ROF #12 "Wake up call."

[Marine Barracks, Starbase 47]

Sulan quietly slipped into the darkened sleeping quarters. She moved silently, unslinging the phaser rifle she had modified just a few moments before. She lowered the output on the primary beam emitter far below normal operating output, effectively making the weapon into a glorified child's toy. Physically harmless, it was only able to make the sounds and yellow-orange beam of a fully functional phasher.

She stood for a moment in the darkness, to see if anyone would stir at her presence in the room. No one did. All was silent, save for the occasional snore. This was unacceptable. In the months since she had taken over as Marine Commanding Officer, she had changed them from a rag tag group of raw trainees into something resembling a fighting force. Yet, there was still much to be done. Teaching them to sleep with one eye open would be the first new lesson they would learn…

"Lights! One fifty percent of normal!" She roared. "Rise and shine, maggots!" She fired the phaser in rapid bursts just centimeters over the beds. The reaction was immediate, and varied from person to person. Some froze where they lay, held immobile with shock and terror. Others sat up, heedlessly putting themselves in the line of fire. She shot Raja in the side of the throat, and she fell from his bed with a thud, clutching the side of her neck and gurgling, not yet realizing she was unwounded.

But some surprised her as well.

Rodriguez rolled from his bed and sprang to his feet, shoving over the bunk bed with one hand, while his free hand moved automatically to draw a hand phaser from a belt that wasn't there.

Miller rolled from the bed slightly faster. Hitting the floor with a painful thump, he popped up a second later, throwing a very real combat knife she barely had time to dodge. It impacted the door frame at eye level, its handle vibrating with the force of the impact. If she had not moved, it would have buried itself hilt deep in her eye socket. She nearly smiled.

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. You will have to forgive me for waking you. Though, I did try to wake you in as gentle a manner as I could." She said with calm sarcasm. "Before we get down to the matters at hand, let me mention how disappointed I am with some of you regarding this little test." She paced back and forth, slowly. "Raja, you panicked like a human school girl. For that, you get three days of blood worms for daily rations." The woman reddened and remained silent.

"Miller step forward. Now." She said darkly. Miller stepped forward, not trembling, simply starring straight ahead in military attention. The only sign of fear he showed was paleness and alitte sweat on his forehead.

"What is that?" she said, pointing to the knife embedded into the doorframe. "My combat knife sir." He said simply, with no waver in his voice.

"Are you aware that you nearly slew me with it?" she said, stepping closer to him, nearly eye to eye.

"Yes. Sir." He said, looking away from her hard stare. "With all do respect, I didn't know it was-"

"Well done, Mr. Miller." She said clapping him on the shoulder. "Incredibly well done. You also, Mr. Rodriguez." She turned away from him, and addressed the squad, who was now at full attention.

"All of you would do well to note these men's actions: Fearlessness. No hesitation. And above all…Ferocity. These are the qualities I want to instill within ALL of you, not just two." She paced among the ranks, back and forth.

"Now, on the matters which brought me here: We have been ordered by LaBrie, in his infinite wisdom and mercy to run drills against a possible boarding party here on the station, and prepare for a possible on planet excursion. He also wished that a contingent be fully armed and combat ready at all times. Therefore, as of now, you will be divided into three shifts One, will be on active duty starting now. Another will train to repel a boarding party, while the third will practice planetary assaults. One squad will be lead by Miller, the second will be lead by Rodriguez, and the thirds I will lead the third personally. Each day the squads will change, so that everyone here gets and equal amount of training, and active duty."

She stopped pacing and headed toward the door. "Miller, see to it that the squads are divided and assigned by the time I get back. You have your orders. Move out, maggots." She left without another word.


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