ROF #13 "Dark Discovery."


Ops 0900 Hours

Melina had woken with a hangover the size of lower New York, she had drunk more than a few cups of coffee and was just about sober enough. Her head had pounded for a while and it was starting to cleafr nicely, the lights in ops seemed rather bright and she blinked to rid herself of after images. She looked thought the nottes of the day and sighed nothing much seemed to be going on in the department. A few experiments where underway but nothing major. The science department was expeting a Platte class runabout in a few days, with that they could add range and scope to their expriments and tests.

She had heard of the two Romulans being on the station and had started a sector wide sensor sweep for anything unusual. That would take another hour or so to be completed, right at the moment she was wondering about serval things, what had happened to the others such as La Brie and Ryylar. He seemed quite alot shakened by whatever events had been unleashed on him by Q. As per Starfleet orders she was already working on her report of what had happened. With the Festival of the Great Hunt virtually upon them Melina was a little preoccupied. Perhaps she would book time in the holosuits it would be enough or she might invite Ryylar around sometime. She sighed and yawned a little exposing the sharp teeth in her mouth. She looked back down and started to read off the sweep of the staion she'd already done. Nothing seemed to be out of place but with Romulans you could never be sure.


Tag Anyone

Ens. Melina Brandbury Chief Science Officer SB-47