That's My Q #134&135 - "Something Worth Dying For..."

(OOC: Again if you have not yet seen the movie you might not want to read this part… this is the conclusion of the film… ohw and some mild gory parts there… I tried to keep it civil…) (OOC2: Ohw and People! One More Day! If you want to post the end of your personal subplot you better do it before Wednesday 23.59 (GMT+1) because at 00.00 I will send in the post where we are all back on the base and we'll almost immediately start our new mission!)

-={On}=- [London Underground, Exact Location Unknown]

It had been a hard last couple of weeks, Evey had gone out, back home. She promised to visit him one more time before the 5th. And she kept her promise, she had come, she had danced with him on the eve of his revolution. Now he was walking towards his end. Evey didn't want him to go, she had kissed him, she had told him she loved him but V couldn't give up… not now.

And now he stood there, surrounded by partyleader Creedy and his fingermen. He had taken High Chancellor Susan with him as he was now dragged down the staircase and put on his knees in front of V.

V squatted in front of the Chancellor "At last we finally meet" he got a rose from under his cloak "I have something for you Chancellor, a farewell gift, for all the things you've done, all you might've done and for the only thing you have" he put the rose in Susan his suit and rose to his feet again "goodbye Chancellor" he walked back to a safe distance "Mister Creedy"

Chancellor Susan was shivering, crying, he was afraid of death, he didn't want to die, he Couldn't die! He was the High Chancellor!

Creedy got his gun from his holster and looked down on Susan "Disgusting" it summed all the feelings he had for the man up pretty nicely. He then pulled the trigger, sending a bullet through his head. He then turned to V again "Now that's done with, it's time to have a look at your face… take off your mask" he spoke.

"No…" V refused to take off his mask and got ready to fend off some of Creedy's men.

Creedy motioned two of his men to take off the mask of V. As they got closer V didn't move a muscle, until all of a sudden, in a flash, he stabbed one down and slit the other's throat before sheathing his daggers again.

"Defiant to the end, huh" Creedy spoke, carefully stepping back a bit, like all his most trusted men did as well. "You won't cry like him will you…" he referred to Susan, "…you're not afraid of death, you're like me"

V suddenly looked up and the man straight in the eyes "The only thing we have in common, Mister Creedy, is that we are both about to die" his voice cold, no emotion appearant.

Creedy grinned "how do you imagine that's gonna happen?"

"With my hands around your neck"

"Bullocks…" Creedy spoke mockingly "…what you gonna do huh? We swept this place, you've got nothing… nothing but your bloody knives and your fancy karate gimmicks… We have Guns-"

"No…" V interrupted the arrogance of the man "…what you have are bullets and the hope that when your guns are empty I'm no longer standing, because if I am you'll all be dead before you've reloaded"

"That's Impossible…" Creedy sounded agitated and rose his gun "…Kill him" he ordered.

The men took the order and started firing, bullets flew through the air and V staggered on the impact of all of them, even falling to his knees right before the last bullet was fired. He was in pain, so much pain, but he was still alive. He took a few seconds to catch his breath before standing up again. "My Turn" he spoke almost in a whisper before rapidly pulling two daggers from his cloak and throwing them at the two men to Creedy's side.

V pulled two new daggers from his cloak and moved at an unnatural speed towards the first of his victims. He slit his chest with both dagger before slitting his throat, the man hit the ground before his empty clip could.

With a twirl V ended up at the second man slitting his throat as well in the turning he did. Immediately moving on to the third, hitting him with the back of his dagger in the stomach area with such force that he was send flying, feet up in the air and landing on his neck, breaking it on impact.

V was already in front of the fourth man, cutting up his chest before throwing the dagger in his right hand to his back, to hit one of the men on the other side in the heart.

He continued his massacre until one man was left standing, Creedy. He came to a standstill and looked him straight in the eyes before starting to walk to him, the wounds dragging him down now. Stumbling a bit at he got closer.

"Die!" Creedy shouted, firing his just reloaded Revolver "DIE!" he shouted again as his bullets were running out but V was still walking towards him. "Why Won't You Die!" followed by the clicking of an empty gun "Why won't you die" he now spoke in disbelieve.

