RoF # 11 - "New Orders"

-={On}=- [Kennedy's Office]

He heard the orders. Find out anything and everything about this Reman. But he had his own idea in mind. He saw Sock and Bokma go by with LaBrie. He wanted to be there for the interrogation.

"Hmm.. amnesia will kinda make the information gathering difficult..." He said out loud, then grabbed a PADD, a coffee from the replicator, and strode out of his room.

"McKinley, transfer all my appointments to other days, or to other counselors. I have something that needs to be taken care of." Not waiting for an answer, he walked out, hearing "but... people NEED your advice" from behind him.

<Alright, we have a possible criminal, and two crazed Romulans who like toying with us. Who to deal with first... Perhaps I should start easy, with that forgetful Reman.> He entered the turbolift "Sickbay" he stated to the computer. Upon exitting, he walked towards the sickbay, and the Reman, already formulating questions in his mind.


Back to work:

Andrew Kennedy Chief Counselor SB47