River of Forgetfulness #41&42 - "Bloody Romulan"


[Main sickbay, Starbase 47]

Russell sat in his office next to the sickbay and was going over the results of the full body scan of the unknown Reman. Although Reman physiology was rather new to him and his staff, it seemed their treatments had worked. After several hours of emergency surgery needed to stop the internal bleedings the life signs of the patient had stabilised. The dermal regenerator was able to repair the damages to the skin but it took longer than usual. The equipment seemed to have some trouble to figure out this man's physiology. The bone in the leg had been broken in a rather clean way so it was quite easy to set. Again the osteogenic stimulator had difficulty healing the bone. Russell thought it was again caused by the rather unknown way Remans were 'built'. The full body scan showed an even better look into how the Remans 'work'.

He found some evidence of previous medical conditions and an unusual lot of scar tissue. This man apparently had been ill quite often in earlier years in need of surgery. So much even that Russell had no idea what to make of it. He added his findings to a full report on the man in addition to the standard medical record as ordered by the captain following the red alert. The captain would be interested in these findings. If only the Reman could tell some more about himself or what happened to him. But for now he was still unconscious from the emergency surgery and probably still without any memory. Russell got up from behind his desk and walked into the infirmary to see how the Reman was doing.

Sock and Bokma walked into Sickbay. Bokma was capable of walking himself but he was a bit drowsy and disoriented "Doctor we need your help" Sock called out calmly before helping Bokma sit on a bio bed.

Russell turned around and saw Bokma looking rather severely beaten up. "Of course." he just answered and picked up the nearest med kit. "What happened? Got yourselves into a bar fight?" he asked with a hint of sarcasm in his voice, walking towards them.

"You have bars in the brig?" Bokma asked sarcastically, not completely understanding the irony of his remark himself.

"We used to in the old days, but I don't know about this Starbase's accommodations." Russell answered dryly, standing in front of Bokma. He scanned the Romulan's injuries. "You have taken the grand tour of the station and then you stumbled?" he asked while waving the scanner all over Bokma's upper body.

"Yes... into the brig..." Bokma replied "...where they then accidentally played a high pitched tune that could have damaged my ears before accidentally tripling the room temperature..." he shook his head a bit, trying to get rid of the throbbing on the back of it "...then I tripped and fell back with my head against the wall before I tore my shirt off with no apparent reason"

"Calm down Major... he's only trying to help you..." Sock tried to calm him, he knew that when Bokma got like this he was most dangerous "...your quarrel is with the Vulcan not with this man."

"So you have run in to our Marine CO? Then I guess it was her idea of an interrogation." Russell said while looking at the results of the scan. "You have a concussion which causes the drowsiness. I'll get you a hypo for that, but you need to take some rest. The bruising I can fix right now." he said and got a dermal regenerator. He slowly waved it over the large bruising on the Romulan's face and it gradually faded. "So you were in the brig and now you're out again. They found out you were innocent?" Russell asked wondering what they would be innocent of.

Sock looked at the Doctor "We were held on account of not being registered passengers on any vessel... apparently they had overlooked something in the administration..." he replied "...they found the information and no longer had any grounds to hold us captive"

"I see." Russell answered calmly. The bruising on Bokma's face was gone. He got a hypo and held it next to Bokma's arm. "This will relieve your drowsiness and possible headache." Russell said looking at the Romulan major. "Nothing to be afraid of." he added seeing the suspicious look on Bokma's face, following his every action.

"I am not afraid of you Doctor..." Bokma responded coldly "...even in this state there are over a hundred ways in which I could kill you..." he sat still and waited for the Doctor to finish "...but I will not as it would be imprudent to my recovery"

Sock shook his head a bit, if he knew one thing it was not to threaten a Doctor with a hypospray in his hand, who knew what sorts of crap they could put in there.

"Good to hear that, major." Russell replied calm as if he anticipated this answer and injected the hypo. "I don't have that many ways at my disposal, but they're very effective in their own right." he added cynically showing he wasn't easily intimidated. He turned his attention to the colonel who seemed to have better diplomacy skills. "I thought you would like to know that your Reman friend is recovering." he said to Sock.

"Might I remind you that the Reman is an enemy of our people, Doctor..." Sock stated a bit coldly "...he is most certainly not my friend." He then tilted his head slightly. "but it is good to know that he will not escape justice by premature death."

"And what kind of actions may he have done to have the Tal'Shiar's finest on his tale?" Russell asked looking at him from the corner of his eyes raising an eyebrow.

"We are hardly Tal'Shiar's finest Doctor..." Sock replied to that initially.

"Speak for yourself." Bokma interrupted him, obviously thinking that he Was one of the best Tal Shiar agents around "He will be tried for crimes against the Romulan Empire... amongst which is high treason and terrorism as well as inciting violence."

Russell smirked a bit at the difference of opinion between the Romulan officers. "I see there's a difference in ambition. He's probably after you're seat, Colonel." He then turned more serious again. "So if he's such a traitor, you must know who he is?" he asked them.

"You must understand Doctor, we are only here to do what we are asked..." Sock answered "...we were sent looking for this man and now we have found him we will bring him back to Romulus for a trial..."

"In other words it's none of your business" Bokma added to his superior officer.

"Right." Russell said calm. "I could have guessed the Tal'Shiar is careful with the amount of information they share." he added slightly sarcastic. "Somehow I doubt he was physically able to do much treason work."

"Your beliefs are irrelevant in this matter, Doctor" Sock said "Is the major fit for duty again?" he then immediately asked, this Doctor was too nosey.

"He'll live." Russell responded a bit disappointed the Romulans weren't willing to give some more information on his patient. "Just avoid getting hit in the head again... anytime soon." he added. "And if you get a drowsy feeling again, I'll have another hypo ready for you." Sock and Bokma gave a simultaneous nod. "Very well Doctor." Sock replied before leading Bokma out of sickbay.


Lieutenant JG Russell D. Floyd MD Chief Medical Officer Starbase 47 "Bloody Romulans"

Also starring:

Colonel Sock (PNPC) Tal'Shiar Agent Assignment Unknown


Major Bokma (PNPC) Tal'Shiar Agent Assignment Unknown (both played by Caelen LaBrie)