River of Forgetfulness #9&10 - "The Dynamic Duo"

(OOC: I just wanted to remark on the paradox of Sulan her statement in her previous post. She says that Loyalty was more rare then the Omega Particle... in fact Sulan, in her current occupation (and past life) would not have known about this Particle... and even if she did she would not openly talk about it. Only Captains are made aware of this phenomena and are told to keep their mouths shut to Anyone about it... even after they have encountered it...) (OOC: the counting went a bit off with the post from the USS Iwo Jima, this post fixes that count... next post should be #11)

-={On}=- [Main Operations, Starbase Ronin]

Kristiana looked more like herself, this time. Wearing her uniform, her Lt Cmdr pips right where they belong. Her hair done back into a simple ponytail, she strode into ops, though she still seemed a bit .. diminished, heavily affected by the ordeal she'd been through. Giving just curt nods and returning salutes half-heartedly, she flopped into her chair, and grabbed the stack of padds that were waiting for her.

The turbolift stopped and the two Tal'Shiar agents stepped out of the lift first, there was no way Caelen was going to turn his back on those two. Even more so now he knew that Bokma was willing to risk his own life to either get the Reman back to Romulus or kill him on the station.

"Have a little faith Captain, we might not be as honorable as Klingons but even we don't stab people in the back" Sock was calm, he had been through this a dozen times and in the end it always ended up with him winning, one way or the other.

"Better safe then sorry..." Caelen replied "...Commander Petrova..." he called Kris her attention, "...report to my ready room, now" and with that he stepped into the ready room with the two Romulan secret agents in front of him.

Kris had been in a reasonably good mood - or, more specifically, a mood which passed for one. Then she smelled the romulans. Glancing over, recognising them from their earlier encounter, she scowled. A scowl that became even more hateful when Caelen told her she was needed in the ready-room. She dumped the padds back where she found them, and rose to her feet with a muttered "Yes Sir" and stalked to the readyroom, giving Sock and Bokma appropriate glares. A glare that Bokma answered with a pleasant smile, a friendly nod and a soft spoken "Commander".

"I think we all still remember each other from our previous encounter on the USS Pegasus..." Caelen stated before he sat down behind his desk "...but we have a situation on our hands"

Sock nodded and took over from Caelen "You could say that, Captain, you are giving medical aid to a Romulan refugee..." he glanced at Kristiana before looking back at Caelen "...a refugee that is responsible for over a hundred deaths of Romulan civilians... as you can understand, the Romulan Star Empire is less then amused with this"

"Well, where is the proof of that ?" Kristiana asked. "You are asking us to hand over a wounded refugee without a shred of evidence to his guilt - if any. Add to that that our previous encounters have been .. less than stellar - " she rubbed her shoulder a bit, glaring at Bokma " - and the fact that you are here, while no Romulan ship is docked to the base at the moment - that raises more questions than answers. And while those questions remain, you will not get him. It's that simple."

"In the interest of the investigation the Empire wants to keep key details hidden... I am sure you are aware of the procedures" Bokma replied, he knew all to well what had happened last time they had met, he had shattered her shoulder. He smirked a bit at Kristiana "It has healed pretty well, Commander"

"No thanks to you." She spat at Bokma, muttering some choice russian words under her breath. "But my point stands. As long as there are questions left unanswered, you will not gain custody of him. And as long as you refuse to give us the answers we want, you can just s - .. forget about getting him. Is that clear ?"

"Crystal ma'am" Bokma responded a bit mockingly before standing up from his chair.

Sock followed suit and stood up as well "Then that will be all Captain" he stated before wanting to turn around and walk away.

"Hold on just one minute..." Caelen stopped them, standing up as well now "...you are not registerred guests on this Starbase... you are stowaways..." he tapped his combadge =/\= Captain LaBrie to Security, I want a security detail in my Ready room... on the double =/\= with that he closed the channel again, not waiting for confirmation. He pulled open a drawer in his desk and took out a phaser pistol, aiming at Sock "Please... don't do anything stupid"

Bokma blinked and instantly drew his disruptor, aiming it at Caelen. "I could say - " he started, but he flinched and remained quiet when he felt the icy cold muzzle of Kristiana's Type II phaserpistol pressing against his temple. "Go ahead .." she spoke. "I've been waiting for payback. Give me a reason." a familiar cold, grim expression in her eyes.

Bokma immediately holstered his disruptor again and slowly put up his hands, it seemed that there was no other option then to wait for the security detail.

The doors opened and six men came walking into the Ready room "Take these men to the brig... they are stowaways... incarcerate them until you can find out where they came from"

The ranking security officer nodded and aiming his rifle at the most 'leader' looking of the two and urged them to start moving. As a convoy they would move out of the Ready room and to the brig.

Caelen looked at Kristiana and put his Phaser back in the desk "So much for being glad to be back..." he smirked a bit "...how are you holding out?"

