreman frrrrrrriend, that it would be in hissssss besssst interrrrrresssst to sssssufferrrrrr complicationsssssss.. at leasssst until I can conduct a prrrrroperrrrrr invesssstigation of thessssse Tal Shiarrrrrrr agentssssss." Ryylar said with a nod.

"I'll make sure his condition will be unfit for transport as long as necessary." Russell said with a faint smile. "How uncharacteristic that may be for a doctor." he added smirking.

"I'm glad to ssssssee that Federrrrration morrrrralsssss arrrrre well intact doctorrrrrrr. Afterrrrrrr Captain LaBrrrrrrie'sssss sssssspeech he gave me yesssssterrrrrrday it had me wonderrrrrring." Ryylar said with a nod as he saluted with the PADD in hand.

"I'm sure captain LaBrie's morals are fine as well, but maybe he merely acted in interest for the station." Russell said, defending the captain's decision. "Let's hope we find a clean way out of this mess."

"Let'sssss hope sssssso. Good day Doctorrrrrrr." Ryylar said with a nod and walked out of the sickbay.


Lieutenant (JG) Russell D. Floyd MD Chief Medical Officer Starbase 47


Warrant Officer Ryylar Chief Security Officer Starbase 47