River of Forgetfulness: #39-40 "Short and Sweet"

corpion: hi Sandy Radford: JP! Jennifer Scorpion: what sim? Sandy Radford: either! Jennifer Scorpion: lol Sandy Radford: which would you prefer? Jennifer Scorpion: I don't mind either way... but I think Joy wanted to JP with me on the Camelot with Ifalna shadowing me Sandy Radford: ok Sandy Radford: so SB47, then? Jennifer Scorpion: I guess so Sandy Radford: -={On}=- ["The Hub", Starbase Ronin]

Caelen walked into the Strat Ops centre and looked around to spot his Chief. He had a lot on his mind and last thing he wanted was to be unprepared for a possible Romulan attack.

The moment he walked in a Petty officer announced his presence with "Captain On Deck!"

"As you were..." he looked around a bit for Hannah "...Lieutenant O'Driscoll, please report" he ordered after having spotted her, walking closer to the centre of the room.

Hannah whipped off a quick salute. "We've been working on the problems for a couple of hours now, Sir, and we've come up with a few different options. Would you like me to brief you on them in my office?"

"Go right ahead..." Caelen motioned her to lead the way into her office.

Hannah led the way into her office. "Can I get you anything to drink?" She asked, walking over to the replicator."

"No I'm fine..." Caelen sat down in the chair "...I don't have much time, Lieutenant... as you might understand things have been a bit hectic the past few hours"

"Tell me about it." Hannah said, under her breath. She walked over to the wallscreen, and tapped a couple of buttons. Starbase 47 appeared on the viewscreen.

"By far the most disturbing premise we've come up with is that there may well be a Romulan Invasion force already on the station." Hannah started, tapping a couple of buttons. "What information we have on the Romulan population is sketchy at best, and with few exceptions, they keep themselves to themselves. It's unlikely, but possible that the entire Romulan population is some kind of covert strike force." Hannah said. "The worst thing about this theory is that there is almost no way to disprove it."

"Other then to wait and be attacked by them..." Caelen shook his head a bit, he knew that even Security had some Romulan officers in their ranks. "...How good are our odds if we are attacked by an outside fleet?"

"That depends on when the attack comes, Sir." Hannah said. "If the attack came in Federation Space, then there's a good chance that we'd be able to hold them off long enough for help to arrive - probably from the Edinburgh, or another nearby ship. But if it occurred in Romulan space..." Hannah let the sentence drift off.

Caelen nodded "I hope you have taken the USS Odysseus into consideration in the event of an attack" he knew it was a bit redundant to ask but he had to make sure, mistakes did happen.

"Of course, Sir." Hannah nodded. "We factored a couple of different plans - where the Odysseus stays and fights, where it runs for help...at the end of the day, if we get attacked in Romulan space, there isn't much hope for us."

"Then we better get this thing sorted out before we drift into Romulan space..." Caelen then spotted the ring around Hannah's finger, he frowned a bit "...I think a congratulations is in order"

Hannah blushed. "Yessir. Thank you, Sir." She smiled. "Jesse proposed this morning."

"Obviously you said yes" Caelen responded before standing up and putting out a hand to shake hers "congratulations on your engagement Lieutenant..." he stated before stepping back "...I'm sorry but have to get going again... be ready though I might call on you to take the Odysseus out for a spin"

"Yessir." Hannah said, smiling. "I'm looking forward to it."

She escorted him out of the office. "Always a pleasure to see you, Sir." She grinned. "Drop by anytime."

Caelen gave a simple nod, that was a first. Lately he had gotten the feeling that his presence only annoyed people, but at least Hannah liked it... or it could be that she was still in a state of Euphoria because of the engagement.


Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47)

Lieutenant Hannah O'Driscoll Chief Strategic Operations Officer Starbase Ronin(SB47)