[USS Iwo Jima] Docking Procedures - Red Lights and Warning Signals

A Post By Lieutenant Commander Marshall Lee Location: USS Iwo Jima - Bridge Timeline: Shortly after Base Lockdown Tag: Iwo Jima Crew/LaBrie

Marshall Lee was busy looking over some PaDD's recieved from Starbase 47. The IJ had been ordered to remain docked at Starbase 47, much to the disdain of Marshall. He stood and handed the pad to his XO, "You have the bridge Galeth, I'm heading over to the Starbase to speak with Captain LaBrie. If they are expecting an attack, I'll be damned if we sit cooped up in here with no way to defend ourselves. Summon the senior staff to the conference room in one hour, I will go over my discussion with the Captain upon my return."

Galeth nodded and took his seat, his new talior made uniform fit him well Lee thought, as he stepped into the turbolift. "Deck 12," he snapped, the computer beeping in response as it headed towards its destination. Marshall still couldn't get over the smell of a new starship, and was suprised they had built another New Orleans Class, which was slowly being phased out of service by Starfleet. The doors swished open, bringing him out of his thoughts as he stepped into the corridor....

*Starbase 47*

Lee kept his pace brisk as he stepped off the Promenade into yet another turbolift. He always did have trouble making his way around Large bases, always more comfortable remaining in the confines of a starship. "Ops," he commanded after the doors closed shut behind him. He wondered what kind of man LaBrie was, still not having the pleasure of meeting the Starbase's Commanding Officer, and how he would react to his request that the Iwo Jima be allowed to heave to and assist in the possible defense of the base. Already, rumors abounded aboard the IJ that the Romulans were planning an invasion, but Lee had put these rumors to rest, at least he hoped anyways. He felt the turbolift slow, and he straightened out his tunic as the doors opened.

Lee stepped out into Ops, nodding at the Security personell stationed near the entrance. A young Command officer came towards him, "Can I help you Commander?" he asked, "Yes, can you tell me where to find Captain LaBrie?" Lee asked. "I think he's in his office sir, I can tell him you are here. Your name?" the officer replied. "Lt. Commander Marshall Lee, Captain of the Iwo Jima." The officer nodded, and trotted off towards LaBrie's office.....