"Beneath this mask there is more then flesh, beneath this mask is an idea, Mister Creedy, and ideas are Bulletproof" he lunged forward and grabbed Creedy by the neck, lifting him up against the fence. Creedy struggled but to no avail. With a quick twist V ended his misery and let him fall to the ground.

Staggering under the many wounds he walked back to the rails, he had to go back to Evey, he had to say goodbye. He dropped the medieval armour he had worn around his chest to protect him from fatal wound before he started walking again. Everything was so heavy, his feet fell like they were made of led.

[Another part of the London Underground]

With his last strength he climbed back on the station where Evey was sitting, waiting for midnight, wondering if she would pull the lever and blow up parliament. She heard him and looked to her side in shock "V!" she shouted before rushing to his side and holding him "we have to stop you bleeding" she sounded a bit panicked and tried desperately to do something about him dying, anything.

"Oh please don't I'm finished and glad of it" V his voice was strained, tired and pain flooding from it.

Evey violently shook her head "Don't say that!" she didn't want to hear him say that.

"I told you only truth… for twenty years I saught to make this day… and nothing else excisted… Until I saw you…" he paused a bit to gather more strength "…and everything changed… I fell in love with you Evey" this was as true for V as it was for Caelen, it had been a year since he had been on the Starbase, with his family, his friends "…like I no longer believed I could" this came more from Caelen then from V.

"But I don't want you to die…" Evey said desperately, if only he would keep strength, if only he could hold out a bit longer, he could survive, she wanted him to be able to survive.

"That's the most beautiful thing you could've given me" V spoke with his final breath, Caelen fell the life flow out of him. It was strangely soothing, all the sorrow ebbed away, all the pain disappeared. He slowly closed his eyes and let it wash over him, he and V finally got what they wanted, freedom.

[An unknown place at an unknown time]

Only to wake up again in the same void that had befallen so many of his crew, before. A void of pure white, no walls, ceiling or floor - just emptiness… and Caelen.

Caelen rose to his feet, no more pain, he was no longer burned. He was still wearing his suit but there were no longer any bullet holes or bloodstains. Was this heaven? Was this the afterlife? Would Alexander be here? He then shook his head, Q wouldn't let him die "Q, where are you"

"Over here." spoke the ominous, glee filled voice from right behind Caelen.

Caelen slowly turned around and faced Q before taking off his mask, revealing his own face, unscarred, untouched. He put out a hand to shake Q's "Thank you"

Q smiled knowingly, shaking Caelen's hand, raising his eyebrow ever so slightly. "You're welcome. But, of course you know what I'm going to ask next .. However, knowing humans as I do, I will ask anyways .. What is it, that you think you should thank me for?"

"For giving me purpose..." Caelen looked around a bit in the room and then back at Q "...for giving me something worth fighting for..." he looked Q straight into the eyes "...worth dying for"

Q chuckled softly, shaking his head a bit. Starting to pace to and fro a bit in front of Caelen. "Oh, but you are mistaken. Not by far, but still .. You see, I didn't give you anything."

"Of course, you didn't give me certainty... Only opportunity..." Caelen quoted the man that he had been for the past year and then some, the man that would probably stay with him for the rest of his life.

"Opportunity ? No, I didn't even give you that." Q spoke, turning to face Caelen again. "All what I did was give you a fantasy. The rest, you did yourself." he hinted.

Caelen shook his head, he didn't agree with Q but decided not to start an argument "Whatever it was you gave me... I thank you for it"

Q chuckled softly. "Most welcome." as he snapped his fingers, Caelen would be wearing a partyhat, and his shoulders covered in silly- string and confetti. "You know, you really should talk to your crew. Most of them were .. slightly less grateful than you, mon capitan." the Godlike being spoke with a grin.

Caelen shook his head "No I shouldn't..." he simply stated "...we all get from it what we want... if they want to see it as a negative experience then I'm not going to stop them" he looked around the empty void again "So what now?"

"Well, I think I'm about done with you, Mister LaBrie." Q spoke, boredly. "There's only so much fun what can be had with someone like you. Off you go." and he snapped his fingers, causing another overhwelmingly white whiteness to envelop Caelen.


A JP by:

Captain Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer Starbase Ronin (SB47) "Do not fear death so much, but rather the inadequate life."


Q (PNPC) Omnipotent guy (NPC'd by Petrova)