River of Forgetfulness #48:


Ops 1300 Hours

Melina had spent lunch alone, things where strange, she had after all been to the Caitian Restraunt. She wondered about a few other things and shrugged and got on with her work. She was pleased to see the probe she had sent out was nearing the area, she watched a it data streamed back to the station, she checked again iside the station making sure. The energy spike she had noticed before dinner was starting to increase it had started lowly and was now much more noticeable. She tapped her combadge.

=^=Ensign Bradbury to Security Chief Ryylar, I think you might want to check out docking pylon three. I'm picking up a energy signature that shouldn't be there, and becarful alright, CSO out=^=

Melina went back to the dist=lay of the raw data that was coming in from the probe she was rather intreasted insed of the usual cosmic dust and such she was getting a small reading of pre-animate matter and what seemed to the energy signature of a rift. She did wonder what it was and blinked a little. There where many possible explinations until she could get a ship and go herself it would have to remain a mystery. She chewed her lower lip and taped a finger on a display and sighed softly, something came to mind unwanted really. It had been a long while ago and she tried to remember.

"The finger is on the trigger, about to unleash a force with terrible powers..." she said softly to herself.

She wondered what the Romulans had been upto, it wasn't just anyone that got a visit from the Tal'Shiar. It bo0thered her alot, she head for the so called organisation. To be honest Cait had it's own security forces and then there was the fabledif not possibly real 'Section 31' from the Federation. Something wasn't quite right and she was determined to find out what. Knowin to much could get you killed someone once said but there again not knowing enough could get you killed as well. Melina knew it was a fine balancing act between the two.

Tag Ryylar

Ens. Melina Brandbury Chief Science Officer SB-47