ROF #13 "Dark Discovery."

ON: <<Starbase Ronin, Corridors>>

As soon as Ryylar heard the order and got the call regarding the two Romulans and the increased security alert, he knew that there was one person aboard the station he had to see, the person he knew would defend it just as tenaciously as he would, and the one person he knew he could rely on to help break the Romulans in the brig. He stepped out of the security office and walked through the corridors.

=/\= Officcccerrrrrrr Rrrrrryylarrrrrr to Lieutenant Ssssssulan. =/\= Ryylar said into his comm badge while the station was on red alert.

=/\= "Sulan here. Ah, Mr. Ryylar, just the being I was coming to see. What is your location?"=/\=

=/\= The Prrrrrrromenade. =/\= Ryylar said, entering the promenade from the corridors.

=/\= "On my way."=/\= A few minutes later, Sulan appeared through the crowds to stand next to Ryylar. She remained silent, waiting for him to speak.

Ryylar nodded and looked over the crowds walking around and the several security officers on patrol throughout the starbase at red alert.

"We have a ssssssituation on ourrrrrr handssssss Telek... Ryylar said.

"Is that so? By your calling me here, I assume that the situation needs to be handled in a 'delicate' matter?" Sulan said, not looking at him, but down onto the throng of people as the grew increasingly angry at being trapped on the station.

"I wasssss hoping forrrrrr ssssssomething lessssss than delicate..." Ryylar said with a nod, putting his hands behind his back.

"Killing our Romulan guests will be difficult, but not impossible. I believe I can make it look like an accident." She said as she watched a child weep in the arms of it's mother.

"We don't need to kill the Rrrrrrrromulan sssssssspiessssss, jusssssst interrrrrrrrrogate them." Said Ryylar with a nod.

"Ah a pitty." She puts her hands on the rail. "Allow me to share a secret with you, Mr. Ryylar: If you use sound at a certain frequency, it can be terribly painful for Vulcans, and Romulans, but will go unheard by most other humanoids." She turns away from the crowd, and looks directly at him. "Now, I'd like you word that such tactics shall never be used against me."

"I prrrrrromisssssse. Perrrrrhapssssss you could accompany me to the brrrrrrrig and help me." Ryylar suggested.

"Of course." Her eyes turned dark, though her face and voice stayed calm. She turned and lead the way to the brig.

Ryylar smiled. This was going to be a lot easier now that Sulan was involved.


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Telek Sulan Marine Commanding Officer Starbase 47 "Who would have thought you had such beautiful darkness within you?"


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