"That's my Q" #133 "Just what battle is this?"

OoC: Slight gore in this, just a warning.

-={On}=- [Unknown]

Andrew opened his eyes, not knowing what had happened.Then he got nervous, seeing Earth's sky above him, and reddish hair blocking some of the view.

"What's going on?" He thought he said. but his mouth didn't move. Not to say those words, anyway. All the came out was a groan, followed by a cough as a foot contacted with this armored side.

"Wake up, we have work to do." A rugged looking man appeared in Andrew's vision. Medium, unkempt beard, somewhat large, though it may have just been the armour.

"I am awake, no ned to kick me." With a push, Andrew got up, suddenly realizing how heavy the armour really was.

"Get your helmet, you're on the front lines, not using a bow and arrow." The man yelled at him.

<Jeeze, what's his issue? And what the hell am I doing here? I'm on the Ronin, right?> Then Andrew's subconscious reminded him. <Q. That jackass. He must have taken me to my ancestor's past. But... Leon dies. I don't know when, I just know he died in a battle.> "What must we do? What are we attacking?" Leon asked the man.

"We're taking Stratholme Castle. Haven't you been briefed on the battle yet? No? You're useless Kennedy, you know that? No wonder you've never made it past front line cannon fodder."

Andrew glared at him from behind his hemlet. If he didn't know the penalty for insubordination, treason, and murder combined, he would have unsheathed his now sharp sword and attacked this man.

<Stratholme, why does that sound so familiar? Was this the battle Leon dies?> Andrew thought to himself.

<What? What am I thinking?> Leon's own thoughts entered into the conversation inside his mind. <I'm not gonna die, I have armour, I have talent. I am, almost literally, invincible.>

<Well, now I know where I got that part of me from.> Andrew's thoughts reentered the subconscious, opting to spectate this while thinking.

"Alright, I'm ready. Just tell me where to be, and who the hell to attack." Leon told the man.

"You idiot. Attack those not in our armour. Front line isn't THAT hard to figure out. Must I do everything for you?" With a shove of the hilt of the man's broadsword, Andrew felt Leon getting pushed towards the looming castle.

<I'm not liking the looks of this.> Andrew thought to himself.

"Look, I can walk. You don't need to push me to the front." Leon responded hotly.

"Is that insubordination I hear in your voice? You know what the penalty is for that?"

"I'm prefectly aware of it, and frankly, I don't care anymore. My bloodline will live on, and if I'm good enough, I'll take you out before you kill me."

<WHAT!? Don't be an idiot! You were supposed to be heroic, now I see you as being nothing more than a lie.> Andrew shouted. But he was powerless to stop Leon from going through with his plan. Suicide, nothing more, nothing less.

"Oh? You think so? I have my sword ready to kill you, yours is still sheathed. And if you live, they'll see a murderer, nothing else." The man laughed. "You lose either way now! I'm not letting you get out of this alive now!"

"You may think that, but you're wrong. I was left here by command. You see, we've figured you out, McCowan. You're a traitor. You've fed the men in Stratholme information about our forces, when we were coming, and are getting a fat pay for doing this for them." Andrew, more than Leon, smirked as he said this.

"YOU BASTARD! I'LL KILL YOU NOW!" McCowan lunged for Leon, but Andrew took over. Sidestepping, like he did in his World War 2 holodeck simulations to avoid bayonettes, Andrew avoided the lunge, and unsheathing his sword, smacked McCowan with the hilt, knocking him to the ground.

"Last chance. You can live a life in prison, I'll help you. Or, I can behead you here, and carry it on your sword to the castle to show what happens to their spies." Sword at his neck, Andrew felt commanding.

"I'd rather die. But even more, I'd rather take you with me!" McCowan quickly grabbed his sword and stabbed Andrew upwards, between the chainmail hauberk and leggings

"Kurgh!" Leon and Andrew grunted at the same time. The pain was unbearable, Andrew was cewrtain it pierced through, damaging internal organs. He knew he would die. But not immediately.

"Wrong move, sparky." Andrew and Leon, with their remaining combined energy, took their sword and, with some difficulty, took McCowan's head off, blood spraying as the jugular was cut.

<Must have been painful. Good. Traitors like him don't deserve a swift death.> Andrew thought. McCowan's sword fell out as his strength no longer held it in Andrew's torso.

"Now, to do what I said I would." Leon spoke silently. He grabbed McCowan's head and sword, and stuck his head on the tip.

<I'm proud of you. I'm proud to have you as an ancestor> Andrew thought sullenly.

But he had no more strengtrh left. Doing that took the last of his strength from him, and he could never take the sword to Stratholme. Laying there, bleeding profusely onto the grass, Leon died.


The life and death of ancestors, as told by:

Andrew Kennedy / Leon Kennedy Chief Counselor / low ranked warrior USS Pegasus / British Royal Forces


McCowan British Royal Sergeant / Spy for Stratholme Britain

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