"That's my Q" #131 - 132 "Aftermath and confrontation"


<A Dark Unknown Place at an Unknown Time>

The surroundings were black, a flicker of the fire lightened it every once in a while. The smell of burned flesh soared through your nostrils if you breathed and the air was clinging around your throat. It was evil, it was dark and most of all it was where the Blood Countess now lay.

She opened her eyes, blinking a bit. Furrowing her brows. She felt no more pain, she didn't smell any more blood, filth, rotting food or human waste .. She could use her arm again .. And she couldn't see worth shite.

She sniffed the air a bit. The suffocating stench of sulfur permeated her senses, causing her to almost vomit. The stench of burning flesh evident to her, even in her weakened, confused state. And she smirked. She .. actually .. smirked.

".. I'd figured I'd end up here." she said, grimly, then having another realisation, one that startled her. She was alone. Alone in her mind. All alone. Just Kristiana, no more Erszebeth. And the feeling was terrifying, to be alone again, after all that time. "Hello ?" Petrova exclaimed.

"Hello?" a dark voice coming from the shadows questioned "You've spend the last three years of your life in soltitude and all you could think of was... Hello?"

She whirled around, narrowing her eyes. A soft shiver tore down her spine at the tone of the voice. She didn't like it. She was glad to be out of that .. hellhole, the Countess' chambers, but it was slowly dawning on her that even that had been perhaps better than this.

" .. Would you rather I sang the Marseillaise, then ?" Kristiana spoke, surprising even herself - all those years of solitude had done nothing to maintain her - already subtle - sense of knowing when to speak and when to shut up. "Come out so I can see you !" she added, trying to sound tough, more than scared. If this was the Devil, she wanted to see him before he sentenced her.

"Ha..." the voice now suddenly coming from another direction, but still hidden in shadows "...you always had a twisted sense of humour..." he paused a bit "...why are you here?"

She wheeled about again, with a snort, her mood dropping rapidly, she had no desire for any of these games. "Because I bloody died, that's why. That, or I'm dreaming." As she reached up to smack herself on the cheek. "Ow. Nope. Not dreaming."

The dark voice stepped from the shadows, instead of a dark half man, half bull or fallen angel guy. Instead he was clothed neatly in a Starfleet uniform, Captain rank pips on his neck. This wasn't the devil, this wasn't hell... This was Q.

And instead of a word to greet him - perhaps an exclamation of hatred or surprise, instead of a curse or profanity to meet him, it was a solid, thunderous right hook what came his way.

And instead of hitting a jaw there was air as Q appeared behind Kristiana "Anger management issues?"

"YOU !!!" she bellowed as she turned around again, rage blazing in her eyes. "You put me through that, you .. you .. Bastard ! You utter and complete sonovabitch ! You bloody asshole ! You arrogant, omnipotent worm of a man ! You .. you .. .. YOU ! AARGH !!" she screamed, balling her fists, her face reddenigg in her terrible rage.

"I did not put you through this... you did it yourself..." Q folded his arms behind his back "...calm down..." Q urged, taking a step back just in case "...you are in one piece aren't you? you're not dead... shouldn't that make you happy?"

"HAPPY ?!" she bellowed, trembling a bit, then slowly, very slowly, starting to calm down some. "Happy ? You expect me to be happy, after - after .. THAT ? For the love of God - man - grow a brain ! Why did you - .. Why did I just go through .. all of That ? Well !"

"Why did you dress up as the Blood Countess if you didn't want to know what she went through?" Q responded, according to him it was not really his fault.

"Bah - " Kris replied. " - to have some fun, to shock people and toy with them a bit, why else ? I mean, isn't that what you always do, as well ?" The russian redhead replied in all honesty. She Did dress up as Bathory to toy a bit with people's minds, and she was having a ball, till Q came and tossed her into Bathory's real story.

Q shrugged "The perfect oppertunity to be someone else and you pick a character that is just you in a nice dress..." he stepped closer again, pretty certain that Kris wouldn't hit him or try to hit him anymore, "...why do you always do that Kris?"

She blinked a bit at that, furrowing her brows. "I .. " Kristiana didn't know what to say to that. She hadn't thought about it that way. " .. always do what ?" She asked, taking a step back - she didn't want this .. creature .. any closer than need be.

".. She's .. nothing like me, Q. She's not just me-in-a-dress - she's a - a .. a Monster. Evil. A murderess. Nothing like me, I'm - .. I'm a bloody Starfleet Officer 's what I am !" she replied.

"You and Bathory are one and the same..." Q looked into her eyes "...there is only one difference..." he paused a moment to let her think it over herself "...she's a real monster and you just pretend"

".. I pretend to be a Monster ? .. Because of this dress ? Is that what you mean ?" she asked him, not too sure of his intention, thinking this was just another game to him. "I told you, I'm nothing like her - I never murdered anyone."

"Not at the party... not even in this reality..." Q responded "...on duty... off duty... in private... on the bridge... you pretend to be a big strong and stubborn iron XO..." he shook his head "...it has cost you several postings and Caelen only keeps you because he can see past that... like me..." he folded his hands in front of his chest "...we can see past your mask and see that you are actually human, no matter what you want us to believe"

She was flabberghasted, dumbfounded, how DARE Q speak to her like that ! How Dare he say .. such .. .. true things. A blink, then another as shoulders slumped a bit, and she heaved a sigh, glancing away. His comment hit home, and she knew it - and so did he. "I .. .. It's a tough world, Q. I have to be strong, or they'll just .. walk over me. I have to be strong, or I won't be able to protect any of them, and then what will I have achieved ? I wanna achieve something, Q - I wanna Mean something .. Not that when I die, people will go 'oh she was so weak, she never amounted to anything' - not like that .."

"So instead you would rather have just three people there..." Q knew where she was coming from but it ruined more then it fixed "...your CO, or Admiral if you ever get a command of your own, telling a story he says to all who have perished in battle... she was so brave, blablabla... followed by Ryylar, telling the other two how he loved you and you were never yourself... that he wanted to get to know the real you but you didn't let him... and finally Evans or another lowly officer... saying you scared the crap out of him... that he had respect for you because otherwise he was afraid you would hit him rather then put him in front of a court martial" he shook his head "it's not a bad thing to show emotions, Kris, it's not a bad thing to be vulnerable..."

"Vulnerable ? Weak, you mean - people need to be able to rely on me. I have to set an example for hard work, reliability, strength - people need to look up to me, respect me .. They won't, when I'm vulnerable .." Petrova replied, though she was sounding less sure of herself. ".. They won't .. right ?"

"Knowing that you're only human will give them more respect for you... not less." Q shrugged "And what harm would it do for you to really be yourself for once? even if it's only during your leisure time?" Q didn't want to preach to her but he felt that if he hadn't done this she would have gone on and that three man burial would most probably be the thing that was waiting for her at the end of the line. "Look back at your life... and see for yourself if that's the way you want to be remembered..." Q raised his hand ".. ta ta." with that he snapped his fingers and disappeared in a bright white light, blinding Kris and changing the environment or putting her in a different place in the meanwhile.


Q (PNPC) Omnipotent Being/Part Time Devil Q-Continuum "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (as played by Caelen LaBrie)


Kristiana Petrova Executive Officer Monster ? Human being ? Starbase 47