Renegade Deception #101 - "What the Hell was that?"


[Sickbay, Deck 6, USS Pegasus, just before the ship (was) attacked]

Back in sickbay with the two security officers who were sprayed with poison by Byranitz and his rebels, Russell immediately began treating the severe burning they had suffered. Two of his medical staff, Lake and Palmer, had lend a hand with getting the men to sickbay. Palmer was scanning one of them to check the life signs. "This patient seems stable, doctor." Palmer reported to Russell.

"Great. I guess they were lucky the counselor and I got there in time." Russell reacted. It seemed as if the paralyzing effect of the poison was beginning to wear off, as the other officer came around with a heavy moan. Undoubtedly he was suffering from pain from the burns, but he wasn't able to move. Just his head went from left to right looking around as if he was unsure of his whereabouts.

Russell walked over to him in an attempt to reassure him. "It's alright, calm down. You're safe in sickbay. You and your colleague suffered severe burns. Nod if you are in pain, I'll see what I can do." he said to the officer who stared at him with his eyes wide open. The officer nodded fiercely and tried to speak, but he wasn't able to say something understandable. Russell understood the gesture and walked over to the nearby tray to get a hypo with some analgesic to relieve the pain. Then he got a dermal regenerator from the biobed drawer to treat the acidic burns. He instructed Palmer to do the same.

With the ship still being in high alert status, the red signs were flashing all over sickbay. "That red alert thing is getting on my nerves." Russell said while treating his patient. The latest events and the lack of sleep left him agitated, something rather unusual for him. The officer on the biobed still looked at him and nodded. "Ah, it's getting on your nerves as well." Russell said. "You're lucky you can still feel your nerves, that alien poison is pretty nasty stuff." he said to the officer. "But I think you've had the worst, it seems to be wearing off." he added referring to his mild recovery. The dermal regenerator was doing it's work nicely too.

Suddenly the ship shook violently by the impact of the alien ship's torpedoes. The red alert sirens were wailing louder again. Russell stumbled and dropped the dermal regenerator. He grabbed the nearest biobed to prevent him from falling. "What the Hell was that?" Russell blurted out.

"Looks like we were hit or something." Palmer said while getting up. He had fallen to the ground, being on the other side of the biobed he had nothing to grab hold of. On the other side of sickbay Lake stood with his back against the wall.

A second wave hit the ship causing them to almost fall again, but this time they were somewhat prepared. The lights in sickbay dimmed a few times as the blasts hit. They all looked around a bit dazed. "It's an attack, alright!" Russell said on a sombre tone. He walked over to the nearest terminal. Another wave of hits caused him to almost fall flat on the floor, but he was miraculously able to keep his balance. A few consoles heavily sparked because of the impacts on the ship.

Injury reports came in from all over the ship. Russell accessed a still working terminal."Reports are coming from several decks, mainly three, four and seven. Hull breaches, several wounded from flying debris and exploding panels. What's going on?" he repeated himself. "We need to get down there, people. Grab a kit. Lake and Palmer, report to decks three and four, see what you can do. I'll go to deck seven and have the EMH handle sickbay."

Before they could act on Russell's orders, Lt. Petrova sounded through the ship's PA: "This is Petrova speaking. All personnel arm yourselves, prepare for boarding parties. Repeat, arm and prepare for boarding parties."

"That's just GREAT!" Russell reacted to the news even more agitated. "Okay, you heard the XO, grab a medkit AND a phaser. Be prepared." he added, sounding like a boyscout. They walked over to the small weapons cabinet present in sickbay and equipped themselves with a phaser. Russell didn't like phasers. He was quite well trained in handling them as expected from Starfleet officers, but he would avoid weapons if possible.

"Computer, activate EMH." Russell ordered the ship's computer. The hologram materialized in front of him. "Phew, at least that still works..." he added with relief.

"Please state the nature..." the EMH said starting his standard routine, but Russell interrupted him bluntly.

"Yes, yes! Sorry doc, short version." Russell replied the EMH's standard question. "The emergency is that the ship seems disabled with several wounded scattered over several decks. You have to take over sickbay. Two crewmen on the biobeds, poisoned and with acidic burns. You can access the info you need for further treatment. We're needed elsewhere." he said, turning towards the sickbay doors. Lake and Palmer walking in front of him. He was confident the EMH could handle the situation.

"I will see what I can do." the EMH replied politely as the doors closed behind Russell.


An agitated post by:

Ensign Dr. Russell D. Floyd CMO, USS Pegasus


Lake & Palmer (NPC's by Russell) Medical Officers, USS Pegasus