"By the skin of my teeth, Sir .." She sighed, the hard edge vanishing like klingons before a bright pink gay pride parade, as she flopped down in her chair again, leaning back and closing her eyes. "Though between Ryylar and Hannah, I think I'll survive."

Caelen nodded slowly, knowing that he should better leave her alone with her worries and problems, he knew he would want to be. "So what do you think we should do next?" he had some ideas of his own but still wanted her input though.

"Put them in an airlock instead of the brig and 'mistakingly' open the outer doors ?" she scowled, not in much of a good mood. "I .. I'm sorry, Sir." as she opened her eyes again and looked at Caelen, looking very tired. "I .. would like to request a small leave. A few days .. To get my bearings again."

"Can you understand that I am very reluctant to granting you your leave at this time, Commander?" Caelen knew she would hate him for it but now more then ever he needed his XO "This situation has every potential to go haywire" he explained. he rubbed his forehead a bit and sighed "but you're no good to me overworked either..." he looked at Kris again "...very well Commander, I'll give you three days"

She nodded at that, then spoke again. "I know, Sir .. And .. Well, we could make it a compromise. I take the three days leave, but you call me once things go down the drain and I'll be there. I just .. need a break from everyday work."

"Granted Commander..." Caelen responded with a compassionate nod "...you're dismissed" with that he turned to his console and started typing out orders, people needed to know what was expected of them after all.

".. Thank you, Sir." she spoke, quietly, as she rose to her feet. Sock and Bokma returning, the human waste product was sure to hit the rotary air distribution device now .. But maybe, just maybe, she could have some quiet time to herself, before it did. She turned to exit the ready-room, heading back to her quarters.

Caelen typed, "Orders for Flight Operations: All incoming and outgoing traffic is to be put on hold, I don't want anyone leaving or arriving…" he hit send to the Chief flight Operations and continued.

"Orders for Strategic Operations: Prepare a Tactical readiness report on battle operations and run simulations of the most probable attack my Romulan forces…" Caelen paused a bit and then added "and improbable ones as well" he sent that one away as well, to Hannah, his Chief Strat Ops.

"Orders for Security: Guard sickbay twenty four seven, nobody without authorization or severe injury should be allowed in. Furthermore run drills for the contingency of being boarded by a Romulan force, headed directly for Sickbay." His orders would startle Ryylar for sure but he knew that his Chief Security could handle it.

"Orders for Tactical: Run base wide diagnostic of weapons and prepare for an attack by Romulan forces" short but sweet Caelen thought, sending out the orders for Tactical.

"Orders for Operations and Engineering: Prepare the base for combat, cut down on unnecessary power usage and make sure the Damage control teams are fully briefed and ready to be send out at the nearest possible time" Kitty and Evans would have to work together, and Caelen was sure that together they would pull it off.

"Orders for Medical and Science: After having saved the Reman's life try to find as many clues as to what might have caused his condition. As well as a possible cure for his amnesia. Try to find clues at the location he was initially found as well… I want a full scale criminal investigation" That should be clear enough Caelen thought.

Caelen rubbed his head a bit as he thought of the next department "Orders for Intelligence: Find everything you can on Colonel Sock and Major Bokma of the Romulan Star Empire's Tal'Shiar. Additionally, try to find out how they got onboard this base without us knowing it and try to re-enact it. If there is a security leak, I want to know"

"Orders for the Diplomatic Corps, I am calling out a meeting at 1300 hours this day to talk over the situation and our options" There was to much for Diplo to do so he would just schedule in a meeting.

"Orders for Marine Detachment: get your men battle ready and run drills on possible boarding party on the base as well as an away mission on the planet. Your men and woman should be ready and present in the least amount of time possible" these kind of orders Sulan would like, or so Caleen thought.

Finally the last department "Orders for Fighter Detachments: Get ready for battle with a Romulan attack force, run as many simulations as possible and get the fighters combat ready… move to high alert and be ready to shoot out there and do your thing on my signal"

Caelen closed his console and stood up, taking the phaser from his desk again and putting it on his belt. He hoped it wouldn't come to an armed conflict with the Romulans but he couldn't be sure… he had no idea what they were willing to go through to get this man… or why they would want him so bad that they couldn't wait for him to heal up.

He stepped out into main operations and looked at the present personnel "Everybody listen up… we have a situation on our hands…" he then looked at the tactical station "…Ensign…" he looked at the, somewhat nervously looking officer behind it "…Red alert"

He looked around again to see some surprise on everyone's faces "Your Department heads will surely be in contact with you soon about what you have to do… until then… do your jobs!"

-={Off}=- A JP by:

Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) "Management is nothing more than motivating other people."


Lt Cmdr Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer Starbase 47

Also Starring: Colonel Sock (PNPC) Tal'Shiar Operative Current Assignment unknown (As played by Captain Caelen LaBrie)


Major Bokma (PNPC) Tal'Shiar Operative Current Assignment unknown (As played by Lt. Cmdr. Kristiana Petrova)