Renegade Deception #112: "New Beginnings"

OOC2:  A thousand apologies, forgot the title :D
OOC: Hi all!  I'll be playing Koso, your new Chief Science Officer.  As you'll see from the following post, Koso's speech takes some getting used to.  :)  I hope you enjoy it!
[Starbase 343, Customs]
Koso stepped through the security scanner, his skin shifting from purple to prismatic blue as he looked around the room.  The Customs Officer came around the console and smiled.
The Science Officer tilted his head to one side and smiled back, his huge purple eyes glittering.  "Boarding, permission?" he asked in his sing-song dialect.
The Chief paused a moment checking the security console and then nodded once, understanding crossing his features.  "Permission granted Lieutenant Koso, welcome to Starbase 343," he said with a smile.  "I'll contact someone to show you to your quarters."
The Sulamid's head bobbed.  "Gratitude Chief-Sir," he said grinning.  A moment later a young woman entered and smiled, taking Koso's small bag.  "If you will follow me sir?" she said pleasantly.
Koso left the customs area and walked along the Promenade, craning his neck as if to see every detail of the bustling common area, a look of pleasant curiosity on his face.  As they entered a turbolift, he turned to the young woman when she spoke.
"Sir, forgive me for asking, but aren't you a Sulamid?" she asked cautiously.  "By the way, I'm Petty Officer Ashley Carmichael."
Koso grinned from ear to ear in a way that made Carmichael giggle.  "Affirmative.  Lieutenant.  Kosoandrisellapethio'andiello'drinar. Starfleet, first Sulamid," he said with pride.  "Meeting, pleasure Carmichael-ma'am."
She took only a moment to consider his words.  "You're the first Sulamid in Starfleet?  Your family must be very proud!" she said excitedly.  "I've read a lot about your people, and I always hoped someday I'd meet one."  The had reached Koso's quarters by now, and she handed him his small bag.  "Perhaps once you've settled in we can get together and have some Hark'tielli juice," she said, inflecting the soft 'click' in the middle of the word almost flawlessly.
The Sulamid was shocked both by the fact that such a rare Sulamid drink was available on the station, and by the young woman's command of his language.  Koso swung his head from side to side and clicked softly. smiling again.  "That... would... er... are wonderful!" he said haltingly, puffing himself up with pride. 
Carmichael laughed. "'Be' wonderful," she corrected pleasantly.  "I'll see you soon Lieutenant," she said, waving as she walked away.
The Sulamid walked into his quarters and carefully placed his small b ag down on the bed.  He opend it and withdrew a small clear crystal cube about the size of a baseball.  Colours shifted throught it as the light refracted from the myriad facets inside the cube.  Koso placed the cube in the center of the room on the floor and touched a specific part of it at the base.  The room was suddenly filled with colours of every shade, bathing the normally drab room in a myriad of hues.  Sitting in a lotus position on the bed, the Pegasus' new Science officer tilted back his head and began to sing, his unique double vocal cords creating a harmony with itself.  He sang for many minutes, his voice rising and falling with the shifting colours, until it faded into silence.
Koso looked around at the shifting colours and smiled.  His personal space was now purified and he felt centered within it.  With a nod, the Sulamid moved for the door.  It was time to see the station a bit while he waited for the Pegasus to return.

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