"Renegade Deception" #113-114 "Stubborn Bugger"


During the firefight within the corridors and main sections of the Pegasus, Lt. JG Matsu Takashi was busy securing the ship, deck by deck. Unfortunately his original plan to link with the marines for the clearing action aboard the bridge didn't work out after Romulan boarding parties cut them off. Even worse, Takashi's original division of twenty seven men was left to only thirteen men, leaving ten of his officers and petty officers wounded and four others killed, still lying on the deck bleeding dead while medical teams struggled to recover the dead and wounded. It was bad enough that Takashi was caught off guard with Romulan boarding teams, but to lose four people was even worse.

But aside from that Takashi was doing reasonably well physically and mentally. When he had returned to the service he had promised himself to keep it together, and keep it together he will. From his point of view, things happen and people die some might say that was just bad karma, for Takashi it was simply a fact of life. This wasn't the near appropriate time nor place to mourn his losses, he had a job to do and that job was to secure quarters and do his part as part of this tragic conclusion. His next destination, Engineering.

Just then Petrova got the order from Caelen to escort the Romulans towards the transporter room. She complied - despite being injured. Well, what else would she do? Go see the doctor and let Lieutenant JG Kathleen Black escort a Tal`Shier boarding party? No, she was the only senior officer present, and that meant that she had to do it. A wince as she turned, and a limp in every step - she looked a fright, uniform scorched and torn, and her shoulder utterly destroyed. The only reason she wasn't bleeding to death was because the disruptor shot that had ripped through her shoulder had also cauterized the wound.

When Takashi arrived he was caught slightly off guard by the numerous bodies of dead and wounded on the ground. More prominently in front of him was Lt. Petrova the ship's XO who was limping around and grabbing on bleeding shoulder, which was all but destroyed. Instinctively he ran towards her and grabbed a dressing out of his BDU gear, he knelled next to her and met her eyes. "You alright XO?" he said as he began applying his tricorder and made scans onto her injured shoulder.

The shoulder was gone, basically - bone shattered and fused, arm now useless. The good doctor would have a field day with her, that's for sure. "Those... Romulans." She didn't say what was really on her mind, seeing as that those very same Romulans now kinda congregated around the two Starfleet officers. "I feel just peachy, Takashi." She said with a not-so-little hint of sarcasm. Of course she didn't feel peachy - she was in a great pain and felt ready to faint, but she wasn't going to tell the Romulans that, now was she. "What's the situation with the rest of the ship?" she asked him as she let him tend to her shoulder.

"The ship, no clue ma'—err… Sir. My division suffered fourteen casualties, three dead another two likely to die within the hour. Ship's Medical Staff has reported numerous wounded. On the up side, the bridge is now secure no thanks to us" he said before grinning, not knowing why, call it a brain fart. "We were cut off from the party courtesy of those rommie wankers. We weren't able to link with the Marine Detachment, anyways let's get this bloody arm to stop bleeding shall we?" he said as he began applying his dressing onto the blood oozing shoulder.

A wince when he touched her shoulder again and a nod. She opened her mouth to speak, but Bokma interrupted "Weren't you supposed to bring us to your transporter room, Federation woman?" at which Petrova glared at him such that if looks could kill Bokma would be smoldering cinders by now. "You'll get to your ship when _I_ tell you to, got that?" A loud curse and another wince at Takashi's work on her shoulder, shooting him a glare now as well.

Takashi stood up and left Petrova alone for a moment while he escorted the Romulans out of Engineering. As he did so he `accidentally' swung his rifle towards Major Bokma's head with quite a bit of force, and also tripped him leaving Bokma on the floor before Takashi picked him up to his feet with the same amount of equal force. "How clumsy of me sir, guess they didn't train me so good on escorting actions, you know how it is" he said with a subtle grin before signaling two of his officers to escort them to the transporter room. Takashi turned around barely hearing a foreign profanity being spoken in what was no doubt Romulan.

Bokma cursed in Romulan as he picked himself up of the floor again, looking livid, and ready to punch Takashi in the face, when Petrova growled at him "Touch One more member of my crew, _Romulan_ and I'll personally rip out your lungs, have Takashi here cook them and feed them to our Vulcan helmsman, Got That?" spat out with such hate, you'd have no doubt that she'd actually make good on that promise too. Bokma muttered under his breath at that, and would follow Takashi, rubbing his head a bit. "This just isn't my day... " He'd add, in his own native language, as Petrova turned and started towards sickbay.

Takashi turned back to Petrova and slowly grabbed her and slump her over his shoulder, and for a moment noticed the subtle smell of the woman and of the gore within her wounded flesh. "You ready?" he said as he blushed slightly, as he hadn't remembered the last time he had grabbed a woman, sadly enough his time in isolation and in the fleet had tampered his social life.

She'd protest and not let Takashi pick her up, despite the fact that she's injured and weakened. "Get those Romulans OFF my ship, Takashi. I want them off, and I want this ten minutes ago. They've fouled up things long enough."

"Relax XO, my men are escorting them right now." he replied back, thinking that the XO was perhaps becoming delirious from the blood loss since he had already signaled his men to take them away.

" I can .. walk .. " she'd add weakly, though she leaned on him for support. A grunt and a wince with each step, her mood below zero. "I .. also lost .. some men. Don't .. know exactly .. how many. One engineer at least .. Two maybe .. three .. security. I'm sorry .. "

Takashi looked at her wound once again, noticing that it was bleeding again. He quickly placed her on the deck and signaled for assistance. "I need a stretcher! We've got a bleeder!"

The Romulans were out of sight now. She didn't need to be stubborn anymore .. As Takashi let her down to the ground, she'd stumble a bit and collapse, only thing keeping her from hitting the floor hard, was Takashi's guiding hand. She'd close her eyes and wince again .. Then .. very softly, without sound .. Started to cry and shiver.


Lieutenant Kristiana Petrova XO, USS Pegasus


Lt. JG Matsu Takashi Chief of Security/Tactical USS Pegasus