"Renegade Deception" #113-114 "Stubborn Bugger"


[Captain's Ready Room, Deck One, USS Pegasus]

Caelen and Sock walked out of the ready room "I can understand your situation and you have acted like any capable CO would" Sock complimented Caelen once more before nodding and walking towards the turbolift, the Romulan security officers had probably been escorted off the bridge by the marine force and safely beamed back to the T'Met. "Untill next time commander" Sock said with a smirk right before the turbolift doors closed.

Caelen walked to the center of the bridge and noticed the carnage. It had been chaos just several minutes ago, and now it seemed that everything was getting back to normal. He walked to the centre chair, at least that one was still in one piece. Looking at his tactical console he noticed that bridge control was still not returned to the bridge. Caelen hit his combadge =/\=LaBrie to Lieutenant Black, please respond=/\=

Kitty Black had remained quiet, keeping her face turned to the console, as she heard the security personnel arrive and help Petrova escort the Romulans away. She startled a little as the comm message came through, then tapped her own badge, her hand still shaking a little. =/\= Black here, go ahead... =/\= Her voice was still slightly choked, as if she could cry if she let herself.

Caelen heard that Kathleen was in stress and he adjusted his voice to a caring tone =/\=Lieutenant, could you please reroute control back to the bridge...=/\= he took a moment so that Kitty would let the request sink in =/\=...and then take some rest, it's been a long day=/\=

Kitty was already near tears, and the kind tone from her captain almost made her break down, but at the same time it strengthened her resolve not to. She wanted him to know she could handle it, even if she was sure she couldn't. She took a deep breath, closing her eyes, a couple teardrops falling on the surface of the control panel and sliding to the edge of it. =/\= Yessir. Gladly, sir. =/\= She tapped in the commands and watched as the computer procedures began to take place. Awfully slow for such a powerful ship's processor... it was probably rerouting through undamaged parts of the ship. She hesitated, then spoke again. =/\= Is... everybody alright up there, sir? =/\=

=/\=We'll live Lieutenant ... down there? =/\= Caelen was just making some conversation, he thought Kathleen could use it at this point, this was her first post, first mission, as a Chief Engineer and she had already seen the dark side of Starfleet.

=/\= There was a battle outside the Engine Room. A lot of people were hurt... the XO was hurt, it looked pretty bad... one of my engineers was killed... =/\= Her voice caught, and she stopped speaking for a moment, closing her eyes, regaining her grip on herself. Then she looked up at the screen. =/\= ...Sorry about that... The rerouting says it's finished up here, Bridge should have control.=/\= Poor thing, she really had never seen combat firsthand like that, not on the rather larger Engine Room she'd transferred from. A place like that didn't get boarded often, if ever.

=/\=I am sure you did an excellent job Lieutenant ... =/\= he looked at his tactical console and then at T'Rell who had assumed his station on the bridge after B'Inca was carried off by the Marines, back to normal as if nothing had happened "Ensign, set a course for Starbase 343, maximum warp ... engage" he stood up from his chair and got ready to walk to the turbo lift =/\=Get some rest Lieutenant, that's an order, LaBrie out=/\= with this he looked back over the bridge and saw several of his senior officers still at their stations "and that goes for you to, people, I think Beta shift can take over from here" he stepped into the turbo lift and ordered it two decks below, even he needed a little sleep from time to time.

=/\= Thank you sir. I'll go do that now. Lieutenant Black out. =/\= She let out a deep, shaky breath and nodded. One of her engineers, an older, kindly man, stepped forward. "It's alright, Chief, we've got it from here. It's all routine work from here." She nodded. "Thank you. Keep... keep, well, repairing things.. and..." The engineer nodded, smiling kindly. He rested his hand on her shoulder and directed her gently out of the Engine Room. The doors closed behind her and she looked out into the corridor, where the dead bodies hadn't been cleaned up yet. A moment's helpless contemplation of this grisly sight, then she startled, breaking the spell of horror, and fled to her quarters so quickly her feet barely touched the ground.


Apparently permanently traumatized:

Lieutenant j.g. Kathleen Black Chief Engineer, USS Pegasus

Lt. Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie Commanding Officer, USS Pegasus

Colonel Sock (NPC) Commanding Officer IRW T'Met (Played by Lt. Cmdr. Caelen LaBrie)

An Engineer (No, really, An must be short for Andy or something) NPC Engineer played by Lt. j.g. Black