River of Forgetfulness: #36, 37 - Masonry 101 - How to fix a


Ops 1155 Hours

Melina watched as the sector report came in nothing seemed to be out of place, she sighed softly, another day and the runabout that science had requested would be in one of the small launch bays. The science section had alot ot do, a smaller Prospero class starship had only just docked and was off loading two rather large items one was a type nine Valkyrie class fighter. Melina had bought it from a surplus yard a few months ago but couldn't get it to be brought to her anyother way than calling in a favour owed her. Captain Mayer had been her first commanding officer a few months before the start of ther Dominion war, she relaxed a little and looked to a read out.

There was a slight energy flux in one of the stations docking area's she'd go and have a look at that later, something else caught her attetion, she frowned a little. Logging the energy spike she calculated possible postions and other things.

"Computer I want a polaron burst just out of medium sensor range, prepear a class nine probe. Bearing one-one-zero, mark zero-four-nine" commented Melina.

She continued with her work while the probe was made ready, she launced it as so as it was ready. It woyuld take a hour or so to get to the anomoly. |It would be lunch soon she knew a new shop or two was opening and she thought she would go and look after she had lunch. Where she should go to was a problem perhaps the Klingon restraunt or the Caitian one on level two.

Ens. Melina Brandbury Chief Science Officer SB-47